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Family Ties

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Chapter Forty Three – Angered Confusion.

Logan drove the jeep through the streets, sniffing unconsciously at the air. The scents were mingled but Logan definitely made out the one of his daughter. What she was doing out so late he had no idea. Taking the wrong turn up the road the scent was stronger, and he knew she had just been here.

"Logan?" Jamie asked from the passenger seat. "Aren' we goin' back ta the house?"

"Yeh, in a minute 'lright?" Jamie took the hint and shushed up, in the backseat Pietro yawned tiredly. Logan glanced around the street, his nose picking up on things that no Human could smell. He continued to drive, following his nose.

The worry that was buried deep in his subconscious's flared to life when the scents led him to the Boudreaux Mansion. In the back seat Jamie questioned why they were at Rogues while Pietro drooled over the vastness of the mansion. Logan barely heard either of them as he parked the car outside the gate and got out. With a growl at the two boys he told them to stay where they were and jumped over the tall fence.

Hiding in the shadows he listened to the sounds and picked up on his daughter's familiar voice. "Jus' leave it alone!" Rogue growled and he heard Wanda snap back. "Like hell! Rogue you got fucking shot at!"

"Sheila's right mate, and I'd really like to know why." Johnny said calmly, which was strange for him.

The voices were getting closer and Logan watched at the four Mutants and two older Humans came into view. Rogue and Remy looked annoyed, and Logan scented the concern in their appearances. Wanda and John looked to be at varying degrees of annoyance and anger. The Humans behind the four Mutants looked on with worry, glancing periodically back at the large Mansion.

"Wanda, John, if yo' would like Ah will drive yah home," the man said and both teenagers glared at him.

"I'm not leaving till I know who and why some is shooting at my best friends," Wanda snarled and the man looked even more worried.

"Joe, just take dem in," the woman said. "Yo' know they won't leave, let Marius and Jean Luc deal with them."

"NO!" Rogue and Remy shouted before quieting.

"No," Rogue repeated, wearily. "Yo' know Papa will call in Lexus."

"Maybe…maybe he won't," the woman said and Rogue looked at her with tired eyes.

"That's a really big maybe, Lizzy."

"Take them ta pere," Remy suddenly said. "But make sure he plays by our rules." Rogue and Remy looked at each other, and the two humans watched on in confusion. "Yah know what pere and Marius want more than anything. So we'll give it to them, as long as the play by de rules." Remy squeezed Rogue's hand and the young woman sighed, nodding her head.

"'lright, let's do it then," she said and lead the group inside.

Logan frowned as he watched the door close behind his daughter. He didn't quite understand, and that bothered him. If Rogue was being shot at, why hadn't she seemed more distressed? Why was it so important for no one else to know? Shaking his head Logan walked back to the jeep and determined that he was going to get his answers in the morning. Turning the engine over he drove away from the mansion and back to the one that the X-Men currently inhabited.

He never heard the other car pull up to the house behind him, he never say the four Humans dragging three recognizable Mutants behind them.


Lexus swore viciously as he thought over what he would have to tell Marius. The man was not going to like this. Who would though? With a sigh he parked his jeep in front of Marius' family Mansion. Becca and Kaya dragged the male into the mansion was Carl and Lexus both took one of the females. They made their way quickly down to the basement and tied the Mutants up, securely.

"Keep yer eyes on them," Lexus told his three friends, who looked at him with annoyance before watching the Mutants again. With a nod Lexus traveled back up stairs and to the third floor where Marius and his family inhabited. Knocking quickly on his boss' door Lexus waited, knowing the man inside was wondering what the fuck someone was doing waking him up at this time of night.

When Marius finally opened the door he raised an expectant eyebrow at Lexus, waiting for the man to speak. "Yo' need to come downstairs, sir." He said, staring right back at his boss. Lexus was good at what he did, he was the best, but his boss, well, Marius Boudreaux was better.

Marius nodded and closed the bedroom door between them. When he opened it again Marius was wearing a dark outfit that screamed FBI or, well, a Crime Boss. And Lexus worried that the man would react to the interrogation much in the same way he had after his wife had been murdered. A shudder went through Lexus as he remembered, even as young as he had been that Marius was one scary motherfucker when he wanted to be.

