Summary: Robin and Raven are the bethrothed heirs to Silver Stone Island, where they dislike the queen, make new friends, discover new feelings, drive the workers insane with constant palace damages, form a group, discover new people (good, bad, and EVIL!), fight, lose and conquer (things you'll have to find out), reveal pasts and face an evil force that could spread globally (and possibly universally?). Oh, and they can't forget to send out those wedding invitations now can they? Many cool characters (T Titans copyrighted and original), crazy situations, shocking events :)

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Chapter 1 : I'm A What!?
Passion in the Palace

"Congratulations, Senior Class, High School of Jump City! You did it!"

In the exceeding large and overpopulated gymnasium of Jump High, graduation hats glittered the gym. Shouts and cheers poured from every direction, proud parents and families hooting from the coliseum chairs to their children below.

But in the center scowled an annoyed goth. Her hair was violet as well as her narrowed eyes. A purple diamond was housed on her pulsating forehead as a screaming graduate blasted her eardrums.

"We did it Raven! Aren't you so excited!?"

Raven stood and shot a death-sentencing glare. "Nope." She pushed her way to the outskirts of the mob. There she found a pink-haired girl with a smug glare on her face, holding her diploma. Raven tapped her shoulder.

"Hello Jinx, Congratulations. You've made it through four years of hell." Raven said flatly.

"Gee, thanks Raven, couldn't be more excited," Jinx half smiled.

A teen with a diploma at hand jumped in front of Jinx. "Jinx I just graduated!"

"Good for you bird dick now SCRAM!" The boy shivered and vanished into the mob of graduation gowns. "Geez, come on let's go before I hex this whole building to the ground."

"Yes ma'am," Raven stopped. "Oh wait, Madam wants to tell me something.. 'special and important'."

"Teh. Probably your ma's old shoes. Yesterday ma gave me some old cat-oil shoes and told me to wear them to graduation."

"Yeah, well at least you have a mom."

Jinx instantly nudged Raven in her arm. "Come on, Raven.. thought you were over that."

"Nevermind… Jinx I gotta go. Madam told me to meet them home and you know how they are."

"Okay, okay I'll let you go. Just give me that Azarath book later then." Jinx winked.

Raven nodded and headed for the exit alone, with her high school diploma at hand.

When Raven walked the eroded way home, she stopped in front of her neighbor's yard with overgrown grass and an ever-barking bull terrier. Its eye seemed to pop on its only red marking with each unnecessary bark. "Shut up, Target, or I'll blast the fleas and fur off ya," Raven hissed at the dog. Target shrank back to his dog house and barked from inside.

Raven had many memories in the neighborhood. It knew not the word "rich", but it wasn't complete poverty either. She met her first and only friend, Jinx, here. Both had discovered their powers in the creek behind Raven's home. That would explain the newly formed pond with the huge boulder next to it.

Raven's home was very small. It consisted of one sometimes-working bathroom, one small bedroom, a kitchen and the dinning/family/living room where Raven slept on the old, dark sofa. The bedroom was for Madam and mister, a 90 year old couple taking care of Raven. Since her mother died on her home planet Azarath, and her father was M.I.A. in some other realm, she lived an okay life here, making good grades and working hard for her old god parents. Looking at the weed-choked garden outside her ragedy front door, Raven sighed. This was as good as it's gonna get.

Raven pushed open the rigid door and stepped onto the worn, dark red carpet of her home. "I'm home," she called, and was instantly greeted by five skinny cats rubbing on her legs. "Get off, you guys." The cats scattered to the bedroom.

"Raven?" came an old female voice. "Congratulations, sweetie. Come in here and bring the lax on your way. Charlie has been feeling a little constipated."

Raven grabbed a bottle of laxative and headed for the bedroom. The old couple was bickering again.

"Nancy, I don't need no laxative!"

"Charlie, you gulped down the prune cake and prune juice. You haven't crapped since then! I know something's wrong."

"Nancy, the only thing wrong is that damned head of yours! I ain't takin no laxative! Raven, throw that away. Ain't nobody need laxatives."

"How about I just put it on the nightstand in case something else comes up." Raven placed the laxative beside the ancient, full-sized bed.

"Honey, we are so proud of you! You're all grown up." It's about time she realized that. Madam hugged 'her baby'. "This makes me feel so old."

"Nancy," Mister grunted. "You are old." Madam punched his old ribs with her elbow.

