Deus Ex: The Conspiracy

Note: I do not own Deus Ex. But all original ideas I come up with in this story are mine.

Chapter 1: The Begining.

The location is a large room. There was'nt much in it, the floor was red and ceiling bland, an observation area was kept near the ceiling on the north wall. The rooms most distingushing feature was the large sculpture of a human hand. The hand was holding a model of the world. There werent many people in the room either, just three people, one of them was a rather rich looking man, which was exactly what he was, the richest man on the planet (and in the history of the world for that matter). The mans eyes were a deep set of red. The other man made the first one look like a small child. He wore a black-on-black trench coat and his face was full of bio-electrical veins. His eyes were souless looking. Finnaly, the third person was a Chinese woman, wearing a very elegant red dress. She knew both men, and had just finished up a conversation with the man in white. She was just leaving. The man in white looked over to confirm that she was gone and turned to the other.

"You're apointment to FEMA should be finnalized within the week, I've already discussed the matter with the senator", he assured the man in the trench coat.
"I take it he was agreeable?", the trench coated man asked.
The man in white smiled, " He did'nt really have a choice."
The man in the trench coat didnt smile. He could'nt."Has he been infected?"
"Oh yes," the man in white confirmed, "most certainly.When I mentioned we could put him on the priority list for the Ambrosia vaccine he was so willing it was almost pathetic", he scoffed.
"This's intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it", the trench coated man said; buisnesslike as usual.
The man in white thought about this. "Why contain it? Let it spill into the schools and churchs, let the bodies pile up in the street. In the end, they'll beg us to save them."
"I've received reports or armed attacks on shipments; theres not enough vaccine to go around. The underclasses are starting to get desperate," the trench coated man said.

The man in white chuckled, "Of course their desperate. They can smell their death, and the sounds they'll make rattleing their cage will serve as a warning to the rest."

"Mmm....I hope you're not underestimating the problem. The others may not go as quietly as you think-Intelligence indicates their behind the problem in Paris.", the other man warned

The man in white laughed once again, "A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world....But the world left them behind long ago. WE are the future."

The trench coated man moved on,"We have other problems..."


" Formed by executive order after the "terrorist" strike on the statue; I have someone in place, though. I'm more concerned about Savage. He's relocated to Vandenberg," The man in the trench coat explained.

The man in white was obviously not worried, "Our biochem corpus is FAR in advance of theirs, as is our electronic sentience. And their.....ethical inflexibility has allowed us to make progress in areas they refuse to consider."

" The augmentation project?"

"Among other things...But I must admit that I've been rather disapointed in the performance in the Primary Unit", the man in white explained.

"The Secondary Unit should be online soon," the man in the trench coat assured, "It's curently undergoing preperation and will be operational within six people will continue to report on its progress. If necessary; the primary unit will be terminated."

The man in white smiled again. A deep and sinister smile. "We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again: A new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill, soon that city will be a reallity and we will be crowned it's kings."

The man in white thought about this, and decided to correct himself.

"Or better then kings. Gods."

Location: New York City. Liberty Island. Year: 2052

JC Denton jumped from the UNATCO issue speedboat and onto the dock. He had just arrived at the island on a rushed mission, he did'nt even recieve a breifing. Just a call from some trooper at HQ, He'd been told that there was a situation at the island and to get there ASAP. He'd heard gunfire over the phone and decided that there was indeed a grim situation going down, and not another suprise training mission. He was of course ecstatic, it was his first combat situation, but he did his best not to seem too eager to the boat pilot. He put on a straight face and walked along the boardwalk where he could see some UNATCO troops placing barricades near the entrance to the main island. A Grade 7 Nightfire Security Bot patroled the boardwalk, it almost seemed eager to hunt whatever enemy they were going to face. JC's train of thought ended abruptly when a chittering flooded into his head, sounded like an electric static. He jerked a bit and remembered about his augmentations and an agents standard issue infolink. A rather ingenious system that allowed his advisors to comunicate with him in his head, no one else could hear this except him.

"Heads up JC. You're brother Paul is on his way to meet you at the dock. The NSF have raided the island and shots have been fired. Repeat. Find Paul. I will monitor you're situation at HQ."