"Wake up LeBeau," Marius growled and strolled down the stairs, heading to the basement.

Lexus knocked on Jean Luc's door and waited for the man to open up. He quickly gave LeBeau the run down and waited will the man got dressed, before they both found their way back into the basement. Lexus wasn't surprised to see his team standing near the back wall, all watching Marius expectantly.

"Boss, do you want us to wake the Princess?" Kaya asked and Marius shook his head.

"No, Ah'll talk with her in the morning."

"Of course, sir."

Jean Luc walked over to Marius and glared down at the Mutants. "We're going to ask you a few questions," Jean Luc said diplomatically and Marius smirked evilly.

"And if we like your answers, we might let you live."


Wanda had crashed in Rogue's room, both young women concerned with leaving the other alone, though for completely different answers. That morning Rogue let Wanda borrow some of her clothes and the Princess sat in the middle of her bed while her best friend used her shower. She had a bad feeling, one that wouldn't stop nagging at her.

She knew they had little chance of their fathers agreeing to spare their best friends, and tell them the truth. But, God, she hopped they'd at least listen. Shaken with concern she picked up her leather coat and quickly braided her hair.

Wanda came out of the bathroom, looking at her expectantly. Rogue nodded, and opened her bedroom door as St. John and Remy came down the hallway. The Thief and the Assassin looked at each other, both trying to hide their nerves.

"'lright," Rogue said tiredly. "Let's find our father's." Deftly she tapped into the Professors telepathy and frowned, glancing at Remy again. "They arein the basement," she said and Remy glanced up at her, but their was no shock in his expression.

"Looks like Lexus did his job," he muttered and the four of them trudged down to the basement, bypassing the empty kitchen.

"Papa?" Rogue called out as they opened the door. "Papa? Jean Luc, est-ce tu vas ici?" (Are you here?)

"Oui mon cherie," Marius called out and Rogue and Remy followed their voices. The first thing the Mutants saw was Lexus and his team leaning up against the back wall, all four of them carrying guns. Then Marius and Jean Luc came into view.

Both fathers looked impossibly tough for their age, and at the same time they looked all to casually comfortably. Jean Luc was sitting on his chair, backwards, with his arms resting on his knees. Marius stood beside him, arms crossed over his chest, a dark glare on his face. In front of their fathers were the three Mutants from the night before, all had bruises and they were passed out.

"Papa?" Rogue asked again and Marius finally looked at her. His eyes narrowed on Wanda and John and the bad feeling Rogue had exploded.

"Rogue, what is this?" He asked, indicating with his right hand, which still held his .9 ml, to John and Wanda. The Mutants were watching with wide eyes, trying to take in everything at once.

"Pere," Remy started, "Mayhaps we can do this upstairs?"

"No," Jean Luc said. "Ah think here is perfectly fine. Explain Remy."

"Rogue?" The gun in Marius' hands disappeared into his coat but the man still looked menacing.

"Ah take it yah know we snuck out?" Rogue offered with a weak grin.

"Yes, that has come to our attention," Jean Luc agreed, looking at both teenagers angrily. "What were you thinking?"

"Jean Luc…" Rogue trailed off before picking up again. "It's not freakin' fair that we're stuck locked inhere while the X-Men are in town! We can take care of ourselves, if yah haven't noticed, neither Remy norAh am hurt! No harm was done!"

"Rogue!" Marius snarled at her and Rogue raised her head defiantly.

"No!Ah am sick of being locked inhere! Even Logan gave meh more freedom while the Anti-Mutant groups were acting up in New York. Yo' keep forgetting that Ah've been trained to deal with this shit all mah life. Not only that, Ah'm one freaking powerful Mutant! This can't be because yo' don' trust mah judgement, becauseAh know you do. Yah proved dat when yo' asked meh to take over the Guild for yo'!"

"Ah'm startin' to regret that," Marius growled and Rogue glared back. She continued to speak, not giving him the chance to get a word in.

