Dying with out you

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Summary: Draco is half elf by his mother and Harry is not interested in being Draco's "Life Partner." Rated: R Genre: Romance/Action/light humor

Ch.1: Why me?

The Hogwarts Express whistle sounded as Miss. Weasley gave Harry, Hermione, and her youngest son Ron, who were all now the respective age of 17, one last hug as they were boarding the Express to go back for their final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For Harry it meant finally finding out what Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, had been talking about in his letter he sent to Harry just a month ago.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I can't express how sorry I am for all I have asked of you over the past few years. I hope that now that the Dark Lord has been diminished you can forgive my impertinence at keeping the fact that you were Godric Griffindor's hare a secret for so long, I know Sirius would be proud to see the man you have become and I know your parents would be proud as well, perhaps next year you can come to Hogwarts for a proper Birthday celebration, hum?


Albus Dumbledore

Harry laughed when he read this even if it wasn't his fondest memory, that being an understatement, his seven-tenth birthday...that was the day Voldimort had come to his aunt and uncles house looking for Harry and had killed the Dersleys, Harry knew Voldimort was going to come some were around that time, but even through the Orders attempts to find out when all they could do was arm Harry with the Green Flame Torch, a magical staff with a green flame at the end that could distinguish between true evil and pure love and kindness, the staff had the power to destroy any evil.

That day it had destroyed the greatest evil of the age Lord Voldimort, "Thinking about the Final Battle again?" Ron asked cutting into Harry's thoughts, some how without him noticing Harry had gotten on the train and was now sitting in his, Ron, and Hermione's usual compartment on their way to Hogwarts.

"Yeah.." He replied sadly. "You know Harry, when- if you ever need to talk about it we're here to listen." Said Hermione thoughtfully. "Yeah okay..." Harry had told them some things, but the details he kept to himself, it was too hard to talk about, somehow Harry always thought someone, anyone from the wizarding world would have been there with him in the end, during the final battle, but no one came and it left an empty feeling inside Harry making him question who was really loyal to him, if his friends and some others really loved him or if they had just used him knowing full well that he was going to face Voldimort alone.

I wonder what Dumbledore wanted to talk to me about when I get back, thought Harry as he gazed out the window into the now dimming sky. Dumbledore had said there was something important he needed to tell Harry when he got back and to come to his office a.s.a.p. When he got there. Thoughts had been the final words in his letter to Harry.

As Harry and his to best friends trudged up the freshly rained upon stairs into the entrance hall a shinny metal object caught Harry's eye at the top of the stairs, it was a shiny silver snake broach that held together the green satin robes of none other than Draco Malfoy. However Malfoy wasn't wearing his trademark seer, he had a blank face and was looking at Harry very intently as thought he had been waiting for him, "Yeah, right!" Thought Harry rolling his eyes.

"Potter." Malfoy greeted. "Not today Malfoy." Harry stated in a flat tone that made Crabe and Goyle, Malfoy's goons who could always be found by the Slytherin princes side, tighten their fists.

"Its all right you two, I can walk with Potter to Dumbledore's office without any trouble." He said stepping away from them and walking toward Potter. "How did you-?" Harry started to ask. "You'll find out when we get there Potter, we shouldn't discuss it here with such prying eyes around." He made a gesture to the small crowed of people around them.

It was common knowledge that Harry and Draco had gotten in a rather brutal fight last year, mostly because Malfoy was mad at Harry for his father being given the demintor's kiss for his torturing of muggles. The ministry had found out and put Lucius in Azkaban, but for some it wasn't enough so with no other choices Fudge ordered that Lucius be given The Kiss.

Lucius had killed Draco's mother soon after the war started, but pulled if off as a successful suicide, although Draco knew it wasn't. With no parents left the ministry was going to put Draco in an orphanage, lucky for him though his birthday came just in time and he ended up inheriting his family's fortune and the mansion with all his parents possessions.

After some more words were exchanged Draco and Harry made their way to the headmasters office were Harry's guardian Remus Lupin and Draco's godfather Serverius Snape were waiting along with the headmaster Dumbledore.

"Ah, come in boys, we have much to tell Mr. Potter; don't we Mr. Malfoy?" Harry rounded on Draco with a look of questioning. "What's he on about?" "It's all right Harry," Said Remus as he placed a gentle hand on Harry's shoulder. "I'm sure Mr. Malfoy will tell you everything if you'd give him a chance, eh?"

"If you two would take a seat we can begin-" "Sir, don't you need to be down at the feats?" Harry interrupted trying to avoid whatever bad news the headmaster had to tell. "No, I have asked Professor McGonagall to take care of the usual announcements for this year." "Oh..."