The static ended there. JC was'nt sure who it had been, but the voice had been familiar, perhaps someone he'd met in training. He made his way to the around the corner of the dock and saw Paul issueing orders to the troops setting up the barricade. Paul looked in JC's direction and made his way toward him. Paul was 31. When their parents had died, he'd taken care of JC for awhile, but by that time JC was just placed in the academy, and Paul had already graduated. The worlds first nano-augmented agent. Made to outperform the mechs in just about every aspect. JC thought about this in a small flash of jealousy, but quickly shook off that thought. He had to be mature in this situation. JC honestly was'nt expecting to see Paul for another few weeks. He'd been assigned a mission in Hong Kong.

"Paul! I thought you were in Hong Kong." JC practicly shouted.

Paul choose to ignore that comment and said, "Welcome to the Coalition JC....might as well start using the codename. Think I'd miss my brothers first day?"

"Did'nt think you'd have much of a choice," JC joked, he was the sarcastic type, but he didnt like making a note of it outloud, Paul was more serious, JC figured this was because he was older, and had actually been on missions before."Whats going on?"

Paul looked back at the barricade, " The NSF. They hit one of our shipments. A few of them got away, but we managed to trap some of them in the statue."

JC's eagerness to fight the rebels had been finnaly met. "What are we waiting for?! Looks like a text book assault."

Paul gave him a stern look and continued, " The NSF took one of our agents hostage. The bots and troops are holding the perimeter, but my orders are to hold back, and send you in alone; I think someone wants to see how you handle the situation."

JC could'nt figure out whether to be happy, or bewildered by this. He was after all a new agent, but he figured he should be grateful to try and show the higher ups what he was made of. He checked his standard issue equipment and sighed. "All I've got with me is a pistol and electric prod. I dont mind a test, but UNATCO better issue some hardware."

Paul also sighed, probably because he was annoyed at JC's eagerness and lack of serious input. "Remember that we're police. Stick with the prod. It will stun you're opponents or knock them unconscious. Besides, it's the best way to eliminate resistance silently. Just incase though Manderley wants you to take something extra. A GEP gun, mini cross-bow, or a sniper rifle."

JC contemplated his options carefully. The sniper rifle would be usefull, but JC had very little training in sniping. JC completly ignored the option of taking the cross bow, as he though it would be useless in this kind of situation. The GEP gun was tempting but he though it would be of little use here....

"I'll take the sniper rifle."

Paul didnt seem pleased by this answer, and made no attempt not to show it, "Well, ok. But remember that these are live targets here, this isnt a training exercise."

JC was annoyed. Paul was'nt always like this. And whenever he'd been on a mission Paul would tell him all about it. Every detail.

"I get the idea. Whats the first move?"

"Heres a map of the island," Paul handed JC a map of the island, then continued,"If you can get to the north dock, a UNATCO informant will give you the keys to the statue doors. I suggest you find some other way in though."

"I'll see how it looks onshore."

"Alright. You're primary objective is the makeshift command center the terrorists installed at the top of the statue. But dont forget about Agent Hermann. We think he's being held on the first floor." Paul said.

"What happens when I reach the top floor?", JC asked.

"Interrogate the NSF commander. We dont yet know why they would risk an open assault."

That said, Paul turned around and headed toward the barricade again. JC was just about ready to get over to the statue, but he was too curious to know what happened at Hong Kong. He aproached Paul again.

"Are you just gonna stay here?"

"I'm going to watch the coast. Theres been some activity at sea."

JC proded some more. "Why'd they bring you back to New York?"

Paul looked rather annoyed. He seemed annoyed alot it seemed. "I dont know what they have planned. I messes up an assasination attempt on one of the triad leaders in Hong Kong."

JC didnt know a speck of what Paul had been doing, this was news to him."Which Triad was UNATCO targeting?"

"We' about it later." Paul swiftly changed the subject."How was your graduation?"

Crappy was JC's first impulse. Sure all the big shots were there, and all of his buddies from the Academy, but it was still pretty crappy. JC choose to prod him more about his mission. "I want to hear what happened." He said firmly.

Paul ignored him."I could've cared less that mom and dad came to mine. But it was a good thing. The UN threw a dinner in honor of me. The first nano-augmented agent, Dad made a toast, he was wearing his old brown suit. You probably dont remember."

