Summary- Yugi and Ryou have been going out for a while now. One day Ryou tells Yugi he has been cheating on him with the new kid Bakura. What happens when Yugi heart broken runs into Seto's open arms? What happens when Seto has had an obsession over Yugi for years? R/Y, S/Y, B/R

Proofread by Dragontalon666

By: MissPatriciaPotter
Chapter One- Infidelity

My contribution for the Seto/Yugi fan fic challenge

"Yugi there is something I have to tell you." Ryou said as he glanced down at the ground at his feet trying to prolong what he was going to say.

"What is it?" Yugi asked giving Ryou a puzzled look. This made it a lot harder for Ryou to tell Yugi. How could he hurt someone as innocent as Yugi?

"Yugi," Ryou began, "I have been cheating on you."

"Nani?" Yugi shot back.

"It's true," Ryou said as he looked down at the ground as tears slowly streamed down his face.

"With who?" Yugi asked shocked that someone had done this to him.

"Bakura," Ryou said while trying to keep his gaze towards the off white tiled floor. It didn't make any logical sense that Ryou, a supposed all time saint, was going out with Bakura, the Bad Boy of the school.

"Goodbye then, " Yugi said as he bent down to pick up his backpack. He swung it over his shoulder and then ran from the room. This left Ryou standing there thinking if he had done the right thing or not?


Yugi was walking down the street, having just gotten out of school. He had no intent of going home. There was no way that he would be able to go home in this state. His grandfather wasn't home for he had gone on a trip with his friend Arthur. Another fact was that it was Friday, and that meant tomorrow was Saturday so Yugi would be even more alone through the weekend. All day he had been watching the clock like a hawk. At lunch he had ate in the cafeteria by himself at a table in the corner. From that corner he had watched Ryou sitting with Bakura at the popular table. Yugi had sat alone not caring what the other kids thought. His mind was blank, nothing mattered to him anymore, nothing at all. He neither spoke nor looked at anyone other than Ryou, or the table before him. He was heading to the biggest building in the city, Kaiba Corp Headquarters. Yugi took a right and was standing in front of the huge building. He pushed open the glass door and walked in.

Inside people were walking around, some were answering the many phones that were at the massive desk in the center of the room. Yugi glanced around and saw the elevator, and sped towards it. Once he got there the door to the elevator door was open. Yugi, with rapidly shaking hands, pushed the black button that had the number 30 on it. He was going to the top floor and then to the roof. He then was going to jump, plunging 30 stories down. Ding seventh floor the door opened and two people came on not even noticing Yugi just carrying on with the conversation that they had started before they got onto the elevator. Ding they were at the twentieth floor and the two people left. During the rest of the ride no one else got on. Ding thirtieth floor. Yugi sighed and continued walking he then came across a door, he pushed it open and walked through. He was on the rooftop. He walked to the end and stepped onto the edge of the roof. He then peered down at the ground before him. It looked so small to the world he knew. Below him cars were seen as tiny specks, people looked like ants, and even the huge tree that was near Kaiba Corp looked small.

'Should I or shouldn't I?' Yugi thought as he glanced down getting nervous about what he was about to do

Meanwhile ten minutes before Yugi had gotten to the roof

Seto was sitting at his desk in his office on the nineteenth floor. It was beautifully decorated with a hard wood floor instead of the usual dull gray that was seen throughout the building, a huge wood desk with a silver laptop, and a huge window that over looked the small park beside the building. He was currently working on a new Duel Disk prototype. He was also watching the security cameras that were on the wall to the right of him. Seto set down the disk that he was working on and took a quick minute to see if everything was running smoothly. That was when he noticed that person. He would recognize that hair anywhere. Seto watched in horror as the boy went onto the elevator. Sure Yugi could be saying hi to someone he knew in the building but it didn't look like that. It was the look on Yugi's face, one Seto had seen very often. It was the look that someone had betrayed you and that you no longer cared. Seto pushed the button that was hooked up to the security unit that was on the top floor.