"Ah'm grown up Father, fuck, Ah'm gettin' married and yer still treating meh like a six year old. Yo' can't keep trying to control mah life. Yo' don't seem to understand that despite all the trained Assassins yah have stationed around this house (John and Wanda gapped at her at this) we were still able to break out, and Magneto's thugs will be able to break in! We can deal with Mags, we have before and the X-Men would love to do it again. The only thing you need to worry about it fucking Bella, cuz God knows she's goin' to be trouble." Rogue took a breath and blinked. "Wow,Ah hadn't realized how madAh was…"

"Don't want to see what you do to Bella cher amour." Rogue giggled and tilted her head on Remy's shoulder.

Marius was staring at his daughter, confusion washing through him at her words. He hadn't realized…no, he though as he glanced at the hand Remy just kissed. He hadn't wanted to think they were ready for that. But the ring sitting on his daughter's hand proved otherwise. He stepped foreword and took the hand, staring at the ring and then into his daughters eyes.

"It's beautiful," he said and squeezed her hand before letting it "Lexus, take them into the back room."

"DADDY!" Rogue shouted, her eyes widening. Marius held up a hand to stop her and spoke to Lexus again.

"Make sure they understand that anythin' they hear here, anything they find out stays silent."

"Yes sir," Lexus said and he took both John and Wanda's arms and led them away, glancing back and winking at Rogue. 'Good luck,' he mouthed, glancing at her ring. Rogue blushed, and smiled at him in thanks.

"Do you have something to say Remy?" Jean Luc asked, watching his son and hopping he wasn't nearly as angry as Rogue.

"Yeah, but it can wait. Your…guests…" Remy decided. "Are startin' ta wake."

"Oh good," Jean Luc. "They stopped playin' really quickly."

Betsy heard Jean Luc and she shuddered, horror striking through her. She opened her eyes and stared at the group with terror. Jean Luc glanced down at her before smacking Sunspot into awareness. Aurora opened her eyes tiredly and glanced around her again. Spotting Rogue and Remy her heart sunk.

"Good, now," Marius said conversationally. "Ah want yah to tell mah little girl here what yo' told us, from the beginning."

"Will you let us go?" Betsy dared, pleading with Rogue as thoughts of her brother consumed her.

"We'll see," Jean Luc said, not letting either of the younger ones answer.

Betsy sighed, glancing at Aurora and then at Sunspot. "A few months ago boss, Magneto, called a meeting, he wanted us to pack and we were moving to New Orleans for a while." Betsy glanced at Aurora again.

"He didn't say much, just that we had a job to do. It wasn't something that he himself had planned though. We knew that."

"It wasn't until we got set up here that we meet who ran this show. Blond bitch," Sunspot spat. "She strolled into our house acting like she fucking owned the world." Marius unconsciously tensed at the insults on his daughter, he had to bit down the impulse to make the young man regret his words.

"Then she told us why we were here," he continued. "Such a fucking joke we thought, but nope, she was all two serious. Fucking hell."

"She wanted us to kill her sister," Aurora sighed, wishing she could summon her brother to her. "And LeBeau if the man refused to marry her. We hung around for a few months and Rogue and Gambit finally came back. But soon after, before we could really do anything, the X-Men appeared."

"That made Bitchdonna really happy for some bloody reason," Betsy growled, her accent becoming more apparent. "Then we found out why… two of the X-Men seem to have taken a liking to Belladonna."

"The wanna-be red head and her pet puppy," Sunspot spoke again. He waited, letting his words process in Rogue and Remy, before nodding and closing his eyes.

"Let them go," Rogue said.

"We're going to visit the X-Men," Remy finished.


Logan watched the teenagers stroll in for breakfast at their own pace, Wanda and John had yet to make an appearance. Logan dumped his coffee, which had gone cold, and sat back down at the table. The newspaper sat in front of him and he read nothing about a shooting in any of the articles.

His confusion had kept him up all night, along with a good deal of concern that he wouldn't admit to. As he waited for Wanda and John his confusion shifted to annoyance and his annoyance grew to anger.

He wanted some answers and be freaking deserved them.

So when he heard a car pull up to the mansion he stood up and walked to the front door. When he opened the door he came face to face with his daughters angry emerald eyes.

Good, he could deal with her anger.


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