JC's father was a UN offical, as well as his mother. He was the kind of guy who seemed withdrawn all the time. "A toast? That doesnt sound like our father."

Paul laughed, "It was hard for him infront of the diplomats. But he savored every moment."

"Strange, how he could be so proud when so much was due to......our augmentations." JC said quietly.

Paul looked back toward the island, then turned back to JC. " Yes, he was proud, I know that much. It was nice to have done something for him and mom......I wish someone could of been there for you."

"I'm used to being on my own", JC said firmly.

Paul looked at him hard. "One can be too self-seficiant I'm coming to believe...And JC?"


"Good luck." And with that, Paul walked toward the barricades once again.

JC walked up over to the barricade as well and turned to a trooper.

"How's it going corproal?" JC asked.

Corproal Collins, one of UNATCO's more philosophical soldiers turned to JC, "The bots have em' bottled up, sir. Gunther went rouge on us. We'd go right in if it were'nt for the fall back order."

"What happened to Agent Hermann?"

"He stayed back to fight the terrorists, and we heard from him later that he'd been captured, took out quite a bit of men though. Looks like you get to bail him out."

"Carry on Corproal."


JC sliped past the barricade and into the main area. There were bodies and spent shell casings everywhere. JC had assumed it had been bad, but not THIS bad. He decided that the best course of action would be to report to HQ. JC looked toward the building that stood a few yards away from where he stood. UNATCO HQ. He looked off in the distance behind it and saw several NSF terrorists moving back and forth, setting up observation stations and all, they aparently held most of the island. JC moved stealthily over to UNATCO HQ, just in time to see a large transport helicopter lift off from a helipad at HQ, for a few seconds, the whirring sound of the chopper blades filled the night sky, and just as it filled the area, it was gone, leaving with the helicopter, which was slowly disapearing against the dark sky. JC walked into the grounds of HQ to find that security was very tight here. Barricades were constructed at the mouth of the entrence, with UNATCO troopers pacing back and forth around it. A trooper turned to him in a slightly angry and synical voice.

"Afraid base is under lockdown until the dangers gone agent Denton.", he said. JC recognized him as tech sargent Kaplan. A real prick, he was a terrible show off too.

"Right. How are you guys holding up?", JC asked.

"UNATCO command made us pull back. I guess for Gunthers sake. But c'mon, whats the deal? We're ready to go in."

JC was suprised, and he though HE was a little over-zealous."I cant speak for command, but I'm gonna clean the place out."

"Right on! Manderley was right, you nano augs are born bred killing machines.", Kaplan said.

"I guess so."

"Well, tell you what, I know the code to the comn van. Its 0451. You can find some equipment there. But heres some things you cant find anywhere else, I picked up some supplies over by the docks a little while ago. I've got a scope that can fit your handgun and some ammo for the mini cross bow and your pistol. Got a few creds?"

JC was not a little suprised to find that he'd want to make money off them instead of turning those things in, "Should'nt you turn that stuff over to quarter master?"

Kaplan snickered, " Yeah, I guess. But right now I think you could use them more then that ol' bird. I'll sell you the scope for 400 creds, and the ammo for 100 each."

JC looked at his electronic credit-keeping-datebank. He had 700 credits. He decided on taking the scope. "I'll take the scope."

Kaplan smiled and turned over the scope. JC fitted it on his pistol. "Nice doin' business with ya."

JC walked toward the comn van station and inputed in the code. The door clicked, and opened. Inside he found some ammo for his gun and a emp grenade for the trip. JC left the comn van and left the HQ's grounds. This would be the hard part. Getting inside the statue. JC decided that stealth would be the best way to do this. But there were guards stationed everywhere. He decided on taking the a right where there were'nt as many guards. He walked along the grass, staying in the shadows, trying not to make too much noise. He passed a blockade of NSF members, they all looked rather ratty. Some didnt even wear the standard uniform. He passed them by and continued toward the south dock, where there was a few NSF around. He sneaked up on two of them.

".....Thats the difrence right there. Just take a look at them."


"Yeah. The cut off his right arm. Took off half his face."

"Hermann right? Bastard. Killed 14 men."

"Thats what they do to you in this business. They rip you're soul outta you. Make you a machine. I saw him take half a clip in the chest."

"We could defianatly use a mech for an operation like this is all I know."

