Summary-Hermione's thoughts about Ron. Rated PG13 for language. Miss Granger's POV.

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I wandered, dazed, to my dorm, where I deposited my items onto my 4-poster bed. My mind and heart were racing. I ran my hand through my tangled brown hair, and stared at myself in the mirror.

"What does he see in me?" I mused aloud, looking at my face. I wasn't ugly, persay, but I was far from beautiful. My nose was small, and my lips were full, but my mouth was small. Ordinary brown eyes stared back at me. My mind wandered back that fateful moment in the common room, just minutes before.

I had been helping Ron with his homework in front of the fire, because he had decided to put off a very important essay until the night before it was due. Angry, I had started doing it for him.

"Aww, c'mon, Mione! Don't be like that!" he had said, trying to take his homework back. I glared dangerously at him.

"You'll never get this done, Ronald! You and I both know it!" I hissed, slapping his hand.

"You sound like my mum," he whimpered rubbing his reddening hand. Then I realized he was right. I'm only 16, and I sound like Mrs. Weasley! Ashamed, I handed him his homework, muttering a quiet apology.

"You know, Mione, it's said guys end up with women like their mums," Ron nearly whispered, his face fire-engine red. Suprised at his boldness, I stared at him. "Gee, Hermione, don't stare." He blushed harder.

" you really mean that, Ron?" I had asked, my own face turning pinker by the second. Ron nodded, and took my hand. We were leaning in closer, when all of a sudden, a furious Harry burst through the portrait.

"!" he howled, storming over. Poor Ron's face turned even redder, and he started to talk to Harry. I couldn't even speak, so I motioned I was tired, and made my way upstairs. What would have happened had Harry not come in? Would we have...kissed? But it wouldn't have worked, Ron and I fight far too much...Don't we? Confused, I sought out the person who knows Ron best...Ginny.

"Ginny, are you there?" I asked quietly, knocking. Ginny opened the door, in her p.js. Even in her nightwear, the little redhead was gorgeous.

"Hey, Hermione, what's up?" she asked, cocking her hip to one side.

" need to talk to you."

"About what?"

"About Ron." Ginny's eyes widened, and she immediately moved over to grant me entrance. I walked in and sat at the foot of her bed. Ginny closed and locked the door, then joined me.

"What did my idotic brother do now?" she asked, looking plenty ready to get up and kick his ass. I hastened to tell her nothing was wrong. "Then why did you come?"

"We almost kissed, Gin." She squealed with happiness, and I clapped my hand over her mouth, shushing her sternly. She peeled my hand off her mouth.

"Oh, Hermione! This is SO exciting!" She cooed. "You and Ron will marry, and we'll be sisters, and..." Before she could continue, I interuppted her.

"Ginny, didn't you hear me? I said we ALMOST kissed." She shrugged non-chalantly.

"You don't know my brother like I do. He'll kiss you eventually. He's fancied you for some time now." That statement sent me for a wild ride.

"HE HAS?!" I shrieked, grabbing Ginny by the shoulders. She nodded. "Oh, WOW," I muttered, shaking my head.

"Go get him, Hermione," she told me, smiling. I stood up and ran to Ron, relieved to find him alone. I walked up to him, grabbed him and kissed him will all my being. And you know what? He kissed me back.