Chapter Three- Unwanted Surprises

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Yugi hummed 'A bridge over Troubled waters', his favorite song, as he placed his books into his locker, he grabbed the lunch that Seto's cook had made him earlier that morning, and walked to the cafeteria. He excepted to sit alone, and do his homework, but was extremely shocked when Seto stepped in front of him. Asking, "would you care to sit with me?" Yugi nodded and the pair made it's way through the crowd, finally they arrived at a secluded table. Yugi took a seat and began to eat his lunch.

It was delicious, better then anything he could ever make.

"This is good." Yugi said, setting down the chicken sandwich.

"I am glad you like it, it is good to see you eating again." Yugi continued eating his scrumptious lunch.


After extensive thinking, Ryou decided that the best time to confront Seto about their project was now. Ryou would have loved to go with anyone else, but this time the teacher had picked the partners. Seto was known as a ruthless businessman, the same applied to school. Ryou was dead scared of him.

He found himself walking up to Seto in the hallway; Ryou was on his spare, he supposed Seto was on the same. Ryou had never seen the young CEO get into trouble for not being in class. 'Must be all that money' Ryou thought as he decided to go through with it. Better to get it done now, then never.

Ryou tapped Seto on the shoulder; Seto put the book away into his locker, and turned around.

"Are you here about that English project or Yugi?"

Ryou glared at Seto. How did Seto know about that?

It seemed like Seto knew what Ryou's puzzled expression meant. "Yugi almost committed suicide because of you! By the way we'll meet at eight, I'll send a car over." Seto slammed his locker shut.


After school came quickly for the short teen, he began to head home but was stopped by Seto running up to him, insisting him to come home with him. Yugi complied, it was good to have someone to talk to, but before Yugi was to go to Seto's he was going to his house first. He was going to completely destroy any evidence that him and Ryou were once together, he was to going to rip up all the notes, and letters that Ryou had wrote him. All the pictures of were going to burnt, Seto had agreed to do that for him. Yugi had quite a fear of fire that had started when he was a young child. Seto had said he was going to be busy till about nine with a prior commitment.

The car was going to be sent at eight thirty, and Yugi was going to stay over again. Yugi was happy that Seto was letting him stay over, it was quite lonely in the house all by himself. With the pictures, Yugi had to pack an overnight bag, with a few essentials. Underwear and socks to start with. Even though Seto had mysteriously been getting clothes for him, they were rather reveling for the innocent teen. Yugi didn't want to question Seto's choices so he hadn't said anything. He just hoped Seto, wouldn't be mad at him.


"So what do you want to do our project on?" Ryou asked, scared of how Seto was acting towards him. When he came here, Seto was waiting for him; Seto didn't say anything he only motioned his hands for Ryou to follow him.

"I don't know, I have a small idea. A boy named Aidan is dating this girl named Elizabeth. Aidan starts to date someone else who is more popular then Aidan, behind his back. Aidan is heartbroken runs into the arms of a girl named Nicole."

That story sounded oddly familiar.

"I think I heard that one, or maybe someone else is doing it, after all it is a popular plot line." Ryou said in response.

"So, you would agree this happens a lot. Cheating that is?"

Ryou nodded in agreement.

"Why would you do it then?!" Seto asked icily, sending shivers down Ryou's spine.

"I don't know, Bakura was so not like Yugi, he was everything I wanted. Or so I hoped. I have to get going." Ryou said picking up his bag, and walking towards the door. "I'll be here, at around six tomorrow." Ryou said before he left the room.

"Mr. Kaiba, Yugi has just arrived; he is in the foyer."

"Oh shit!!" The plan was to get everything done by eight so Ryou was out of here by eight thirty that hadn't happen.


Yugi walked up the stairs that directed him to Seto's office. He was halfway up the stairs when he saw a familiar figure. He had an ominous feeling, and it wasn't going away. He barged into the room, Seto was holding Ryou by the waist, gripping him tightly, Yugi could visibly see that it was becoming harder for Ryou to breathe.

Even though Ryou had broken up with him, he was still a human being; he didn't deserve this kind of treatment. Yugi hurried over, and tried to pry Seto's arms off of Ryou. To no avail did it work.

Seto lashed out at Yugi's attempts to save Ryou. When Yugi was trying to force open Seto's arms, he let go of Ryou, causing the albino to slightly stagger, he then raised his hand, and brought it down as soft as he could make it. Seto knew he couldn't control how much force he used, he had tried in the past, but to no avail it hadn't worked.

The sound echoed throughout the office. Yugi tumbled instantly to the floor, unconscious.

"Umm Kaiba?" Seto looked in Ryou's direction.

"Remember I still care about Yugi, but as a friend. We should have stayed as friends."

'Ryou broke up with you, but he still has a part in your heart. I don't understand it, Yugi, you have a heart of gold.'

"I understand," Seto glared at Ryou; "I know what you are trying to get at. But that gives you no right to do what you did. Get out of my sight!"

Ryou fled the room as quickly as his legs would carry him.

Once Seto was certain Ryou had left, he picked Yugi up and carried him to his bedroom. He set Yugi on the bed, and covered him up with the blue comforter.

Seto walked onto the balcony, the night air hitting his exposed skin, he regretted not grabbing a jacket before heading outside. He took out a pair of binoculars, and looked towards the gate. If his assumption were correct Ryou would just be leaving; the sight of two motorcycles greeted him. One was empty while the other had two guys on it. 'They must go to a different school.' Seto mused. Tanned skin, platinum hair, and a ton of gold jewelry.

Bakura was hugging Ryou; they then exchanged a simple kiss, and clambered onto Bakura's motorcycle.

They took off; their loud revving of their engines could be heard all throughout the neighborhood.

Authors Notes- I don't know how the last part is going to work in the plot. I think I had too much pocky . Too much sugar not a good thing, someone remind me not to buy pocky at anime club again. There is a slight problem though, I don't think I'll be able to finish this before the date, so I'll probably be entering another fic, called A Small Gift of Thanks. It's completed so there is nothing to worry about.