Title: DiNozzo Smirks

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Yup, that's rightâ€.types

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In my time at NCIS, if there is one thing I have definitely learned, it's that Anthony DiNozzo smirks, well, ALOT.

Not only that, but he actually has different TYPES of smirks. Yup, that's right,types.

Now before you think I've completely lost it, let me explain my theory.

First, there's the GIBBS IS SOOOO GONNA BE OFF MY ASS TODAY AND TOTTALLY ON YOURS smirk, which he always seems to give me when he finds some sort of crucial piece of evidence that helps to crack a case. Cuz, you know when Gibbs can't be mad at Tony; that only really leaves one person. Guess who.

Yup, that's right. Me.

Then, there's the I JUST GOT A REAAALLLYYY HOT GIRLS NUMBER smirk. That he seems to be wearing every 5 minutes. Cuz when I say Tony's a skirt chaser.

I'm not lying.

Next, there's the IN YOUR FACE smirk that he always seems to give me; when he thinks he's made some kind of witty comeback, while were participating in our daily banter. But with Tony, good comebacks are a rare occurrence, cuz to be honest he doesn't really stand a chance.

No one can bring the banter like me.

And finally, there's the I JUST GOT SO TRULY AND THOROUGHLY LAYED LAST NIGHT smirk. Which I think we can all agree he is most famous for. Cuz, you know lately, he always seems to be wearing this smirk a lot.

And right now, as Tony, Gibbs, and I step out of the car so we begin to work a crime scene, I can't help but notice that Tony is wearing his I JUST GOT LAYED smirk. This time, though, it's even bigger then usual.

His eyes are all sparkly as he looks at me, and making sure Gibbs, who is currently engaged in deep conversation with Ducky over our newest DB, isn't watching, he reaches out and pats my ass.

Right before leaning over and whispering into my ear, "My place or yours after work?"

I smile back at him, "Mine."

Yup. I should definitely know that he's wearing his I JUST GOT SO TRULY AND THOROUGHLY LAYED LAST NIGHT smirk.

Cuz I'm the one that put it there.