"Raven, baby, there's something I have to tell you. Why don't you put your diploma down, this will change your life hun."

"Okay.." Raven placed her diploma next to the laxative, rare apprehension slowing coming on. "What's up?"

"Your mother. She was the Queen of-"

"I know, the Queen of Depressing Poetry."

"Um, no hun. Your mother.. was the Queen of Silver Stone Island. Before she gave birth to you, she had her sister take her place as Queen. And, from what I've been told, you are the royal and rightful Princess… of Silver Stone Island."

"WHAT!" Mister gasped, grabbing for his aspirin.

Raven sighed. "Thanks for the congrats, but I gotta get this book to Jinx. She's gonna kick my-"

"Raven. You are a princess. How else can I put it?"

It took Raven moments of watching Madam help Mister before her emotions went haywire. From shock and denial, to anger and disgust. She can't possibly be—

"Raven, dear?"

"You're.. j-joking, right?"

"Baby I'm too old for jokes that big."

Seven flower pots nearby blew up and a cat cried at its now scrunch up tail.

"What!? Madam, don't kid me! Why would I be a princess! Of.. what's place? Silver Rocks? I am just a teen—"

"Eight-teen," Mister interjected.

"—with NO regalness at all! I live in a shack with two old people, and strays littering our…ghetto! The closest thing I had to leadership was my ant collection in elementary school, and we all know how that went!"

Mister and Madam stifled a cringe at the memory.

"..I cannot, and will not, leave you, Mister, Jump City, or anything! I'm staying right here!"

A medicine box blew up and sent tablets and liquids everywhere, as the walls began to warp. "Damn it, Raven! My Pepto Bismol!"

Raven regained her control and slipped her hood over her head. She took a deep breath. "All I'm saying is that this 'Silver Stone' had better find another princess because I refuse."

"Raven," Madam started softly. "Your mother loved you very much. And, you were only a baby, but she said she hoped you would accept who you are, and that you'll make the best princess. You would truly devastate her if you didn't go."

"Its not like she has a damn choice!" Mister chuckled.

"And besides," madam continued. "They'll have everything you ever wanted. Everything you ever will."

What she wanted. What do I want?

Raven let the words sink in and waited a long time before speaking. "Fine… but only because it was my mother's last request."

"Thank you Raven," Madam hugged Raven once more. "You leave in one week."

Raven could only let silent tears glide down her pale cheeks and chin. Slipping out of Madam's hug, she ran out of the building, and using her powers, she slammed the back door behind her.

"I think she took it pretty damn well!" Charlie chuckled from inside.

The introvert glided silently to Bo Bo Boulder. When she and Jinx were tiny little kids, they named the boulder Jinx hexed 'Bo Bo.' Raven cried silently. Why was this happening to her? To her! She just turned 18 years old. All she really wanted was the book of stories by Edgar Alan Poe. But no. Of all things, she had to be the princess of Silver Stone. A pet raven or rat would have been a surprise, and a car would have blown her out her mind. But a country? How could she lead a whole island when her people skills were beyond terrible. Anyone she didn't know she took unkindly to. And besides, this meant she had to wear dresses, and white arm-length gloves, make up. And walk with her nose stuck up so high… This was not what she wanted! Though her life wasn't great now, she'd choose it over a country any day.

Raven's thoughts consumed her so much, she didn't notice the trees swaying, bending, and sparkling pink behind her until now. "Jinx?"

"It's about time you noticed me." Jinx back flipped next to Raven. "What's wrong? Haven't seen tears from those telekinetic eyes since... Never mind. What's wrong?"

Raven tried her best to speak. Thinking of painful things is always easier than voicing them. "…Jinx…"

Now Jinx was worried. Raven's voice wasn't that monotone, flat, expressionless voice anymore. She could tell Raven was torn up about whatever it was she had to say. "What?" She asked anxiously. "Please, tell me it wasn't your ma's cat-oil shoes."

"Stop Jinx, I'm serious." Raven choked. "I just want you to know that you're the greatest friend anyone could ever have, and... and I appreciate you putting up with me.. and for all you've done…"

"Woa, Rae," Jinx's pink eyes began to get a little shiny. "You're welcome and all, but… what are you saying?"

Raven looked up to the fading sky for comfort. A flat stone nearby darkened to her aurora and skipped across the pond's mirror-like surface. "Remember when I told you Madam had something very important to say?" Raven scorned Madam mentally for calling it 'special'.


