â€And The Stars Called Angels

By: Thought

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For one who lives forever, the dull day-to-day goings-on of the multiverse can become rather monotonous, rather quickly. There were only so many times you could watch a planet explode, or a new type of life form come into existence, and he had watched these events millions of times more than that. There was nothing happening. Nothing at all interesting. Not a single event caught his interest, and he was becoming extremely frustrated by this fact. In short, Q was bored. Incredibly, immensely, unbearably bored.

He had already gone and played around with the lives of Harry Potter, Sidney Fox, Max Givara and Frodo Baggons, and yet none of them had truly amused him. What he needed, he decided finally, was a real challenge. Something to make him think, and focus. He went to the Enterprise. Nothing was going on. He wentâ€somewhere else.

Chapter One

Captain Beka Valentine was exhausted. She was ready to curl up on the floor and sleep for the next month, if she got the chance. Of course, she wouldn't get the chance, Dylan being Dylan. He had been pestering her to spend more time studying the Commonwealth guidelines for being a first officer. Beka had been more than a little shocked and disgusted to find out that there really was such a book. Five of them, in fact, all written by different authors, all saying the exact same thing. Or at least, she thought they did. She hadn't exactly taken the time to read them.

Her days and nights for the last week had been involved with repairing the Maru. After the last mission Dylan had taken the Maru out on, Beka had expressly forbidden him to ever touch her ship again. Of course, he didn't listen, and was pushing her and the rest of the crew to get it fixed up for a trip to Cranix, a planet that desperately wanted to join the Commonwealth. Even after she had sworn to the Divine that she would kill him herself if he even tried to lay a hand on her ship, he had just given her a patronizing smile and told her that 'of course he wouldn't touch her ship, but they really did need it'. She had walked away before he got any farther.

"Harper!" she yelled, as a jolt of electricity shot up her arm from the panel she had been working at. The engineer's blond head popped out of a conduit above her head, looking sheepish.

"Sorry, Boss!" he called down to her, before disappearing back into the innards of her ship. She sighed tiredly, rubbing her burned arm and wincing.

"Attention! All crew to Command!" Captain Hunt's voice rang out over the coms. Beka got to her feet gratefully, giving Harper a dirty look as he jumped out of somewhere to her left and bounded out of the ship. Rev joined her at the hatch, and they met Trance in the corridor on the way to Command.

"So, what's Dylan want us for, now?" Beka wondered out loud.

They arrived in Command, to find the rest of the crew already there. Dylan stood at the front, eyes fixed on the view screen.

"So kind of you three to join us," he commented, not looking away from the screen. Beka moved forward to see what had caught his attention, and took in a sharp breath.

"Maggog!" she exclaimed, watching as the large ship on the screen began releasing smaller ships. "â€But how?"

"I don't know, Beka, but they've got some kind of new shielding, and our weapons aren't having any effect."

"What're we gonna do?" Harper asked, his entire body practically vibrating with nervous energy.

"Slipstream out of here!" Beka darted for the pilot's chair.

"Don't you think we've already tried that?" Dylan snapped irritably. "Our slip core is still too damaged from the Nietzschean attack last week. We can't go to slip."

"Why is it that ever since we decided to join your little cause, we've been shot at more times than I can count in the last month alone?" Beka groaned.

"Idealism," Tyr stated calmly. Beka grinned at him.

"Maggog ships are on final approach," Rommie called.

"Everyone, find weapons!" Dylan ordered. "We need some kind of a defense! I will not go down without a fight!"

They all loaded up with as many weapons as they could carry, and returned to Command, locking the doors behind them. The Maggog had attached their ships to the hull by then, and the crew could hear the rhythmic pounding as the ships broke through.

"We're all gonna die," Harper muttered. Trance wrapped her tale around his waste, and the two stood, close together, both terrified of what was to come. Dylan stood, the perfect example of a High-Guard officer, forcelance at the ready. Rommie stood beside him, her posture almost identical to his. Beka reflected, as she stood nearby, she, Rev and Tyr clustered together, that this was probably about the time that Dylan and Rommie were wishing they had a full High-Guard crew of 4000 well trained officers and crewmen at their command, instead of a ragtag little group with no military training at all, who would more likely follow her orders than theirs.

The attack on Command was sudden, and brief. The doors weren't as strong as the group had anticipated, and the Maggog were through and attacking in what felt like no time at all. Dylan and Rommie fought, side by side, taking out each Maggog that came through the door. Unfortunately, there were too many for them to keep up with, whitch left Tyr, Rev and Beka as the second line of defense. What they couldn't get, Harper and Trance tried to take out, and Andromeda's internal defenses took care of the rest.

Beka dodged a claw swiping straight for her head, and kicked out, knocking the Maggog back a few feet. She had no time to shoot it, however, for at that moment, Tyr shoved her out of the way of another Maggog leaping at her face. There seemed to be an endless stream of them, filling Command as fast as they could dispense them.

Finally, the entire crew had been forced back against a wall, with the hordes of Maggog pressing in on them. "There's a hatch right above your head, Harper," Rommie called. "If you can get it open, we can all get away."

Harper reached up, hoping that the constant firing from Tyr and Beka would provide adequate cover, and fiddled with the hatch. Finally, he got it open, and, using the sensor consol as leverage, managed to scramble up and into the airshaft. Trance followed, with Beka, Rev, Rommie, Tyr and Dylan close behind. They could still hear the shrieks and snarls of the Maggog, as they tried to get at them through the hatch, which Dylan had closed.

"Where now?" asked Harper.

"Med deck is the second most secure area on the ship after Command," Dylan said.

"Oh, yes, and we all know how well protected Command was," Beka muttered.

"Med deck is this way," Harper called, crawling off to the right. Rommie frowned.

"How does he know that?" she muttered.

"I think Harper knows this ship as well, if not better, than you do, Rommie," Beka laughed halfheartedly.

They arrived on Med deck a few minutes later. Beka winced as she dropped to the floor, only then realizing that her ankle was sprained. She also noticed a streak of blood on Harper's arm, a gash on Rev's shoulder, and a wire sticking out of Rommie's arm. Tyr looked none the worse for where, but he did look tense. Captain Terrific, of course, was fine, and ready to do another round. Beka glared at him. He merely flicked his gaze over to Trance. Beka looked and indeed, Trance looked just as good as Dylan.

"How long do you think it will take them to find us?" Harper asked nervously.

"Not that long, I'd say," Dylan frowned.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of blue light, and standing before them, was a man. Beka's eyes flashed, and her hand dropped to her forcelance.

"Can I kill him?" she asked Dylan.

"Why would you want to kill me?" asked the man innocently.

Beka glared. "I don't know what you're doing here, Sid, or what you want, but I'm not interested."

He arched an eyebrow. "I'm afraid you have me mixed up with someone else. I'm not this Sid you speak of. Rather, I am Q!"

"â€Q?" Trance looked suddenly nervous.

"Um, sorry, but you look a lot like Sid to me," said Harper. Rev nodded his agreement.

"Excuse me!" Dylan snapped. "Who is Sid, and who are you?" he directed the first question to the crew of the Maru, and the second to the man standing casually in front of them.

"And how did you get past my internal sensors?" asked Andromeda's holographic form.

"Well, that's quite easy!" Q said lightly, brushing off her question with a wave of his hand. "And it's also completely unimportant. What is, is that I've brought you some friends!" You looked like you could use a little help, so I decided to be accommodating! Have fun!"

"Oh God" Beka clenched her fists.

"Now wait just a minute" Dylan exclaimed, but it was too late. Q snapped his fingers, and vanished, leaving a group of people standing, looking very disorientated, in his wake.