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Idea for Monster was given to me by Shinragod which I owe so much to.

"Perfect," the word slipped from a smiling boy as he walked down the sidewalk, a bounce in his step, a song in his tiny beating heart. This world was such a big and scary place and was often hard to understand, but where he was going none of that mattered. He knew, knew it for a fact, that once he stepped past those towering black gates everything would be fine…perfect. And the day would feel like it really begun under the afternoon sky.


Chapter one

Mac paused at the gates, taking in the sight of that house for the hundredth time. Foster's was a second-chance home for imaginary friends, a haven for discarded, abandoned and out grown good ideas. But more than that, it felt like a second home to him. Not even that, this was his home as far as Mac was concerned. After all, a home was a place where you belonged, and where people loved you and welcomed you at the door. He sighed and pushed past the squeaking gates. Taking in another breath he let each step bring that smile closer to his lips, this moment to release the struggles of the day. Leave that school and house and all his problems at the gate.

Bloo, on the other hand, was waiting in the TV room where Mac had promised to meet him. Today was the 13th annual monster marathon and they were going to kick it off like they always had: a mountain of snacks and more TV than they could stand. It was hard to reserve the TV room. Bloo had had to do a lot of extra work around Foster's to persuade Mr. Herriman to bend the rules just once…ok, so it was Mac who did most of that extra work but that wasn't important. Speaking of which, where was Mac? Bloo stretched his self the extra inch needed to peer over the snack hill and check the digital clock. 4:00. Mac was late.

It wasn't easy for Bloo, being an imaginary friend here at Foster's. Out of the hundred some friends he was probably the only one who didn't want to ever be adopted. As long as Mac came, as long as he was here Bloo was safe and his and that's the way he wanted to stay. Mac was his kid, and that's just the way it was. Needless to say, when Mac was late Bloo got a little anxious…and when Bloo got anxious those at Foster's knew to take cover. The sound of him dashing through the hallways could be heard anywhere in the house.

"Watch it, Bloo!" Shouted Frankie as she dodged the blue ball, arms full of bed sheets to be washed. She was the only human who worked here at Foster's beside Madame Foster herself, Frankie's grandmother. She blew some of her long red bangs from her face, cocking an eyebrow as Bloo stopped and looked up at her, his little boneless chest heaving.

"HaveYouSeenMac?" The question was in one breath, blurred in a quick furry of words. Regardless, Frankie knew what he said and shook her head as she shifted the weight in her arms.

"I haven't seen him yet, try-"

"OkThanksBye!" And like that he was gone, back in his dash to the house's large entrance. Down the halls, leaping over scissors, between Coco and Eduardo and then through Wilt's long legs Bloo leapt and slid down the banister, launching himself into the spacious lobby, landing tumbling and stopping at Mr. Herriman's feet.

"Master Blooregard! I will not tolerate that sort of reckless abandon here! There are rules! Regulations!" None of that reached the small blue blob as he scrambled to his 'feet.' Mac was right behind that door, Bloo just knew it. Just a few more feet, just a couple more inches- He threw open the door to find: nothing. He didn't notice when the large rabbit hopped behind him, adjusting his eyepiece and picking up with his scolding.

"And I would appreciate it if you'd adhere to some of these rules," Herriman continued even as Bloo stumbled out onto the porch, looking left and right. By now Wilt, Coco and Eduardo had come to see what was going on and with a look between the three of them they could take a good guess. "If you are finished with the Television Room, please excavate your copious amounts of unhealthy food from its vicinity." Wilt walked up behind Bloo, sitting with him at the edge of the porch.

"Don't worry, Bloo. Mac'll come. He's probably just…" He looked to Eduardo and Coco before looking back at the bluer than blue Bloo. "Just needs a ride?"


Mac glared out the car window, arms crossed and giving his mother the cold shoulder.

"Mac, don't be like this. You know it's only for your own good." She glanced his way before huffing. "You know, I am disappointed in you. Going to that place full of imaginary friends is just plain defiance. I expect more from you."

"More from me? I'm only eight! What about Terrance? You don't expect anything from him!"

"This has nothing to do with Terrance," she said sternly, coming to a stop at a red light and turning her narrowed and serious eyes to her fuming son. "You are eight, Mac. You're growing up. That was the whole point about getting rid of Bloo in the first place." The light turned green and she turned her attention back to her windshield keeping her eyes on both the road and the reflection of Mac. "I don't want you going back to Foster's again, do you understand?" His eyes widened, turning to his mother.

"That's not fair! You can't-"

"I will and I can. From now on Terrance will walk you to and from school. How long did you think doing this was going to work? Lying and sneaking around like this?"

"I never lied to you!" Mac could feel it build up, all the things he wanted to say, the things he felt deep inside. That was the reason he made Bloo in the first place. To say the things he didn't dare and right now he needed him the most. The boy bit hard into his lip to keep the rest of the words from spilling through.

"It doesn't change the fact you were going behind my back to see Bloo. He was a bad influence anyway, always causing trouble between you and Terrance. You'll see, things will be much better once he's out of your life."

