Author's Notes: Wow. It's been ages since I sat down to write any solid stories. To be honest though, my interests in writing are near zilch. And let's not start on my interest in Digimon. I still intend to finish Ascension somehow. I want to have at least one completed series under my belt. Anyways, this takes place during the Deva story although it won't really interfere with normal timeline events. And this will probably act as my story to get me back on my Digimon groove…I hope.

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When Counterfeit Cards are Used

'I have to admit…being able to relax like this feels great. Now if only we could put some pieces of that Deva puzzle together.' Rika lay underneath the shade of a tree and is currently listening to some J-Rock on her MP3 player.

"Hey, Rika!!" The girl opened one violet eye to see the Tamers' unofficial leader and official Goggle head, Takato Matsuki heading towards her. The boy pulled out two booster packs of Digimon trading cards. "I found this selling for less than half the price for a normal booster pack when I went to Kyoto the past weekend!! Can you believe it? I had some spare change from my allowance so I was able to afford these!! What do you think?"

Knowing that he'll never leave her alone until she checks the cards out, she took the packs from her friend and examined the cards carefully. After a few moments, she broke the bad news to Takato. "You were ripped off."

Takato gave a blank look. "Say what?"

"The reason why these were selling for a cheap price was because these are all fake cards! You can tell by the feel of the card against your skin and the cheap circuits they use to mimic the real ones printed by the card manufacturer! In reality, these cards have no monetary value. Sorry to break the bad news, goggles." Rika gave the cards back to Takato who continued to have the blank look on his face. The Digimon Queen snapped her fingers a few times to bring Takato back to reality.

The boy scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Rika…um, can you please keep this a secret for me? The last thing I want is Kazu and Kenta to laugh their heads off when they hear about this."

'Torment the gogglehead and get some amusement out of this or keep it a secret? Gee, tough choice.' Before Rika could give an answer, Renamon phased into view on a tree branch.

"There's a digital field nearby."

Good. Something to take her mind off the Deva mess. She got up quickly and whipped out her shades. "Let's go."

"I'll bring Guilmon and meet up with you later!!" shouted Takato.

(scene change)

"About time you guys got here!! Any longer and I would have been a pancake!!" Gargomon leapt out of the way of another attack before firing again. "Gargo Lasers!!" The other Digimon moved out of the way before charging Gargomon.

Henry wasted no time in activating another modify card. "Digi-Modify!! Speed Activate!!"

The champion Digimon felt the card's effect immediately. "Gargomon's Secret Technique…Run Away!!!" Looks like someone had been watching too much Ranma ½ (which belongs to the talented Rumiko Takahashi).

Rika simply took out her Digivice to get readings on their new opponent. "Minotarumon. Ultimate level, virus type. Special attacks are Bull Fighting Attack and Darkside Quake." 'Gonna have to evolve Renamon for this one.' "Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!!"


"Renamon digivolve to…Kyubimon!!" As soon as the transformation was complete, she attacked Minotarumon with her Fox Tail Inferno attack but he simply batted it aside.

"Seriously, we should have a professional pit bull fighter from Spain deal with this guy!!" complained Gargomon before firing again.

Rika took out her deck from her card pouch and quickly looked it over. 'What would be the most effective card against this guy?'

Minotarumon spotted one of the humans distracted and charged towards her. "Rika, look out!!" Before she could react, Takato tackled her out of Minotarumon's way, scattering her cards all over the pavement of the alleyway they were fighting in. He didn't notice that the fake cards

"Sorry I'm late!! Had to pry Guilmon away from his bread." Guilmon came rushing in and fired his fireball attack at Minotarumon. Rika pushed Takato off of her and started trying to get her cards back together. "Rika? I'm going to borrow your evolution card for Guilmon, okay?" Takato prepared to swipe the card through his own Digivice.

"Just hurry…up?" Odd, she saw her evolution card still sitting on the pavement. Then that means… "Gogglehead!! Wait!!"

"Digi-Modify!! Digivolution Activate!!!" He swiped the counterfeit Digimon card in his Digivice.

"Guilmon digivolve to…"


The green letters stopped appearing. Then a flashing green word appeared on the screen.


After blinking twice, the following phrase appeared on the screen.


"Uh oh…Guilmon!!" Takato looked over to his partner who was already enveloped in his usual digivolving egg. 'Please don't let him become some super crazy psycho monster!!!'

As soon as the egg vanished, all three of the Tamers jaws dropped. In Guilmon's place stood a tiny white knight with a cute little lance and shield. On his back was a small piece of red cloth acting as a cape.

"…SUPER DEFORMED GALLANTMON!!!" The tiny knight then focused its attention on Minotarumon. "I cannot forgive evil!! Prepare for battle, scum!!"

Minotarumon just stared before laughing its ass off. "BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

While it kept on laughing, SD Gallantmon calmly raised his right arm. "In that case, eat this!!" Then he fired a big ass beam of energy…I'm talking huge here. We're talking at least twice as big as Cable's Hyper Viper Beam. In any case, Minotarumon got easily deleted. Nobody bothered to absorb the data because Kyubimon and Gargomon were in a similar state of shock like their tamers.

"Evil is squished again!! Now if you excuse me, I have a date with some bread!! Cheerio!!" With that said, SD Gallantmon left the battlefield.

They all stood like that for ten minutes. When Rika became the first to regain her senses, the first words that came out of her mouth were…

"WHAT THE (censored)?!?!?!?!?!?" It's obvious what that censored word is, folks.

End Part One!! "A New Ally of Justice! Super Deformed Gallantmon!!"

This kinda came out after watching an episode of Super Defender Gundam on Friday and when I thought about the fake Yu-Gi-Oh card photos shown by Ed Hrzhic on his webpage. Anyways…dunno how this will turn out.