"Soon as you buy into the cult of the machine you're just like them."

The terrorists continued onto another subject. JC sneaked by them, he continued over to the dock. The dock was pretty clear. Only a mercenary. JC walked onto the dock and crouched to avoid making to much noise while walking past the merc. JC's weight shifted a bit, causeing a creak.


Shit. JC thought.

The terrorist turned around and shot at JC, JC dodged just in time to avoid the shot and rolled behind some barrels.

"I've got somebody! Need-AGH!"

JC shot the mercenary in the head. He watched the body slump to the wooden floor in a bloody heap. He had just killed someone. JC though about this sullenly, it was to be expected, it was his line of work after all. He shook off the feeling. He had to focus on the mission. He walked over to the dock's wooden cabin. Inside he found a bum and a ratty looking woman inside, the bum looked at him, his face set in a smug smile.

"About time you showed up."


The static chittering filled his head again.

"Iron and copper, JC."

JC looked back at the bum "Iron and copper. The statue is copper on an iron frame right?"

The bum laughed, "Passwords enough pal. Dont think you know anything about the lady I dont. My dad did tours out here. Harley Filben by the way."

"JC Denton, I hear you can get me inside.", JC said, getting to business already.

"Depends...You get you're man out, re-take the statue, whatever, but I know the commander up there, and I want him alive. Got it?

"You can trust me."

"I'll take you're word for it. Here's the key to front door, I suggest finding another way in though."

Fliben gave JC the keys and walked over to converse with the woman. She looked at JC then back at Filben. JC walked away and continued toward the backside of the statue. There he found a large amount of storage crates stacked on each other. And idea was formed in his mind. It looked like all of them were in jumping distance of each other. He could probably make his way up there. He ran over to the first set of crates and crawled up on them, he looked up and was satisfied to note that it was indeed possible to make his way up there useing these crates. He crawled up on one after the other and eventually made his way to the top, he jumped down and slowly walked up the ramp and into the statue.......

Gunther Hermann was VERY angry. He did not particularly like being taken captive by these god awful terrorists, and he DIDNT like the way they looked at him. Like he was a freak. The story of his life he supposed. When he'd been a child, he was the skinnist boy in school. And in the entire town. He was born in the Ratchsduat, Germany. He was born skinny. And lived an agonizing childhood skinny. Made fun of. Riddiculed. "Gawky Gunther" They would say. "Gaunt Gunther" or some other magical way of describing him. It'd been like this right before he'd become involved in the United Nations, as a secret agent for the German Government, at the age of 23. They recognized him for his clever decisiveness. For his ruthlessness. That was why they'd thrown him into the early stages of the augmentation program. He'd came out looking like he did now. A even bigger freak then he'd been then before. But now when people called him such names as "Dinosuar" or "Big Metal Freak." a simple flick of his wrists would be enough to break their little necks. He had the body of every bodybuilders wildest dreams, he'd also been gifted with super human abilities. That was of course, 14 years ago. When mechs were everything national governments fought over. Back when nano augmentations were'nt even thought of. He supposed that mechs would eventually get outdated. But it was depressing to know that mechs were slowly being put out of commision. UNATCO already had that coward Paul Denton. Supposedly he was supposed to make mechs look like small toys. He was a coward. Afraid to kill. Too human. And now they had his brother coming as well. Equiped with the same systems. There goes the use of mechs. But he would show them. He would show them all that mechs were indeed superior to those wimpy nano augs. But he couldent do that while in this cell. He sighed, and sat down to eat some of the stale rations the terrorists had given him. All he needed was a distraction of some kind. Play dead? Maybe, but too obvious. He'd have to try something a bit more original. He went over to the see through wall.

"Excuse me."

The terrorist that had been watching his cell looked up from the book he was reading. Hopefully the last book he'd ever read, Gunther thought darkly. "What?"

"I am very hungry. Please bring me some food."

"Yeah. Like I'm gonna fall for that. Besides, you've got some food right there."

"I have finished it. Bring me more."




Gunther retreated back to his original spot, to think of some other plan of action. Satisfied with himself, the terrorist continued reading his book. Gunther was spent of ideas. This made him mad. He returned to the see through wall and pounded hard on it. The terrorist spilled his coffee all over himself due to the sudden loud noise. He screamed in agitation and ran over to the sink to pour cold water all over himself. Gunther smiled sinisterly. The terrorist turned back to him.

