by: Chibi Viki

Roy Mustang-taisa sat comfortably behind his desk as he carried out his conversation with his Hawkeye-chuui.

"So, you see, my dear Chuui", he continued with nonchalant pride, "... the relationship between a man and a woman is complex".

"Hai", she replied automatically paying more attention to the papers in her hand than the incessant babble of her superior.

"There is electricity flowing through people who attract each other, wanting to know each other, get my drift?"


Their voices echoed around the office. Their fellow officers had already gone out for the night and there were paperwork still left to be done by the Taisa and his Chuui. Of course, this was something Roy didn't like doing on a Saturday night when he could be out on a date with some girl he could've met a few days or a few months ago.

But Hawkeye knew too well that this was something of a diversion. She knew her Taisa didn't like working overtime. Nonetheless, he did his work faster that way which is why she allowed him to do so in the first place.

"And a date is when these two people, who attract each other, take to get to know each other"

"Hai, Taisa... please sign these too, thank you".

"Ah... as I was saying

Riza also wanted to leave. She was tired. And listening to her Taisa talk nonsense tired her all the more. But, nonetheless, it was something she had grown used to by now.

"The first kiss is the pivotal moment giving each other the assurance that the other feels the same way... are you listening to me, Chuui?

"Hai, Taisa... and these too, please"

By now, Roy noticed that she wasn't paying much attention to what he had been saying for the past hour. It piqued him when she did so. The only woman who would listen to him was now deaf to his lecture.

"Not that you kissed anyone before, anyway", he muttered in silent retaliation.

Suddenly, he felt soft hands around his cheeks pulling his face upwards. He met his Chuui's face unable to hide the surprised look on his face. He could do nothing but allow her to do as she pleased as she lowered herself for her lips to meet his. It was a moment full of mixed emotions and confused thoughts melting into one kiss that neither wanted to end.

It took what seemed like forever before she tore herself away from him.

Riza returned to her papers as if nothing happened, and Roy too shocked to say or do anything but stare.

There was silence between them now, both too surprised by their own actions. Riza kissed Roy and Roy submitted himself for her to do so. Silent emotions now spoke for the first time. It was a pivotal moment between two people who were attracted to each other. And a moment that neither had experienced before.

"Now I have, Taisa"

- Owari-

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