Sonic Alliance

Chapter One By Daniel (SSJ Jolt) Wynne Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Sonic the Hedgehog or Final Fantasy 8. They are the property of Sega and Square-Enix respectively. However anyone you don't recognize is my property, or their own, it my depend on who asks to be in or not...

Station Square – current home of Balamb Garden

Selphie was in the bathroom of her new apartment brushing her teeth when she gargled, "Gee, this place is boring!" After she finished brushing her teeth she looked out the window at the night sky, "Hmm, this dimension has a heck of a weird moon. There's a massive hole in it! As she watched a strange silver star begins to get bigger and bigger. "Boy." Selphie said, "That's one weird star... wait a minute... stars don't do that! It must be a... "



Selphie looked down at the ruins of what once the apartments garage and raced down five stories worth of stairs, ignoring the fact all she was wearing was a nightie (no underpants, nothing!), to the garage. What she found was definitely not what she expected! There lay a silver 3foot 5inche hedgehog with red stripes on his quills and white fur on his chest. As she watched the silver faded away to jet-black.

"Hey! He looks like that cute blue hedgehog Zell's been hanging out with! I wonder if he's ok?" Selphie wondered out loud. She ran up to the black hedgehog and, with some difficulty due to the fact the hedgehog was only two feet shorter then her, carried him all the way up the stairs to her room.

Not really knowing what to do next Selphie dumped the pour hedgehog on the flour with rather loud thud, went over to the phone and, suddenly losing all forms of logic, dialled a random number. The person on the other end grumbled, "Hello. Kinneas residence."

"HI IRVINE!!!" Selphie boomed loudly in her high-pitched voice.

"What the f#k? Selphie? It's two in the morning! Why you calling NOW?!" Irvine grumbled because he had been woken up from a really cough pleasurable dream.

"Can you come over? It's kinda urgent." Selphie asked.

Irvine sighed, "Oh alright. Wh..."


Selphie hung up the phone, cutting Irvine off mid-sentence, and, not knowing what to do, proceeded to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

A half hour later

Knock! Knock!

The door to Selphie's apartment exploded open and Irvine was sucked in by the vacuum effect and dragged to where the black hedgehog still lay where Selphie had dumped him. "Is it alive?" Selphie immediately asked. "Hang on! I haven't even said hello yet!!" Irvine retorted.

After checking the hedgehog's pulse and breathing, checking him over for any serious injuries, moving onto Selphie's bed, Irvine finally got the chance to say hello to Selphie. 'Why did I get involved with the hypo-chick?' Irvine mentally asked himself.

"So is he ok?" Selphie asked.

"I don't know! I'm not a vet or doctor or whatever the hell that thing is meant to visit!" Irvine replied exasperated.

As the two exited Selphie's bedroom they didn't notice the black hedgehog stir slightly.

Jolt: Woo Hoo! First chapter finished!

Sonic: That sucked! I'm not even in it yet!

Jolt: Oh shut up Sonic! For those who don't know, this was just the warm up to get the ball rolling, a prelude within an actual chapter. The next one should have more meat to it.

Sonic: Hopefully he'll actually finish this story.

Shadow: Normally he only gets part of the way through then just ... drifts away into fairyland

Jolt: Note to self: Must make short, single chapter fic about Sonic and Shadow being arse-rapped by giant gorillas.

Sonic and Shadow: O.O

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