"You little bastard! GAH THATS HOT!"

Gunther applauded himself but then realized that the chances of the terrorist opening the door now were quiet slim. Nevertheless, he felt quite pleased. The terrorist finished drying himself and gave a mean look to Gunther. Just then, the terrorist heard gunshots. He quickly got up again and rushed over to the source of the commotion. Gunther listened in tensely, was it UNATCO coming to liberate him? Gunther went to the see through wall just in time to see JC Denton run into the room, holding an assault rifle.

"Agent open the door!"

JC turned to the door and got out a set of keys, he unlocked the cell door. Gunther stampeded out slaming open the unlocked door in his wake. JC threw him the assault rifle as several terrorists ran into the room.

"Oh shi-"

Gunther droped the safety of the weapon and fired at the terrorists, it was over for them within a few seconds, the terrorists bodies smoking. Gunther felt great after that.

JC stared at the bodies. Gunther felt that he had been right on the money with his asumptions about the nano augs. Wimps.

"Good shot."

"Er, thank you. You are JC Denton I presume. I'll be taking this gun now."

"Go ahead. Good to see you're alright Agent Hermann. You should make you're way back to HQ now."JC said.

"Absoulutly not. I have been in this cell for too long now.", Gunther said firmly.

"HQ demands it. Sorry."

"Gah, incompetant little- Meh. Fine I shall go." Gunther said, hate filling his voice.

"Be carefull, theres a blockade near the statue you'll have to go through."

"Perfect.", Gunther said. And he meant it. Gunther ran out of the room to see that the room had a few bodies in it. Freshly killed. Perhaps he'd been wrong about the nano augs after all......

JC left the makeshift cell area, and ran up the stairs in the main room. He passed the place where he'd came in through and up another set of stairs. He climbed a ladder and overheard two terrorists talking.

"Its over now. Their coming right now as we speak."

"I'm going to stay my ground."

"Its suicide."

"Do as you wish, but I'm staying right here."

JC leapt up and fired a bullet at them, the terrorist that had opted to leave recieved the bullet to the gut and fell to the ground, moaning in pain. The other terrorist rolled behind a wall and stayed there. JC waited. The terrorist looked back and JC shot him in the chest, the terrorist collapsed. Just then JC got a call from HQ.

"Some news JC. The NSF targeted a shipment of the plauge vaccine Ambrosia. We cant locate it, see if the commander will surrender when you reach the command post. We'd like to interrogate him."

The call ended. JC advanced up the stairs and walked into a room, in this room stood a man in an NSF uniform.

"Dont shoot! I surrender!" The man cried.

"So you think you know better then FEMA of what to do with this months shipment of ambrosia."

FEMA is a organization that deals with foreign and domestic issues around the world. They help out with everything from bombings to natural disaster. They also manage the distribution of the only known vaccine the plague that was currently rampaging the world, the Gray Death. The Gray Death was diagnosed several moths prior to this, and already the body count had hit staggering numbers. Ambrosia was synthesised by the multinational corporation VersaLife, and being it the only known way of fighting Gray Death, it was naturally kept secret from the public. Limited supplies of Ambrosia regularly got shiped to all the big corporations that kept the world running. Apparently the NSF discovered the secret of Ambrosia.

"You're too late." the commander spat."It's on its way back to the people, and you cant do a damn thing about it."

JC considered shooting him at that point, but then remembered that UNATCO watned him alive. "Tell me about the shipment and I'll order the troops to pick you up as a prisoner instead of a corpse."

The terrorist seemed mildly suprised."Ask away. We already won this round."

Yeah. Right. "Where are you taking it?", JC said, cutting to the chase.

"We're just giving ordinary people the same chance to survive as the bureaucrats in Washington.", he said.

"You'll have to unload the shipment in New York. The helicopters would spot you at sea."

"I think the government made the plauge on purpose, to get rid of the population growth." the terrorist said.

"Just answer the question."

"Dont believe me? Its all in the numbers. For a hundred years theres been a conspiracy of plutocrats against ordinary people."

JC scoffed, "Do you have a single fact to back that up?"