"My life? You're not even around to know anything about me, or Bloo or Terrance!" The car swerved to the shoulder, a knot in Mac's stomach forming much too fast. She didn't look his way; her eyes still straight ahead, her knuckles white on the steering wheel.

"We've had this discussion. I work hard to support this family." It was obvious the woman was doing her best to control her emotions. Mac swallowed hard, feeling his mouth go dry, his eyes growing hot.

"Mom, please don't force me away from Bloo, he-he's my only friend." She didn't move until she heard a soft sob.

"Oh, Mac…" She hugged her child. "I known this is hard, but you need to learn to make friends. Real friends. You'll see in the end you don't need Bloo." He knew there wasn't a way to win this argument and right now all he wanted was to go home and just…just go to sleep and let today end.

"Can't I at least say goodbye?"

"You've already had that chance. Besides, Bloo would never just let you leave if you told him goodbye."


Bloo was first up at Foster's, the Friday night spilling into Saturday with no sleep. He just couldn't stop thinking about it. Mac would never have skipped out on him like that, not on monster marathon day! So the little guy had sat up, thinking of all the things that might have happened to Mac. Maybe some horrible monster from Mars ate him, or maybe someone kidnapped him on his way from school? What if Mac fell down some manhole to China? He bounded out of the bed, the tiredness hardly noticed as he did his morning routine, not wanting Herriman and his rules on his back today.

But something was up. As Bloo walked through the halls all the imaginary friends looked at him with sorrow.

"What are you looking at?" He snapped at one before growling and walking faster towards the bathroom. He recognized these looks, it was pity. He walked faster but more and more of these jerks were looking at him like that, watching as Bloo hurried past, his eyes narrowed almost shut. That was enough. Bloo stopped and spun around glaring down the hall of imaginary friends. "Will you QUIT!?! MAC IS COMING BACK!" He stepped into the bathroom slamming the door shut. A few moments later there was a knock at the door. Bloo only glared at his own reflection as he unscrewed the cap off the toothpaste.

"Master Blooregard, once your toiletry is finished, I would like a talk with you in my office." The toothpaste squirted out of the tube as Bloo's grip tightened. Not even twelve o'clock and already Herriman was on him. Bloo slowly let go of the crushed and empty toothpaste tube and turned his head towards the door. "Did you hear-"

"I heard you! I'll be down when I'm done!"

"Right. I will see you then. Do not forget." Today was going to be the worst.


"The absolute worst," Mac murmured as he followed a few steps behind his bully older brother on the way to school. Turns out bribing Terrance with homework duties or money just weren't going to work. Terrance knew how much Mac wanted to go to Foster's and letting him suffer by doing what his mother wanted him to do was just too good to be true. The school they attended was a large one, accommodating grades K-8th, which meant this chaperone thing would last a few years. Mac sighed, not daring to look up as they passed Foster's on the other side of the road.


Herriman's office was the worst. It always smelled of carrots and the color was an annoying dull green-ish. Bloo sighed, pulling on the door handle, wishing 3:30 would hurry and get here so he and Mac could play. When he walked in his mouth dropped.

"Oh good, you're finished, Master Blooregard. Took you long enough," Herriman cleared his throat, motioning to a very attractive creature to his right. "This is Hex and she is new. As you are also new, I believe it would be a good idea if you told her some of your experiences here at Foster's. Wilt will be here later to show her around." Bloo only nodded, everything out of his little blue head.

She moved smoothly towards Bloo; as if she was floating on some cold wind because as she neared Bloo could feel the air around him prickle, like ice was forming in the air he breathed. Hex was an anthro-like creature, a cat woman wearing mostly black over her short, fine and shiny deep purple fur. Her long raven hair fell past her shoulders and down her back as she bent down, a sly grin over black lips and a shine in silver eyes.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Blooregard."

"I-I-I-It's nice to meet you too."

"Well go on, now." Herriman urged, showing the two to the door and closing it behind them. "Maybe," he said hopping back to his desk "He won't notice Master Mac's absence so much now."


"And that's the house, for the most part." Wilt said cheerfully once he, Bloo and Hex made it back to the lobby. The tour was a lot like Bloo remembered when he first had come to Foster's with Mac. Mac had promised to visit everyday, but glancing at a window it was easy to see that dusk was approaching. "Hex, could you give me a minuet alone with Bloo, please?" Wilt asked her quietly and she obliged, leaving the room as Wilt sat next to where Bloo stood on the stairs. "You ok?" Bloo sighed.

"What, are you going to give me a pep talk? Tell me about when your kid abandoned you? Well you can save it because Mac is coming back for me, he'll be back tomorrow." Wilt opened his mouth but was unsure as to how to respond to that. He turned his view from Bloo to the door and nodded.

"You're right, Bloo. I'm sure Mac will be back." But something didn't feel right, but he knew better than to tell that to Bloo now, not with him in this state. He was surprised when Bloo sat on the stairs, resting his head on his knees, hugging his knees closer.

"I knew you'd say that."

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