The Return of the Father: Summer Storms


James Potter comes back to life after the events of the Triwizard Tournament. His arrival changes everything in his fourteen year old son's life.

Yes, another James-is-alive story, but one I hope to make my own.

-The Burrow

Hermione, Ron and Harry were spread out all over Ron's violently orange room. They'd had a great deal of plans for the day, namely yet another quidditch match for the boys and a swimming hole trip for Hermione and Ginny, after the youngest Weasley had taken pity on Hermione's week of sidelines cheerleading/book reading. Not that Hermione had really minded, but it seemed unfair to Ginny, so she'd graciously offered up an exclusive girls' swim. All plans had been cancelled when the house woke to a vicious clap of thunder and rain pelting the glass of the windows.

Needless to say, it was an awful day for rain.

The two non-redheads had only come to the Burrow the week before. The house was filled to the brim with Weasleys and guests alike. Ginny and Hermione were the only ones to have a small semblance of organization in regards to their rooms.

Fred and George had also managed to retain their room, if only for the health of the entire house… that and no one particularly wanted to share with them. Bill and Charlie had been about to be given the room by Mrs. Weasley, but when she mentioned that they were going into the twin's room both the eldest Weasley boys had instantly turned it down. It was the opinion of the house that they had made the correct choice.

The opinion, that was, of everyone except Percy. The Ministry worker had been forced to let his two older brothers share with him. Harry and Ron had offered up a cot to Bill or Charlie, but both of them turned it down.

Harry knew that this was because of what had happened at the end of the year, but he didn't say anything. They all figured that it was best he just roomed with Ron, who not only knew the whole story of what had happened at the end of the Triwizard Tournament, but also knew how to deal with Harry's nightmares (wake him up immediately, offer to talk and then return to bed without pushing or being all girly about it).

In addition to everyone but Percy agreeing with the room assignments, everyone but him also agreed that Voldemort was back. Percy was living in complete Ministry-induced denial and was following all of Fudge's behaviors. He adamantly believed that Harry was crazy, and made no move to hide it. Mr. Weasley had forced Percy to greet Harry when he had arrived at the house and since then not even a "Pass the peas, please" had been exchanged between them. Harry was quite okay with this.

Sirius had been writing daily, though he didn't have much to say. As far as Harry or Sirius were concerned, there were only so many times they could say "I miss you." Or "I wish you could be here."

Still, Harry was happy his godfather was putting in such effort this summer, when he'd been too busy last summer to write him much of anything, so instead of letting their letters be some run down of his boring day or yet another "I miss you", Harry told Sirius stories of his Hogwarts time, and Sirius did the same for Harry. The Weasley family, save Percy, all knew of Sirius's innocence, though, Mrs. Weasley wasn't pleased about it. Rather, she was pleased he was innocent, just not as pleased that he wanted to be such a presence in Harry's life.

"We can't sit here forever, you know. We should be doing something productive." Hermione stated, breaking Harry from his thoughts.

Ron groaned, "Say 'homework' and you'll be living with the gnomes." He threatened, and from the way he sounded, Hermione decided not to press her luck.

"Don't start." Harry said, exasperated. He loved his best friends, but sometimes, their near constant bickering wore thin… very, very, thin. "We could go see what the twins are doing." He halfheartedly suggested.

Snorting, Ron shot that down too. "And be a tester for their Weasley Wizarding Wheezes?"

"Too dangerous." Hermione concurred. This, of course, was entirely true, though somewhat ironic considering the three had voluntarily faced dangers of all sorts over the years. "We can see if your mother needs any help, Ron."

"No." Ron replied shortly, shaking his head. "No way." Ron was sitting sprawled on his bed with his head hanging down and arms flung to the side, which made his head shaking even more comical. From Hermione's spot, sitting on Harry's cot, she sent him a glare that clearly stated that he should want to help his mother, considering that she was letting Hermione and Harry stay at the Burrow. Harry was sitting on top of Ron's desk with his back against the wall, where he had a clear view of them both. Rolling his eyes, Harry looked over to Ron. "You've shot everything else down, so you think of something."

"Well...we could play chess."

"NO!" Both Harry and Hermione shouted. Hermione was a terrible chess player and wasn't much on strategy, initially she'd gone to books for chess lessons, but had quickly decided there were better books to read and had abandoned the effort. Even below Hermione's chess ability was Harry, who could be beaten by the very same gnomes that Ron had threatened Hermione with as roommates.

This reaction sent Ron into a state of hysterics. "You two really need to learn to play better. Good thing that Ginny is actually a slight competition, because after a while, even massacring you guys does get old."

"Shut it, mate." Harry bitterly directed towards Ron. Generally, he had come to terms with his inability to play chess, but that didn't mean he wanted to be reminded of it.

"Too bad the rain doesn't look likely to be stopping anytime soon." Hermione said wistfully, glancing past Ron's orange curtains to the darkened storm outside.

-Godric's Hollow

Miles away from the three Gryffindors the storm raged on and the deserted street paid it no mind. For almost thirteen years it had been deserted and there was no indication that anyone was ever planning to move in.

Godric's Hollow was the place of a great triumph for the side of the light, but still no one dared go there. It was a place that people idolized and feared at the same time. The last people that had lived there had not left not out of fear, but out of grief for their murdered neighbors.

The lightning flashed dangerously overhead. Had someone actually been on the street, they would have marveled at how close the lightning seemed. They would have, that was, until they saw the bolt crash down in the middle of the street.

Smoke and debris rained down and filled the street to the point where nothing could be seen. The sound of someone coughing filled the area which had previously been so quiet.

The coughing died down as the smoke did the same. A man stumbled forward, robes torn and frayed, as though they'd been worn far too long.


Questions were left hanging as the man stared at the house in front of him. The Potter residence was long ago destroyed to the point of near collapse, but he could barely believe his eyes.

James Potter stared at his home in horror. What had happened? Where were Lily and Harry? He turned around wildly, searching for familiar red hair or a childlike giggle. Even a child's cry would have been okay, because that would have meant that Harry was there.

He felt his breathing go ragged as his eyes came up with nothing but deserted homes and ruined pavement. All of the windows of the other homes were boarded up, and no one seemed to be around him. He was completely and utterly alone.

The memories came flooding back at frenzied pace.

Voldemort, Harry's screams, green light…

James stood in open-mouthed horror when it all came back to him.


Note: I've edited this chapter. For new readers, there is nothing you need to know, but for people re-reading the story, you might note the missing bonding spell between Harry and Ron. I had intended it to play a large part in the story, but as things didn't work out that way, it's been taken out to avoid confusion.

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