The terrorist was aparently glad he asked, "Number one: In 1945, corporations payed about 50 percent of federal taxes. now they pay 5 percent. Number two: In 1900 90 percent of Americans were self employed. Now its only 2 percent."


"Its called consolidation. Strengthen governments and corporations, weaken individuals. With taxes, this can be done imperceptibly over time."

JC was getting impatient, "I guarentee you that the interogation staff at UNATCO will not be as forbearing as I am."

The terrorist snarled,"Yeah, the secret police. You're just a bunch of bullies for a completly illegitimate government."

JC sighed, "We will locate the shipment one way or another."

The terrorist conitnued with his bizzare conspiracy theories, "The entire executive branch is hand-picked. Nineteen of the last last twenty-three US presdients have been members of the Triateral Commsion. The Triateral Commision is financed by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Dont tell me-"

JC cut him off there, "Thats a think-tank. Anyone can become a member."

"But not everyone does. Thats why they call it secret government."

Just then a pair of UNATCO troops came up the stairs.

"We'll take it from here Agent Denton."

JC regarded them with a nod, and took a quaint blue cannister that was sitting on a crate. JC made his way back to UNATCO HQ. Along the way he saw that UNATCO had effectively destroyed much of the NSF threat. Getting back was rather easy. He recieved a a call from HQ.

"Well done! I'll pass on your orders to the troops. Report back to HQ for a debreifing. Mission complete."

The transmission ended, JC felt great, he survived his first combat situation with hopefully good results. When he got back to HQ, Paul was waiting for him there.

Paul saw JC and walked up to him "We've got the island secure, how'd things look in the statue?"

"The leader surrendered. So they were after the Ambrosia...", JC said.

"A months supply for the east coast. We think they've taken it back to the city." Paul said, his eyes drifting to the lit up city of New York.

JC was puzzled. "I didnt know UNATCO handled the Ambrosia distribution...."

Paul patted him on the shoulder, "Manderley will breif us shortly. UNATCO makes sure the limited supply of vaccine gets to government agencies and key industries."

"It's good to finnaly see some action."

"Yeah, well pace yourself. You killed alot of people tonight. I'll handle things out here. I'll meet you in Manderleys office."

Paul went off, and JC walked into HQ.

An imposing looking woman trudged through the halls of UNATCO HQ. She just had her breifing with Manderley and was feeling famished. She went down a few corridors and into the rec room, where she got some apreciative glances from the troops everywhere. She was UNATCO's second best agent. She was Anna Navarre. And she was also a mech. Who needs those little computers swiming in you're veins anyway? she thought. She got to her posistion by being good at what she did. Ruthless obliteration of her enemy. She used to be UNATCOs single greatest agent. Before Paul came. She and Gunther both knew that eventually mechs would be put out of use, and now it was a reality. She scoffed at the fools in command. Paul was a coward. Afraid to kill, too human. In this line of work you needed to be like her. She disabled this train of thought, she didnt like thinking about things like this. She was born in a small village in Russia, where you truly need to fight to survive. This was of course after Russia's economy had went to the dogs and it was every man for himself. She'd forgotten about her village after a few years, she had to move on to more challenges. Good thing too, because her superb skills would of never been recognized in that little village. Which was exactly what happened, the UN was impressed, they told her that they could use some people like her. She started off as an operative for the agency, and she soared through the ranks, she was eventually picked out for the early stages of mechanical augmentation work. She now looked as if she'd been born to a computer and an office machine. She'd once been quite buetiful, but she supposed that it was a minor loss for what she was now. Right now, she was thristy. She walked into the rec room to see her colleage, Gunther Hermann, trying to stick his hand into the beverage dispenser.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Damn machine. It.....nevers gives me....what I want." Gunther said, as he worked at the job.

"What is wrong?"

"Gave me....lemon-lime..."

"I like lemon lime."

"Well I do not."

"Are you sure you pressed the right button?" Anna asked

"I do not make mistakes of that kind." Gunther said

JC Denton walked into the room. Anna gave him a quick glance, tall, handsome....meh. She turned back to Gunther.

"You're hand might of sliped."

"No. I wanted orange! It gave me lemon lime." Gunther said sullenly.

"The machine would not make a mistake." Anna compared the machine to herself. No, it would not make a mistake.

