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If you listen to Linkin Parks 'My December' while you read this chapter then you'll get the full effect of it. Its the song I was listening to when I wrote it and it almost made me cry.

Chapter8 - The Giver

As Harry made his way to meet Draco the next morning snow began to fall softly at his feet each flake landing gracefully on the white that already lay there from the previous night.

The wind brought the sent of winter in its wake as it blew sweet melodies though the air whispering words of comfort to Harry as he neared the lake and Draco.

His cloak grazed the floor of the shore surrounding the lake as he came closer to the figure standing with its back to him. Then ever to slowly the figure turned to him. Draco...

He stood for a moment looking at Harry with that look. The look that made Harry want to run and at the same time stay with the other boy forever. That warm look that he'd missed from his godfather.

In his hands Draco cupped something gingerly as if it were porcelain or something to that effect, but Harry couldn't tell what he was holding. He locked his eyes with Harry never letting go then he spoke.

"Hi..." It came out in a soft tone like a mother talking to her child. "Hey..." Harry replied breathless.

Draco gave him a once over looking at his eyes, his cloths, his hair, Harry felt as if every part of him was being exposed to Draco. "It looks good on you. Brings out you're eyes."

Harry knew Draco was talking about the cloak he'd gotten for him. "I'm glad you wore it. I was afraid you'd throw it out." Draco said catching Harry's gaze.

"Sorry..." Draco said tiredly. "For what?" Harry asked relaxing on the trunk of a tree.

"For leaving like I did the other night." Harry just looked out at the lake not wanting to see the tired glazed-over look in Draco's eyes any more.

"S'alright..." He said to the blond still not looking at him. "Harry." At his name he snapped out of his daze finally looking at the Slytherin.

Draco walked over to him stopping just a foot away from the other boy opening his hands to reveal...a bird? Harry looked up into Draco's eyes silently asking for an explanation.

He only smiled and replied, "I wanted to share this with you." Harry still didn't look as if he understood. Draco let out a small chuckle taking Harry's hands and pulling them up to the bird so he was cupping the bird Draco's hands wrapped around his own.

Harry blushed. "I don't understand." Draco smiled. "It's a Giver." Harry looked down at the bird in his hands.

It was rather small; it had crimson red feathers littered with some black and chestnut brown. It was different though because of its head and tail feathers which were a turquoise green.

"What's a Giver?" Harry asked still staring at the bird and Draco's hands as they lightly squeezed his.

"I was hoping you'd ask that." Draco said. "A Giver is a magical bird. It can only be touched by creatures who are born with healing powers; if its touched by any other will die instantly." Harry took in a breath trying to pull away.

"Its alright..." Draco said locking his gaze with Harry gripping their hands tighter together. "You have healing powers that's why I'm showing this to you. You were granted with them because you were born a Heshnath."

Draco took in a breath as if it were a strain to talk or even stand. "What do you mean?" Harry asked breathless sure he was as red as a tomato. What was Draco doing? Why was he being gentile?

"They can only be touched by creatures with healing powers because they also have healing powers." Draco moved closer to Harry not loosing his gaze as he did so.

"But..." Harry began getting a bit nerves. "But if...if they can only be touched by beings with other healing powers then why is it that Phoenixes can be touched by any one?" He was shaking now.

"Because...when these birds die more of them are born from their ashes." Harry made a shape with his mouth as if to say 'oh...' but no words came out just a puff of air.

"Draco...was I...Pansy said I was ment to be yours;" He blushed refusing to meet the other boys gaze. "She said...I was lucky...because I was made to be with you."

Harry unconsciously gripped Draco's hands tighter. "She said I was lucky because I knew who I was meant to be with; that I didn't have to search for the person I was meant to be with because you're right here." Harry looked up taking Draco's gaze in full force. "Is that true?"

"I'm not sure." Draco looked at him wearily. "The Oath...its complicated Harry. I won't know until its finished."

"Why?!" Harry asked more forcefully. "What is The Oath? What's wrong with you? Why are you so weak?! What's going o-!?"

He didn't finish as Draco collapsed in his arms the Giver flying away as he did. "Draco!?" Harry looked at the boy in his arms alarmed at his sudden collapse.

