But when in the night the wild winds awake,

And the waves in their fury begin to leap,

Through the air rush the cries that my mind shake;

Voices that pray, songs and moans that partake

Of laments from the souls sunk down in the deep.

Jose Rizal- My Retreat

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters Jim Hawkins, Delbert Doppler, Captain Amelia or any of the Disney characters. They are the creation of Disney.

I do own King Amus of Mondernor, King Silos, Captain Athinel, Admiral Parker, King Athenor, Jack Radford, and all who are unfamiliar to you.

Author's note: I have included my invented language of Naridonian which is spoken in Naridon in my story so If you want to look at the translations look at the bottom.

The Prisoner

The sky darkened. The street lamps began to light up as Naridonians began to return to their hamlets. The streets emptied as two silver moons began to rise in the night sky casting shadows upon the ground. The area grew silent except for the occasional rustle of leaves that shook upon the wind. Every crack and corner was quiet. Window lights dimmed and finally fell into the darkness. All signs of life were gone into sleep. The City of Nolram appeared a desolate metropolis.

Suddenly a group of men began to stroll through the dark streets. They were all hooded and cloak appearing like dark phantoms of the night. The leader held a small coffer in his hand. The other men lifted a large sack that moved violently as the men tried to control it.

The leader stopped and turned towards the men.

"Can you stop that noise, you will wake the whole city up!" said the leader to the rest of the men behind him. The Men dropped the sack and started beating it. The moving stopped suddenly and the men picked it up again and continued their way to the fortress of Nolram that stood straight ahead. These men were part of a rebel faction called the Dwethnorel organization. These men were called the Dwethnors and their goal was to serve the Omniscient one and break up the Naridonian Empire. The Omniscient one was a powerful lord who desired supremacy and wealth. Nobody knows who the Omniscient one is but his goal was to conquer the Etherium and become the Emperor of the Etherium worlds. His lair was hidden from all eyes except for servants who only know who the true identity of the Omniscient one.

The Dwethnors were ordered by him to capture the King of Naridonia and hold him for ransom. The Dwethnors have succeeded in capturing the King. In the sack which the men was holding was King Silos the emperor of Naridonian. He was to be imprisoned in the Fortress of Nolram tonight. Sadly he had no heirs or regents to govern the empty throne of Naridon which meant that the Dwethnors as well as the Omniscient one would control Naridon.

"The Master would be very pleased at what we have done," said the leader. He turned towards the men and said with an impatient tone, "Hurry up fools we must reach the fortress tonight." Their paced quickened as they began to approach the tall gates of the fortress. The omniscient one is waiting. They began to approach a big boulevard that headed for the Fortress. The triangle shaped fortress was made of thick stone with only three doors on each side. It was surrounded by a three feet thick wall of hard stone.

When the finally reached the tall iron gates the leader motioned to the control panel embedded in the wall and press and an entry code. The gates suddenly open revealing a long dark passage way that lead to an arched entranced at the end. The men walked in quietly. Their foot steps echoed in the darkness as the approached the two oak doors at the end. They stop in front of the doors and beside it was another control panel with a speaker on it. The leader pressed the call button and a low dark voice began to register speaking in Naridonian, "Roctacké areméliy daract?1" The leader bent closer towards the speak and said, "Daftok aremélif Leland Hawkins. Defna jeckniy fwe lo Agothol1," There was a pause and then the voice began to speak again, "Gonle1,"

The oak doors began to open slowly. The men stepped into a large grass plain and ahead of them was the stone fortress that loomed above them. It was filled tall parapets and narrow windows. Each corner of the fortress was a large oriel. The fortress was as wide as three football stadiums. On its center was a tall tower that reached towards the sky cutting through the clouds above. The sky wasn't an ordinary sky but it reflected the surface of the planet. It was like a gigantic mirror hanging in the air.

One the top of the tower was a small window with its light still on. The men strolled down the stony path way passing guard towers that lined the path. They finally reached two tall iron doors. Leland knocked on the doors twice. The door open and a stream of light began to escape through the door.

The men entered bring with them the sack. They were in a small rectangular room that illuminated with torches that hung on the walls. Inside were two tall Naridonian each held long rapiers in their hands. The Naridonians were a race of tall lizards that walked on hind legs. Their eyes could change color depending on their mood. The two Naridonians eyes were as bright as the sun that stood for happiness. These Naridonians were also Dwethnors. Three weeks ago the Dwethnors attacked the City of Nolram and captured the fortress. This was their now their rebel head quarters. The Two Naridonians closed the door behind them. Then one of them approached Leland beckoned him to follow him towards a door that stood on the other side of the room. The walked through the door into a large hallway that looked liked the nave of a Church. Huge Chandeliers made of shells hung in the ceiling. It illuminated the hall casting eerie shadows of the hall. Huge columns lined the wall of the hallway. The Hallway was deserted and partly destroyed due to the battle that once raged here during the siege from the Dwethnors. The walked down the long hallway which took them ten minutes to walk through. Finally they reached the end of the hallway. In front of them was a door. They walked through it into a long corridor. They passed several doors until they reached an intersection. They turned left and until they reached a staircase the lead upward. They began to ascend the staircase that seemed to go for miles. Sweat began run down his face, the men behind him began to slow down as they carried the sack. Leland beckoned them to climb a little further. The finally reached the top of the tower. Before them was a large oak door. The Naridonian knocked on the door. Sounds of walking footsteps from the inside came closer and closer. The door opened and inside was a tall feline male wearing a black cloak and brown gloves. His expression was happy and pleasing as he looked at the sack held by the men behind Leland.

The cat began to speak in a sly tone towards Leland, "You have done well Leland the Omniscient one shall surely reward you,"

Leland gazed at the cat standing in the door, "Just make sure that you would not do anything to hurt my son," said Leland as he handed the coffer to the cat.

"Your son is perfectly safe from harm I assure you," said the cat as he his fists began to tighten.

"Captain Athinel I would like to see the Omniscient one now," said Leland, "Of course he would be pleased to see you but only you the rest must stay out here, just bring in King Silos in that sack," Said Athinel with his attention now fixed on the moving sack behind Leland. Leland took the sack and dragged it in. The door of the room shut closed.

----- O -----

1 Who is there?

1 This is Leland Hawkins. I have the prisoner.

1 Enter.