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This is the second story in the What Jack Sparrow Wants series. This will make no sense whatsoever if you have not already read WJSW (probably won't make much sense if you have!!) ;)

Chapter one: 'You will know who Jack Sparrow is all right.'

Nine months later

'Mr. Valentine, there's a couple of men around town asking questions about Sparrow an' his woman.' Tobias Hoskins took a sip of tea from a bone china cup then placed it back on the saucer and looked at his employer closely.

'Are there indeed? What questions exactly?'

'Where they are, what ship he sails, where he makes berth, are they married. Those sort of questions, sir.'

'I think it's time these gentlemen paid me a visit, don't you Toby?'

'I shall see to it straight away Mr. Valentine.'

… … … …

Jenny looked out at the island shrouded in fog and shivered in spite of herself. After hearing so many tales of the Isla de Muerta, she had not been looking forward to seeing the place and now that they were here she knew her fears were not unfounded. The crew of The Black Pearl had had a successful run on pirating ships and running rings around the authorities, now they were stashing the latest lot of booty they had purloined.

'Ya comin' ashore luv?' Jack came up behind her and snaked his arms around her waist, nibbling her neck.

'I'm not sure Jack, the place gives me the creeps.'

'Aye, it gives everyone th'creeps which is why they give it a wide berth,' he grinned, proud that he was not as superstitious as most sailors. 'C'mon luv, I'll look after yer, eh?'

Jenny sighed then pushed Jack's head away from her neck as his bites started to harden. 'All right, I suppose I am a little curious about what it looks like inside.'

'It glistens Jen. There's so much gold and gems, the lamplight just bounces off the treasure lightin' up th'whole cave. You can have yer pick of what ya want.'

'Thank you Jack,' she replied heavily but he did not notice as he left her and started issuing orders for the men to start bringing the booty up from the hold. She frowned to herself, wishing that he would not festoon her with jewels galore as he had done since she returned to him. But he would not take no for an answer and the small box she kept her jewellery in was no longer big enough for the gold chains, strings of pearls, ear-rings, rings and bracelets. Things most women would dream about owning in such large quantities but she did not want them. 'There's only one thing I want,' she thought sadly before going to help stow the things brought up into sacks and barrels.

… … … …

'We don't 'ave ter answer yer questions. What's it ter ye anyhow?'

Absolon Valentine scrutinised the speaker carefully before deciding that he was the stronger of the two and shifted his attention to his partner, who although was bigger built, seemed more nervous, more wary of Valentine and Hoskins.

'It's not everyday that two gentlemen from London come to Tortuga asking questions about Jack Sparrow, I'm just curious that's all.'

'We're here on private business which is none of your concern,' the first man retorted, glaring at Valentine, almost daring him to do anything.

'Gentlemen, gentlemen. There's no need to be so defensive. I might be able to help you find Sparrow but I would need some information from you first.' Valentine smiled a charming smile then nodded to the butler who had been hovering by the door, waiting to serve tea.

The two men fell silent as the tea was poured, each wishing they could confer with the other and wondering just what it was this small, weedy looking man wanted with their quarry.

'What's in it fer us?' The second man finally found his voice after sipping his tea, looking faintly ridiculous with a tiny cup in his huge hands. 'We're already workin' fer someone, like.'

'I help you find Sparrow, you give me as much information as you can about him. If you could give me the location of his ship's berth, I would make it more than worth your while.'

'I dunno Guv, our punter in England is payin' us handsomely. I doubt ya could match his fee.'

Valentine looked at the second man as if he were a simpleton, shaking his head incredulously. 'Have you ever been to the Caribbean before, gentlemen? There is probably more wealth in this harbour at the moment than in the whole of England at any given time.'

'Well it ain't really Sparrer we're after…' The big man looked at his partner in bewilderment as he made frantic gestures for him to shut up, but it was too late.

'Not Sparrow? Then whom, pray, are you after?' Valentine smiled suddenly as realisation dawned on him. 'Jenny Samuels.'

'N-no,' spluttered both men together then the first one got to his feet, placing his cup and saucer on a nearby table. 'Thank ye fer yer hospitality, Mr. Valentine but we're busy men.' He nodded to his partner and both men exited Valentine's mansion as quickly as they could, leaving its owner and his right hand man laughing in their wake.

'Well, well, well. I wonder who in England wants Jenny Samuels traced?' The small man mused, looking thoughfully out on the harbour of Tortuga.

'What do you want ter do Sir?' Toby Hoskins hoped it would not involve him travelling across the Atlantic ocean.