"Please could you save the tri-colored haired boy that is on the top floor?" Seto threw the Duel Disk that he had been working onto the floor making a loud sound when hitting the wood surface, and he ran to the door thinking, 'that if security did not get there in time he might be able to get to Yugi in time.'


Seto gasped, it was getting harder to breathe but Seto had to do this. He had to. He had found out through the years that he kept on falling more in love with Yugi. Oh how he loved that small boy. He loved his smile, his eyes, his innocent nature, and everything else about him. He had wanted the boy for such a long time and that desire wasn't going away. He was Seto Kaiba he could have anyone that he wanted but the person he couldn't have. Seto pushed the up button but the elevator didn't come. Knowing there was no time to waste Seto took the stairs. Hoping that he would get there in time.


Seto pushed open the door and there stood Yugi standing on the ledge. Seto let go of the door and it slammed shut behind him. "Shouldn't I or Should I?" Seto heard Yugi silently say. It was barley audible Seto had to step forward to hear Yugi clearly. Seto crept up to the ledge softly like a cat searching for his prey. Just as Yugi was about to jump off the ledge Seto grabbed him from behind and took him into his arms. Yugi tried to get away from Seto but Seto had a strong grip and refused to let go even if his life depended on it. He had waited for this for a long time. He couldn't risk this being taken from him. Whatever Seto wanted he got and that included the young tri-colour haired Yugi Motou.


Seto had taken Yugi to his mansion. He had given Yugi something to eat even though the plate came back as full as it was when it had been given to Yugi. He then placed Yugi in the room right beside his, the one without any windows, and a conjoined bathroom between the two rooms. The room was painted a soft pale blue that reminded Seto of the sky in summer. It had a large closet on the west side, a dresser beside the door, and a queen-sized bed in the center of the room that was covered by a cream white comforter. Seto opened the door and looked around the room, Yugi was lying on the bed legs in the air, looking at a gaming magazine that Seto had given him to read. Seto walked to the bed and sat on the edge of it. Yugi looked up and set the magazine on the bed beside him.

"Thanks for letting me stay here," Yugi replied silently, looking down at the bed, tracing a non-existing pattern on the bed with his index finger.

"It's no problem, besides I'm going to be here all weekend alone because Mokuba is going at a friend's house for the whole weekend." Seto replied. It was the truth, Mokuba had gone to a friend's house, and yes he really wanted Yugi to stay here.

"I forgot to show you that door," Seto pointed to the bathroom door, "leads to your own private bathroom." Seto had lied he knew it but Yugi didn't.

"Thanks again Seto." Yugi said.

"Well I'll be going to bed soon do you want anything?" Seto asked, hoping Yugi would want something. Just pleasing the boy made him all happy inside, something that had happened in a long time.

Yugi's eyes lit up, "Do you have chocolate chip cookies?" Yugi asked in a childish tone. Seto nodded, smiling.


After the snack both boys went upstairs to go to bed. First stop was Yugi's bedroom. Yugi got onto the bed, and scampered under the covers. Seto chuckled at Yugi's childish behavior. He was so childish at times, one of the qualities that Seto loved in Yugi. Seto moved and sat next to Yugi, pulling the covers over the small boy.

"Thanks again for the cookies," Yugi said looking at Seto.

"You're welcome. If you need anything don't be afraid to come to my room, it is the first one to the right" Seto left the room.


A loud crash was heard. Seto bolted up; he quickly turned on the side lamps. There in front of the bed was Yugi, his eyes were puffy, and tear streaks were on his cheeks. Seto got out of bed, and walked over to the smaller boy. "What's the matter Yugi?" Seto asked.

"I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?" Seto nodded; at least Yugi would be near him. Yugi climbed onto the bed, while Seto turned off the light. "Good night, Seto," Yugi yawned, and snuggled into the covers next to Seto.

'Yugi you'll never know what you do to me, soon you'll find out whoever hurts you, will be hurt in return.' Seto thought to himself.