"Its the maitenance man! He knows I like orange!" Gunther said accusingly.

Oh brother. "So you think the staff has some kind of plot?"

"Yes, they do that on purpose!" Gunther said.

Just then JC walked over, probably to give the machine a whirl. Anna intercepted him.

"My new partner, JC Denton. Please tell me you're not going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation." She said.

"My vision is augmented." JC said.

"At least it is a way we know its not Paul." Gunther joked.

"Forgive my interuption," JC said,"I just wanted to say I look forward to working with you, Agent Navarre."

"I do not expect you to perform as well as Agent Hermann,"She said scornfully,"but the mission will require us to do more than frighten the NSF with our baggy coats then make us look bigger than we really are."

"I am prepared to perform my duties." JC said simply.

Gunther interjected before Anna could give him a really crushing remark."He will not be the equivilant of his brother Paul. I've seen that he knows the procedure of a good offensive."

Anna looked back at Gunther, "Let us hope you are right..."

Anna gave JC one last look and went to her office. She didnt even get her drink.

Bitch. JC thought.

As if sensing this, Gunther spoke to JC;"Forget how Agent Navarre is not friendly. She has every life to give for her partner."

JC nodded at Gunther and pressed a button on the machine, an orange soad poped out.

Gunther was actually steaming.

"Take it."

Gunther took the soda and left the rec room. JC poped in another credit and got coke. He took it and went back out into the main hall. He entered the office to his right and found it to be his own office.

"Well, well, my own office." He said to himself.

"You found your office," It was the infolink."Did Janice give you you're password? No, I guess not. Ok, lets see...login is.....JCD. Password is, Bionicman." The transmission ended.

JC logged onto his computer, and found some mail. Most were from the UNATCO Augmenation Medical department. One was from Paul, a welcome aboard e-mail. JC read through the message, then deleted it. He ignored the med letter, he also saw one from Jaime Reyes, if he could smile, he would've right then. Jaime was a great guy, he was also Pauls best friend. He was an uncle of sorts to JC. And to top it all off he was head of the UNATCO medical department. It was basicly a welcome aboard mail, but it told him to stop by his office. He logged off and headed down to level 3. Level 3 contained the cell block, armoury, med center, communications, and several offices. He decided to visit the communications wing. Time to see who it was that had been talking to him this whole time. He walked in and made a note to visit Jaime next, his office was closest.

"Your getting warm..."

JC stoped for a second. Then continued.

"Your red hot...looks like you found me."

JC looked down to the communications terminal to see a geniune looking techno geek, he thought jokingly. He walked down to introduce himself.

The tech guy laughed "Like leading a mouse to cheese."

JC frowned, something he could do."This thing is starting to give me a headache."

"Dont worry,"the guy assured him, "We shut it down whenever you're not on duty."

"I guess I'll get used to it.", JC said.

The man introduced himself, "I'm Alex Jacobson, communications engineer."

"I suppose you already know who I am.", JC said.

Alex snickered, "Getting there. You're certainly quicker on the uptake then Paul ever was."


So, that was Alex Jacobson, he was a geek, but a usefull one, he installed UNATCO security. JC decided that it would be usefull having him watching out for him. Alex Jacobson was one of those major tech geeks before he'd been employed by the United Nations. There were some rumors that he'd been with a crime organization prior to his new job that smuggled cash to foreign nations that banned US dollers, but the UN tended to overlook those things. Alex was also an elite hacker, it sorta reminded JC of those old action movies that featured a kid that could hack any system for the heros. JC left the comm wing and went into Jaimes office. He found the pudgy man working on his computer at the far side of the office. Jaime turned to JC and smiled.

"Hey JC."

"You look like the real thing," JC joked, "They actually let you operate on people?"

"Just fixed Gunther's knee in fact, a sticky actuator. So far I feel like more of a mechanic then a doctor."

JC couldent blame him, Jaime's medical field specialized in augmentations."I'm impressed."

"They actually let you point a gun at people?"Jaime retorted from before.

"We'll have to catch up later, I've got to leave for New York right away. Can you send whatever it is Manderley wants?"

"No problem...JC, you know their preparing to roll out this technology worldwide right?

"As long as I dont turn green and grow a pair of antennas, as I understand it."JC said synically.