'Find Mrs. Samuels first, let those two buffoons know we have her and see if we can strike a bargain.'

Hoskins sighed with relief then nodded at his employer and went to send boys out to ask discrete questions about town as to the whereabouts of The Black Pearl.

… … … …

Jenny grabbed Pete's helping hand over the slippery rocks then glanced up, stopping dead in her tracks as the lamplight showed up the contents of the cave.

'Beautiful, ain't it?' Pete grinned, pulling her gently to get her moving again.

'I-I-I… I've never seen anything so…' Jenny gaped, at a loss for words. 'I thought the treasure at Magellanes was unbelievable, but this…'

'C'mon lads, I know Jenny hasn't seen it before but you have, so get crackin,' Jack ordered as he made his way over to Jenny and Pete.

'Jack, what can you possibly want with so much treasure?'

'Ah Jen, I'm a pirate,' he explained, sweeping his arms around the cavern. 'I can never have too much treasure, savvy? Now, what d'ya fancy?'

'I don't want anything Jack, I already have enough.'

He sighed heavily, his face hardening with displeasure. 'Y'know, ya can be really ungrateful at times, Jenny Samuels.' She stared at his retreating figure, kicking herself for saying anything but he disappeared to another part of the cave without looking back and her shoulders slumped dejectedly as she made a start on unloading one of the barrels of its coins and gems.

… … … …

Jack sat on a rock looking out at the sea and nothing in particular, casting pebbles and shells into the water when he looked around at the sound of someone approaching then back at the sea when he saw it was Jenny.

'Do you want some company?'

The only reply Jenny got was a shrug of the shoulders so she sat next to him, unsure as to what to say or do.

'Jack, I'm sorry I upset you, I didn't mean it.'

'Why don't ya like any of th'things I give ya, eh? Is it not good enough fer ya, M'lady?' he asked sarcastically.

'Jack! It's not that.'

'What then? Most women would sell their souls fer a quarter o'what I've given ya, but you? You just look at it like it's cheap tat.'

'What you give me is beautiful but what do I want with fine jewels and fancy dresses? They're nice when we go ashore somewhere, but…'

'What do ya want then, eh?' Jack did not bother to hide the anger in his voice as he turned and glared at her. 'Well?'

'Do you want to know what I truly want?' She picked up Jack's hand, stroking his fingers and smiling softly to herself. 'I want to hear you tell me you love me.'

'Eh? But ya know how I feel about ya Jen.'

'I have never had anyone tell me they love me. I expect my mother did when I was a child but I don't remember it. I know you love me Jack but I'd like to hear you say it, just once.'

Jack stared at his lover dumbfounded, then reached out tentatively and cupped her face in his hands, caressing her cheeks with calloused thumbs. 'I luv ya Jenny Samuels, more than you will ever know.'

Jenny closed her eyes, savouring the moment then opened them again slowly, looking into Jack's deep dark eyes. 'Thank you,' she whispered just as his lips closed in on hers.

'Why did not ya say Jen?' Jack broke away and pressed his forehead against hers, rubbing noses and planting small kisses on her lips.

'I don't know. I tried to tell myself it was not important, that I knew how you felt about me and did not need words. But, well I suppose I did need words.'

'Ya silly, silly girl,' he smiled, shaking his head slowly. 'I can't promise it's something I'll say ter ya often but don't you ever doubt how I feel about ya, savvy?'

'I won't Jack, I promise,' she whispered before kissing him passionately, only breaking off when someone approached them.

'Sorry Cap'n, Jenny. The weather's closing in Jack.' Joshamee Gibbs glanced about him at the mist shrouded sea which was thickening even as he spoke.

'Aye, so it is Mr. Gibbs. So it is,' Jack smiled, regretfully. 'C'mon Jenny Wren, time ter go home.' He stood and helped her to her feet then led the way through the caves back to the entrance in the cove where The Pearl was anchored.

'Where will we be going?' she enquired as she stepped into the waiting boat.

'South America, sell on the idols an' stuff they like. Nah, nah, not as far down as Argentina don't worry,' he assured her, laughing at her horrified expression. 'Just th'northern tip, maybe down ter Fortaleza again, only this time you'll be stayin' on board th'ship.'

'Good, I've had enough of Fortaleza to last me for quite some time,' she smiled, thinly, recalling both times she'd been to the fort town, neither of them being happy occasions for her.