"Well, in one week, I'll be the princess of this country… Silver Stone."

Jinx stared at Raven, normally not the joking type. "Oh. Um, okay... what?"

Raven's increasing sadness grew to frustration. "I'm a princess, JINX! I'm practically being… DRAFTED. To freaking Silver Stone Island!" The pond water grew black and splashed.

"Oh my god!"

"I know!" Raven folded her legs to her chest and pressed her face to her knees.

"…What are you going to do?"

"I have to go," Raven's voice was muffled and crowded with sniffles.


"I don't have a choice. It was my moth-"

"Of course you have a choice, Raven! Y-you can't go! I mean, we grew up together! And w-what about Bo Bo Boulder, and you were gonna teach me all about Azarath! Our first job was- was to be fortune tellers, and—" Jinx was getting breathless and was quickly running out of hope. "—and… Raven… please, please don't go."

Raven was trying really hard to grab hold of her emotions seeing Jinx cry. "I'll miss you." Raven stood on the boulder and faced Jinx.

The sorceress stood as well and faced Raven with angry pink eyes. "I won't." She growled between clenched teeth. "I won't miss the only one who understood me and my powers. I won't miss the only person on earth that I considered my friend."

"I'm still your-"

"SHUT UP! So, Raven, it's over just like that, huh? Well go have fun ruling your little country of dirt, your highness," Jinx took a quick bow. "They'll all die anyway." Jinx ran away from Bo Bo, away from Raven, and away from the worst moment of her life.

"I think she took it pretty damn well!" Mister voiced from the back yard. Raven smashed her fist into the boulder before returning inside past the nosy old geyser.

"Raven, hun, please get packin'. I just received a call, the plane's coming tomorrow."

"Raven sighed and started packing her things. Nothing mattered anymore. Everything was against her will and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Raven packed her belongings and noticed she only had two pictures of her and Jinx: one when they were about six, both had delighted faces. Raven was staring at a floating toad with her aurora around it, and Jinx looking over her shoulder, awed at the magic. The other picture was when they were 15 in a fierce and intense but friendly combat. Jinx always won. Raven sighed. All her stuff was packed except her CD player and headphones and her book of Azar. She wished she had more pictures, but Jinx was the more photogenic one.

The cats came in and crowded around Raven. She numbly apologized to the one with the scrunched up tail, but that one now hissed. "Maybe I should go and make peace with stupid Target." Raven remembered her past experiences with the bull terrier. "…Maybe not."

That night, Raven slept on the couch uncomfortably. She wished that she could hear a car's alarm go off, police, or something. Anything to make her last night in Jump City memorable. But nothing happened. Just the same old Target barking his dense head at the cats, often chasing the fence for no reason. Eventually Raven fell into a dreamless sleep. Then Saturday morning came, putting the nocturnal beings to sleep, and waking the day walkers.

Raven awoke to the hissing of the cat with the scrunched up tail. "Hush up, October, deal with it!" Madam scowled from the kitchen. "Raven are you up?" Raven didn't say anything. She just got up and brushed her teeth. "Raven, I made you prune cake to take with you on the plane."

Mister popped his bald, wrinkled head out the bedroom doorway looking interested. "Prune cake?"

"Not for you, Charlie, I told you to take that exlax and you didn't take it!"

"Nancy, exlax fo' old people. I don't need no exlax!"

"I'm not gonna start with you today, love. Now get dressed so we can take Raven to the airport. The plane leaves at 10:15 this morning, so the both of you, hurry it up!"

"Madam," Raven came out the bathroom feeling refreshed. "For the past 15 years, I've been telling you I don't like anything with prunes."

"Yeah, I know hunny, now put it in your bag in case you get hungry."

Raven sighed. No use trying.

"Listen, Raven." Mister whispered intently. "If you, uh, don't want that cake you just give it to me."

Raven stuck the cake out to Mister. "Take it, please."

Mister snatched the prune cake and pranced and laughed with it to the bedroom. Just as an old man who finally found treasure would laugh and prance.

Raven loaded all her belongings in the old station wagon, including her stuffed toy rat she had had since before she could remember. She took her place in the back seat. Her CD playing on her headphones, the Book of Azar, and Ratty on her lap. Madam and Mister got into the car.