"Yeah,well, the design is pretty modular, which means you'll have access to upgrades from augmentation enzyme cannisters." Jaime told him

JC produced the small blue cannister he'd found in the statue."Like this?"

"Hm, My order from VersaLife must of been on the ship when the NSF captured it. You can use any type of medbot to install that."

"I'll do that." JC told him.

"The cannisters hold Colloid modules. Some are generic upgrades, but with most you'll have to make permenant choices about how to configure some of your systems."

"Its about time they implemented some of this stuff. One more thing before I go, what can you tell me about the info link?

The second he said he kinda regreted it, Jaime got into detailed rants about this stuff.

"Let's see... microreceiver exostructure in the sulci, mechano-carbon threads on the axons... for queuing, you know, packet routing... Anything particularly interest you?"
"There a way to turn it off?"

"The Infolink?"

"Uh, yeah or is someone at UNATCO tuned in for 24 hours?" JC asked.

"This might sound a little funny, JC, but I'm not permitted to answer that question."

"Your clearance if higher then mine?"

Jaime averted his eyes "Regarding your systems, I am you're physician."

"No big deal, I was just curious."

JC left the office, he decided to go over to the armoury next. Once inside he met General Carter, he remembered hearing great things about him. He'd been in the second Gulf War, and also a few conflicts after that.

"At east Agent Denton." Carter told him

"General Carter, I read about the Merced operation in school, this is a great honor."

"I'm not a general anymore, just call me Carter."

"I cant believe what the NSF did to your family.."

Carter had fought the NSF back in the North West war. His family had been killed in the cross fire of one battle, right around his town.

"Enough of that soldier, we've each had our fair share of troubles. I lost my children, but you had to grow up without parents, which requries more courage? I dont think it matters."Carter said.

"My parents died in a car accident, that's different."

"I said that's enough Agent. You have your own op and time is short. How bout' I give your stealth pistol"

Carter sliped the stealth pistol to JC. JC took it and looked up at him, "Thank you sir."

JC walked out of the armory and decided that it was finnaly time to meet with Manderley. He went up to level two and walked into Manderleys office, his secretary, Janice Reed, greeted him.

"Good work out there Agent Denton, Manderley said you handled youself nicely." said Janice, her voice thick with western accent."Welcome to UNATCO HQ, our family just keeps getting bigger.

"Is Manderley available?"

"Go right in JC, he's been expecting you."

JC went into the office to find Paul and Manderley in mid conversation.

"....That will be JC's job." Manderley said.

"Whats that?" JC interjected.

Paul turned to JC "The power station. The NSF have the Ambrosia in a warehouse protected by cameras and booby traps. We want to power down the whole system. "
"We´re taking one illicit generating plant, protected by weak groups of NSF. Knock out that plant, and Paul´s team can walk right into the warehouse." said Manderley.
JC was ready to get on with the job. "Just tell me where it is."
Paul continued, "The NSF are openly resisting our deployed forces, gradually. You´ll have to deal with them first."
Manderley looked at Paul," And you be ready Paul, when the power drops, go in, and go in hard."
"I'll use my discretion." Paul said.
Manderley gave Paul a hard look, Paul scorned. "Go in like the US marshalls. We lose the vaccine, I´m sending your butt to the Mayor to explain why he and his three daughters won´t get their pills this month."
"Yes, sir." Paul looked at JC "Let´s not waste any time, JC. Get down to the dock. A boat is waiting to take you and your partner Anna Navarre ashore."
"Yes get going. Here's your op bonus for the great job in the statue, we take care of our people around here, and heres an extra 500 for rescuing Agent Hermann." said Manderley.
"Thank you sir" JC said. JC and Paul left the office.
"How are you getting to Hell's Kitchen?" said JC "Black Helicopter, newest grade. You get to take the boat you took to the island," Paul said "I'll see you soon."
JC left level two and walked out of HQ, a short time later he was at the dock, where Anna Navarre was waiting impatiently for him "It's about time you showed up, Agent Denton. I was about to leave without you." Anna said, she got into the boat,"Lets go."
JC got into the boat, Anna gave the pilot the directions, and the speedboat speed off into the night.
Authors Note: I know, pretty long chapter for the first one, but what can I say? I'm open to constructive criticism and reviews, thanks for reading.