'Eh, you all right luv?' Jack placed his hand on her knee and squeezed as John Williams and Billy Wheeler rowed them through the fog to the ship, listening out for the rings of the bell to show them where she was.

'Yes, yes I'm fine,' she lied, turning her attention to the dark hull of The Black Pearl looming over them.

'Ya sure?' he looked at her doubtfully, a quizzical look on his face.

'I suppose I was hoping we would not be going to Fortaleza ever again.'

'Ah. We don't have ter go, plenty of other places ter trade.'

'Thank you Jack,' Jenny smiled gratefully at him before grabbing the rope ladder and climbing up to the deck, turning to face him as he hauled himself aboard beside her. 'But there is no need. I shall be fine, I promise.'

'I'll make yer even more fine luv,' he whispered huskily, his hands fondling her backside. 'Gibbs, we won't make sail until this fog lifts.'

'Aye, aye Cap'n,' he winked knowingly as his captain made his way to the hatch with Jenny in tow.

Jack gave a low, seductive chuckle as her hands started undoing his breeches even before they entered the cabin then moaned as she pressed him against the door as it closed behind them, her tongue taking over his mouth and her groin rubbing against his, sending a jolt through his body that came back to between his legs.

'C'mon Jen,' he panted, trying to push her away. 'Let's get ourselves more comfy, eh?'

'I'm quite comfortable, thank you,' she growled softly, sinking her teeth into the soft flesh of his neck, making him hiss with pain then moan as her tongue soothed the pain away.

Jack closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall as Jenny sank to her knees and finished unlacing his breeches, hitching them down around his ankles then blowing cool air along the length of his prick to the tip which was already beaded with pearly drops of his juice.

'Oh… sweet… Mary…' he gasped then mewled with desire as he felt her hot lips close over his prick and began to suckle on it, making explosions pop in his head as she took more of him into her mouth and started to suck harder, her hands caressing the tender spot at the back of his thighs. Jack peeled his eyes open and looked down, almost coming at the sight of his manhood buried in the mouth of his lover who was starting to moan onto him, sending vibrations coursing through his length and into his veins. Her tongue rasped along the sensitive underside and Jack loosed his grip on control, flooding her mouth with his liquid, grunting with each ejaculation until he was fully spent and satiated. He slowly eased himself from her mouth and sank down the wall until he was level with her and grabbed Jenny around the neck, pulling her to him.

'I though I was supposed ter make you feel fine luv, not th'other way 'round,' Jack chuckled, running his hand down her still clothed back.

'You have made me feel fine Jack,' she purred, undoing the buttons of his shirt and running her hand along his chest, rubbing his nipple with her thumb until it became a hard bud which she took in her mouth and teased with her tongue.

'Get undressed luv, please,' he pleaded, trying to tug at her clothes and growling with exasperation when she moved from his reach. 'Jenny…!'

Laughing, Jenny stood before him and started undoing her shirt, shrugging it from her shoulders then hoisting the underslip over her head, jutting her breasts forward and running her hands over them, all the time looking deeply into Jack's eyes, enjoying the sparks of desire she was creating in them. Her hands travelled downwards and she slowly undid the laces of her breeches and slipped her hands inside, causing Jack to moan wantonly and lean towards her, a hungry look on his face. She slipped her breeches down then kicked them away, moving her foot to Jack's groin and using her toes to caress his balls. She leapt back as he went to bury his face in her mound of hair.

'Ah, ah. No you don't Jack Sparrow,' she teased, moving towards the bunk and indicating for him to follow.

'That's Captain Jack Sparrow,' he rumbled, scrambling across the cabin until he reached the bunk then hoisted himself up, making to grab Jenny and hissing as she darted out of reach. 'Stop bloody teasin' woman…'

'Lie down then,' she instructed, standing at the foot of the bunk, legs apart and hands on hips, smiling as Jack went against the grain and obeyed her.

She took his toe in her mouth and sucked gently on it then moved up his tanned legs, alternating between the two until she reached his groin, a guttural moan catching in her throat at the sight of his manhood standing proud. She ran the end of her nose along it and swirled her tongue over the tip then back down, sucking at the base then on his balls, taking them in her mouth and moving them around in her mouth with her tongue, gently grazing her teeth across them and sucking, always sucking him.

