Chapter Twenty One: Fifteen Years Later

Harry ended up spending seven years in Japan, learning the different magics that they had there, completing his training with Tatsu and Neko to become one of the greater warriors of the country, competing in sword fights and contests at the dojo in which he and Tatsu had both ended up joining.

He even fell in love, with a lovely young woman named Hanaru-san, and by the time he came back to England again, they had been blessed with a daughter, who they named Erika, because it sounded the same in Japanese and English. His first visit back to England was for the wedding of Ron and Hermione, which he had been looking forward to since he had left, and his second was for the quiet funeral of Albus Dumbledore, who had been many things in his day. The only people who came to that had been Moody, Harry, Tatsu, McGonagall and Hanaru, and it was a very sad affair for them finally losing the man that everyone else had believed dead for many years now.

When he came back to England, Harry immediately joined up with the Auror training programme, and passed through the ranks with an amazing ease, his lessons from the Japanese, in both physical and magical areas, giving him an edge over all the others in his class.

Ron had already become an Auror, and Hermione was now teaching Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. She had completely rewritten the curriculum, to cover a lot more than what the course had originally done, and Hogwarts now also offered an 'introduction to the Wizarding world'. First to third years were now required to sit one of the two courses, depending on their backgrounds – children who were half-bloods and had grown up knowing both sides of their inheritance could choose whichever of the two courses most interested them.

Harry joined Ron as a fully fledged Auror and was immediately put to field work. In the years he had been gone the Death Eaters themselves had been rounded up, and their children were still watched for any signs of wanting to follow their parents into the area of dark magic.

Trouble, when it came, came from an entirely new source, a cult of black magic users who fled from America to England, hiding from their own Ministry and corrupting many, though none who joined this group were closely related to the former Death Eaters. Harry very quickly took field command here, and delighted in routing this group in every encounter they had.

He spent a lot of his time searching out other little 'nests' of dark magic, scouring the length and breadth of Britain until he was certain that all those who had harboured evil in their hearts were eliminated.

His actions allowed him to rise fast in the ranks of the Aurors, until he was one of the top executives, and so, when Genevieve finally stepped down at Minister of Magic, Harry was immediately one of those first nominated for the job, and he was eventually persuaded to take it. His exploits from his youth were well remembered, and he was still a hero in the eyes of Britain, despite the fact that he had been out of the country for so long.

When he took control of the Ministry, he initiated changes even Genevieve, who had been a very competent woman, hadn't thought of doing, immediately beginning work on uniting all of the Magical Communities around the world. Together, those communities began to hold regular meetings, the places that these were held varying in response to who was ready for one, the headquarters never settling down, so that everyone felt equal.

They traded resources and knowledge, keeping an eye on any stirrings of dark magic in the hopes that a situation like the one with Voldemort would never be able to arise again. All around the world, new rights came into play, and those of society who had been formerly looked down on were given new opportunities.

In Russia, a young woman by the name of Lily Adams campaigned for several years for more rights for the Wild Children, and eventually won them, werewolves everywhere were given more acceptance, as were vampires, Veela, and many others. Harry did his best to create a world where a second Voldemort would not be able to rear his ugly head, although the Pureblood Faction never did quite give up.

Peace and prosperity flourished across the world, although the Muggles were left out wizard affairs, because it worked too well the way things were. Not even Harry could bring that reconciliation about, and he didn't even try, although all Squibs were told about the teachings in Japan that enabled them to find their own branch of magic.

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini got married also, and, whenever he was in England, Tatsu was invited to the Malfoy manor to visit his nephew, and look in on the great nephew that had named after him. He was delighted to have re-found the family that he had thought lost to him.


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