"Mr. Malfoy would you care to explain to Harry what we have met here today to discuss?" "O-of course. Well, you see Potter I'm half Elf and your my-my-life partner?" He said rather cooly. "I'm your what now?!" Harry asked rather perturbed. "Your my Life Partner, and I'm half-" "I get that! But, what does that mean?" Remus could tell Harry was not taking this well so he stepped into the explanation as quickly as he could.

"Harry, your Draco's mate, it just means that you two will have to have some sort of contact every few hours." "Do you mean," Harry gulped, "Physical?" "Yes, but only a little at first-" Just as Remus was explaining the rest to Harry Draco loudly cleared his throught giving Remus a stern glare that told him he was telling Harry more than he needed to know.

"Yes, well it seems that you two will need some help through Draco's maturity so if either of you have any questions feel free to ask myself or Professor Lupin, though I highly dought he will be of much help since the only magical creature he seems to be an expert at is Canus Lupus." Snape said with a defined smirk to his tone.

Remus however ignored the comment completely and simply grinned at Snape in the most curious way.

"Well, boys, I believe that's all, oh yes! Also, you will both be put into a double dorm near the Astronomy tower, mostly for any personal things that may happen with Mr. Malfoy's maturity and your bond." "What!?" Harry exclaimed standing up rather quickly. "Why should I have to move just because he's some sort of Elvin freak!?" Draco winced slightly at the remark, but only slightly. "Now Harry that's enough." Remus said with a stern tone to his voice. "I'm sure Ron and Hermione can come and visit you and you'll still be able to go down to Griffindor tower whenever you like." "Fine, whatever, I'm going down to the feast so I can salvage what ever is left of my life since he" Harry said making a gesture toward Dumbledore, "seems to be so good at running the rest of my life for me!"

With that Harry made his way to the door. "There is one more thing Mr. Potter." Dumbledore said just as Harry got a foot out the door. "Yes?" He asked irritably. "I just wanted to let you know that your actions from this point on will be reflecting on the out come of more than one person's life." "Don't they always?" Harry replied, and with that he was gone leaving a slightly less than cheerful looking group behind him. "Well, I think that went rather well." Said Dumbledore as he popped a lemon drop into his mouth.

"So, your saying you have to touch Malfoy? At least every five hours?" Asked Ron with a look of pure disgust on his face. "Yeah, I know the fates are against me, how else do I always get myself into these situations?" Said Harry, he had been hiding out in the Gryffindor common room for the past four hours reluctant to go up to his new extremely private dorm room.

"Oh, Harry its not that bad." Said Hermione. "What! Not that bad?! Are you ruddy insane? This is Malfoy the slimiest git to ever grace the halls of Hogwarts, besides You-Know-Who that is." Ron interrupted. Hermione gave him one glance then went back to her explanation. "You should be grateful and honored to be chosen as the Life Partner to an Elf. I always thought Malfoy seemed a little different." "Wait!" Ron exclaimed. "If Malfoy's mum is an Elf that means hes not a pure blood after all, that stupid git has been giving you hell for six years about being a mudblood and all this time he was one too?" Ron said, "Oh, so your saying I am a mudblood is that it?!" Hermione said in a flustered tone. "No I was-" "Oh yes you were, you were comparing me to Malfoy and saying that I'm a mudblood too!"

Seeing as Harry was used to Ron and Hermione's fights by now; and knowing that they could last for well over an hour he decided to go ahead and retire to his new dorm room.

It took Harry about a hour to find his way up to the dorm and for some reason he couldn't shake the feeling he had forgotten to do something. As he approached a portrait of a young looking woman with long black hair and bright brown eyes she spoke in a soft, but alarmed voice as though to whisper a dreadful secret to him. "You had better get in there, he's not doing so well." She said swinging open her long frame for him to enter. The woman in the portrait was right, as soon as Harry entered the greeting room of the dorm he was met with the sight of an slightly unconscious Draco Malloy who was coughing and panting as he struggled to stand.

Harry slowly walked over to the other boy as though he would explode at any minute and in the same manner reached under Malfoy's arms and helped him over to one of the small love seats. (A/N: no pun intended.)

"I seriously thought you were going to let me die Potter, thanks for coming..." This took Harry aback as he never expected the Slytherin Prince to thank anyone for anything. "Yeah, well, I just did as I was told..." Harry admitted, and it was the truth, he would still be in his old dorm listening to Ron and Hermione's bickering if he didn't have such a high respect tord Dumbledore.

"Oh..." He could see the disappointment in Malfoy's eyes as he told him why he had come. "Well, you can let go now, if you want...I'm fine." As Draco said this Harry realized he was still holding onto Draco loosely, sort of in a cradling manner. "S-sorry..." Harry stuttered as he took his hands off Draco and walked over to a chair near the other side of the room.


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