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There was a brilliant flash of light in heaven's hall, and a 14-year-old human named Andromeda Artemis, along with her Hand Held Artificial Intelligence, appeared.

"Where are we NOW?!" Andromeda asked her computer companion.

"We're currently in Silent Mobius landâ€.like I said before we got here." Replied the metal bracelet.

"Oopsâ€sorry Talime." Andromeda apologized.

"Well, maybe if you hadn't "skydived" off the kitchen counter when you were four, you would remember some things!" Talime replied bitterly.

"I COULDN'T HELP IT! The TV was very convincing!" Andromeda said defensively.



Talime was about to reply to that, but they both heard russling behind garbage cans. Andromeda turned, and freaky guys in gas masks came out and pointed guns at her.

"Urmâ€.I come in peace?" Andromeda said.

They didn't reply to that. They just continued to point their guns at her.

"Ok, then. Talime, set your fazers to stun and fire!" Andromeda ordered.


The guys fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Alrightâ€.BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!" Andromeda said.

"HUH?!" Talime asked, confused.

"â€..I have gotta stop watching Star Trek re-runs." Andromeda mused.

Andromeda ordered Talime to make a map of the city. When the computer did, they used it to find a sewer system that lead to the main part of the city, and out of Heaven's Hall.

"Holy raspberry panda bunnies! WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" Andromeda said, looking at the ruins beyond the city.

"Apparently, ninety percent of the surface of their world was destroyed." Talime stated.


"I'm not s-"

Before Talime was finished, Andromeda screamed in surprise. A horrible monster swooped down and landed a few yards in front of our hero. It was nothing like Andromeda had ever seen! It was at least ten feet tall. It had claws on its hands and feet. The eyes were closed. It had two skin-covered horns that curved around its head. It also had bat-like wings. What surprised her the most was the fact that it spoke to her.

"Heh heh, prepare to DIE!" It said maliciously.

It was about to lunge for Andromeda, but talismans flew out of nowhere and hit it, stopping it in its tracks.

"Yeah! You got it, Nami!"

"Of course. I practice my aim every day."

"Ok ok, you don't have to get all high and mighty on us."

"Let's just get the thing already!"

Then the people who said those things stepped out of the alley. They were all girls, dressed in blue and white uniforms. The shorter one had hair that was a mixture of brown, orange, and yellow. She was obviously young, because she looked cheerful and innocent. The second had long purple hair. She was not in a uniform; instead she had on white robes that looked like something a priestess would wear. The third had shoulder-length red hair. She had a "tough guy" attitude expression on her face. The fourth had long blue hair, and she carried a long weapon that looked like a cross between a sword and a whip.

"Ok, Lucifer hawk, you wont get away this time!" Kiddy said with a sneer.

A giant ship then flew overhead.


"Hey you! You better get out of here! This is dangerous stuff!" Yuki said to Andromeda.

"Uhh, ok." Andromeda replied. She ran behind an alley wall, but didn't run away. She decided to stand behind it and watch what these four were going to do.

Maybe they can help me She thought.

Kiddy reached for her gun, and shot the Lucifer Hawk in the arm. How about we call the Lucifer Hawkâ€.uhâ€.Muffin so that I wont have to type in Lucifer Hawk over and over.

"OUCH! That may have hurt, human, but you wont destroy me!" Muffin said with bravado.

"I beg to differ! URIEL TO MY FRONT, GABRIEL TO MY BACK, RAPHAEL TO MY LEFT, MICHAEL TO MY RIGHT, BLAH BLAH BLAH, AMEN!" Katsumi said, blasting Muffin to smithereens.

"Woah! They have to help me defeat Dr. Eggman and get the chaos emeraldsâ€.speaking of which, why isn't there another show here?" Andromeda asked.

"Well, my records show that Geneshaft was here, but only briefly. Dr. Eggman must have found it already." Talime replied.

"DAMN IT! WE'RE TOO LATE!" Andromeda yelled.

"No we're not. Dr. Eggman is still here for some reason." Talime assured.

I wonder why? Oh well, this gives me a chance to destroy him!!! I better ask those girls if I can join them. Andromeda thought. So she walked out of the alley and over to the four women.

"Ahem. Excuse me. But I think the crime fighting techniques you use are veeeeery interesting. May I join you?" Andromeda asked.

"Sorry, little girl. We don't let just ANYONE join the AMP, they have to be "special", ya know what I mean?" Kiddy said.

"I'm special!â€.And I'm not little." Andromeda said.

"How?" Asked Katsumi.

"FIRE FAZERS, TALIME!" Andromeda ordered.


The garbage cans across the street were now ashes.

"WOW! That looks powerful enough to defeat a Lucifer Hawk! I think you qualify!" Yuki said cheerfully.

"Well, lets leave that decision to Rally." Nami said.

Then the same ship from a minute ago landed near them. It opened, revealing a girl with blonde hair.

"Climb aboardâ€.hey, who's that?" Lebya asked.

"My name is Andromeda. I wish to join your group." Andromeda told her.

"SHE CAN MAKE FIRE COME OUT OF HER WRISTS! WE ALL SAW IT!" Yuki said enthusiastically.

"Well, go ahead and come back to headquarters with us Andromeda. You can ask Rally and Mana." Lebya said.

So Andromeda boarded the aircraft, inwardly chuckling because the young girl thought she was using some kind of magic. The craft started off toward AMP, where Andromeda's destiny awaited her.


HEHEHE! You'll have to wait to see what happens. If your confused by anything in this story, I suggest you read the first five stories!