"Ready Raven?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Madam pulled slowly out the driveway. Raven could see the pond and part of Bo Bo Boulder. This would be a lot easier with Jinx's support. Raven got a good look at her home before leaving the neighborhood to the airport.

"Now boarding Chicago, Illinois. Next Flight: Silver Stone Island."

"When I was your age," Charlie began. "We didn't have no airplanes. We had to go out barefooted in the woods and look for wood. We didn't have no fancy school drivers-"

"Screw drivers, Mister." Raven corrected on the airport seats.

"Like ah said, school drivers." He continued. "We didn't have no school driver to build a fancy car. We had to use our own hands to build a wagon. And we didn't have no rubber and metal wheels with gas pedals. We had wooden wheels with ox that pulled the wagon. Ox that we had to go and catch, barefooted. And tame them. With our own two hands. And we couldn't just stop at a gas station. We had to feed and let the ox drink, and rest. We didn't have no airplanes."

Raven half smiled. Old people and their 'When I was Your Age' stories.

"And when I was your age-"

"Thanks, gramps! That was a great story!" Raven said too happily, and turned up the volume on her CD player.

Mister just stared, and turned to the little girl with the lollipop sitting on his other side. "You know, when I was your age we didn't have fast food restaurants. We had to catch or own food. With our own two hands. In the wild. With no shoes."

"Silver Stone, now boarding. Silver Stone Island boarding now."

"Oh, no," Raven sighed. "This is it."

"This is it Raven!" Madam drew to her feet. "Now remember to brush your teeth, don't go foolin' with some unknown prince, listen to your mentors, be nice to the paparazzi, and do-"

"Madam, I got this."

"Oh, I'm sorry hunny, I know." Madam's eyes began to tear over. "It's just that my baby's all grown up, and I knew you were special the moment you arrived on our doorstep. I'll miss you hunny."

"I'll miss you too." Raven said, giving her a rare hug and giving Mister one as well.

"You know ah ain't good with goodbah's," Mister kissed Raven's forehead. "So you just try and have yourself a good time."

"Will do, gramps." Raven managed a half smile to the old, constipated man.

"Last call for Silver Stone Island, Silver Stone, last call."

The three looked at the few passengers left boarding the plane.

"Well, go on my telekinetic bird."

The princess gave one last look to her godparents and boarded the plane.

Raven took her seat next to the window and looked outside to the airport members.

A fat man took his place next to her and stared at her for about twenty seconds before asking, "Hey you, why do you wear a cloak?"

Raven glared at him and put her hood over her head and turned up the volume on her CD player. This was going to be a looong flight.

"Thank you for choosing Delta! The plane will now leave." The host said. But then-

Just before the plane had barely started to move, it was swarmed in a pink flicker and stopped abruptly. "HOLD IT, LADY!" demanded a familiar voice. Raven looked up to see Jinx yelling at the frightened host. "I'm not through with someone on this plane. So don't even move an inch till I'm done!"

"but Miss, we have-"

"Put a bloody sock in it!" Jinx spotted a blushing Raven next to the window. "Hey, Fat boy, Up a sec!" The man next to Raven lowered his eyebrows and got up for Jinx to sit. "Okay, I take back what I said. I'll miss you like a dog would miss his favorite bone. And I made you this." Jinx handed Raven a book of construction paper, ribbons, glitter and pictures. "It's a scrapbook I made last night. Stayed up till 4 am putting it together. It's basically are whole life."

"Jinx," Raven stared at the scrapbook with a loss of words.

"Hey, cut the dramatics, it's not your thing."

"Oh here," Raven handed Jinx her Book of Azar. "It will teach you everything about Azarath. It even has stuff on fortune telling."

Jinx opened her mouth to exclaim her happiness, but no words came out. Alternately, she gave Raven a grateful hug.

"If you ever want to find me," Raven said. "Just look three hundred miles off the Pacific Coast." She poked Jinx in the arm.

"Gotchya." Jinx got up from the seat. Raven gave the pink sorceress one last hug before she left the plane—relief to the other passengers and airline crew.

"This is Delta Airlines, please enjoy the ride." As the attendant went over safety instructions, Raven looked at the accelerating world through her window. Like a feather, the plane softly took off and Jump City began to get smaller and smaller, the last thing she saw clearly was her school. 'Good bye, Jump City, see ya home. I have to leave you, and all that I love to be the princess of Silver Stone.'

Little did Raven know someone was very anxious to meet her...

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