Jack grasped the sheets, twisting them in his hands as the pleasure almost bordered on pain then a small sob escaped his lips as Jenny released him from her mouth. She straddled him and thrust herself on his prick, drawing a gasp of shock from both of them then slowly rode up and down him, squeezing as she did, ignoring his pleas for her to go harder, faster, only quickening her pace as her passion built until she reached her peak, throwing her head back and crying out his name as wave upon wave of desire washed over her. Then she slowed the pace once more, largely to get her breath back but also to prolong Jack's pleasure. She revelled in the look of rapture on his face as she concentrated on his needs, sucking and licking the tender spot just behind his ear that he always loved her messing with and caressing him with just her fingertips until he arched his back, grabbed her hips and thrust upwards, a low growl rumbling through his body as he came.

Jenny eased herself from him and lay beside him, resting her head on his chest and listening as his wild heartbeat began to slow as she stroked him and whispered endearments, shivering as he ran his hand down her back and kissed the top of her head.

'A bit different from when yer first came aboard, eh luv?' he chuckled, hugging her to him.

'Came aboard? As I recall Jack Sparrow, I did not really have much say in the matter.' Jenny tickled his ribs, laughing as he squirmed beneath her.

'No regrets Jen?' he asked, the merest hint of doubt in his voice.

'None whatsoever,' she smiled.

'Good,' he murmured, rolling them both over and curling himself around her body. 'Glad ter hear it.'

… … … …

Jan Baans hurried to the tavern where his two clients were waiting for him. He could not believe his luck when they approached him with a view to being their guide. He had not had a berth on a ship for a while and was living hand to mouth, so was very grateful when the two Englishmen came into his life. He knew they only hired him because he was cheap but Jan did not care. He had food in his belly and coins in his purse, that was all he wanted.

'Mr. Boothe. I have found where The Black Pearl is heading. She is going to South America.' Jan eased his lithe frame into a seat and looked at the smaller of the two men expectantly.

'South America?' Thomas Hall echoed, dismay written all over his face. 'How th'bleedin' hell are we supposed ter find them in South America?'

Nicholas Boothe waved his hand to silence his partner and looked with anticipation at the Dutchman he had hired, knowing there was more to come.

'Sparrow always goes to Fortaleza, he has a business contact there. Now if the rumours are true, he is going to be trading with the natives up and down the coast, so if you make it to Fortaleza first, you would be in with a very good chance of catching him, especially if what you tell me about him avoiding Tortuga for a while is true.' Jan Baans knew all about steering clear of Tortuga. He had crossed too many people in the town to risk ever going back but he did not mind. He liked his new home town of San Juan just as well. He indicated to the serving wench to fetch him some refreshments and settled back in his seat, feeling very satisfied with himself.

'How do we get there then?' Hall asked, finishing off his ale and slamming the mug down on the table, making the other two occupants jump.

'It is all taken care of. I have arranged passage on board a ship going to Salvador in the morning. For a little extra, they are willing to stop off at Fortaleza. How you get back though is your problem.' Baans downed his ale in one gulp and held the tankard out to the maid who scurried off to fetch him another.

'How do we know Sparrow will stop off there? We might miss him,' Boothe pointed out, wishing, not for the first time, that he was on his old stomping ground of the back streets of London. At least he knew where he was going and who would be around when he got there.

'Yes, you might but I doubt it. He is likely to stop off on the way down and then again on the way back. It is his way.' Jan Baans shrugged nonchalantly then smiled at the barmaid who brought him another mug of ale.

'How will we know who 'e is?' Thomas Hall demanded, scowling at the slight Dutchman who laughed at him.

'You will know who Jack Sparrow is all right.'

… … … …

'So… South America?' Absolon Valentine mused whilst running his fingers along the length of the piano keys. 'He will be going to Fortaleza then.'

'Aye, Mr. Valentine, that's what I reckoned,' Tobias Hoskins replied, standing subserviantly at the side of the instrument, awaiting his next instructions.

'Tell Croft to get The Nomad ready to sail. You shall be going with them as you are the only one who knows what Jenny Samuels looks like.' Valentine dismissed his right hand man with a wave of his hand and turned his attention fully to his music.

'Geoffrey! Th'gaffer wants us ter go to Fortaleza, sooner rather than later.' Hoskins fell into step with the captain of The Nomad as he strode down the street towards the wharf.

'Sod it!' Geoffrey Croft swore. He had been looking forward to some leave with his wife who was heavily pregnant. 'Why?'

'He wants Sparrow's woman, Jenny Samuels.'


'It's a long story Geoff. I'll fill you in when we get going.' Toby Hoskins clapped his friend on the back in sympathy then left him to go and start arranging for supplies to be sent to the ship while he went back to his quarters in Absolon Valentine's house to pack a few things for his journey.