"S-sorry...I startled you." Draco said making a visible effort to stand, but to no avail. He wasn't even moving.

"It's the Oath. I-I'm fine really..." Draco's eyes began to close. "Draco?! Listen you have to stay awake!" Harry said forcefully as he shook Draco lightly.

"Bloody hell!" Harry pulled Draco into his arms shifting so Draco was on his back. "I'm going to take you to Pomfry, she'll know what to do about this."

As he began to swiftly walk up toward the castle Draco made a groaning sound then coughed whispering in a raspy tone, "Sorry I didn't last longer..."

"What are you on about Malfoy?" Harry asked pulling Draco up as he felt the Slytherin begin to slip from his grasp.

"If I were stronger...I would have been able to out last the Oath." He let out a choked sob. "Now I'm going to loose you..."

Harry tried to maneuver so he could look Draco in the face, but to no avail. "Um..." He didn't know what Draco was talking about so he couldn't form the words to comfort him.

"Its alright...I'm right here. You're not going to loose me." Draco let out another sob.

"Yes...I am. You wont want me now that you know..." Draco's voice slowly faded out and Harry could tell he'd passed out. He hastened his pace and had soon reached the castle.

"It seems he's been exercising the Elvin right of dominance." Madam Pomfry said as she came from behind the curtain to Draco's bed.

"I know that!" Harry said as he walked up to her from the chair he'd been sitting in. "What I don't know is what the Oath means!"

Pomfry took a deep breath. "You may want to sit down for this" He stood giving her a stern look in the process. "Fine have to you're way."

"The Oath," She began. "Is a right of passage used only by a certain sect of Elves. It is a ritual to show dominance over ones Heshnath."

"If ones dominance is threatened. Such as you're crush on Mr. Finnigan." She raised an eye brow at him. He simply turned his head from her purple eyes until she began again.

"Then the Soulith, Mr. Malfoy, will fast for four weeks to prove they have the strength and velar to be their Heshnath's dominate." Harry stood wide-eyed. Draco hade been starving himself for almost three weeks? To prove he was worthy of Harry's affection?


"Sorry I didn't last longer..."

"What are you on about Malfoy?" Harry asked.

"If I were stronger...I would have been able to out last the Oath." He let out a choked sob. "Now I'm going to loose you..."

"Its alright...I'm right here. You're not going to loose me." Draco let out another sob.

"Yes...I am. You wont want me now that you know..."

"How weak I am..."


"That's what he meant..." Harry looked at the curtains covering the area around Draco's bed. "Can I see him..." He said not looking from the curtains. It was more of a statement then a question anyway. So he simply got up and walked behind the white veil.

He was met with Draco's unconscious form. He was just lying there in nothing but his boxers covered from the waste down. The sight made Harry want to kick himself for not seeing how weak the other boy had become.

Draco's rib cage was visible and his whole body seemed thinner. His arms no longer had their thin toned muscles. They were just thin now, skin and bone.

"I'd like it if you feed him when he wakes up. There's a bowl of turtle soup on his bed side table. I have to go tell the head master what's happened." Pomfry said from behind him. He hadn't herd her come in. He was barely listening now.

He simply nodded still staring transfixed at his former enemy's deathly pale form. Somewhere in the back of his mind he heard the door to the Infirmary close. He felt a single tear fall down his face as he slowly made his way closer to the bed. Time stood still and somewhere in that time he found the will to sit on the bed and drape himself over Draco's cold body.

"Why?" He breathed. "Why did you do this?" He choked on a fresh flood of tears as they fell from his eyes and onto Draco's naked chest.

Harry jerked up slightly when he felt a shaking hand on his shoulder. It was Draco. His eyes still weren't open, but Harry knew he was awake now. "I did it...because..." He was taking in deep breaths as he spoke. "I love you..." He choked on a sob much like before.

The words made Harry want to cry even harder and he did. "And don't tell me you love me as well Potter." Draco was talking more forcefully now his hand gripping even more tightly to Harry.

"Because if you did, you'd be lying...and that would be worse then not saying it at all..." Harry choked. The whole thing was heart wrenching.

"I'm sorry I'm weak..." Draco said. Harry knew he was referring to his failure to complete the Oath.

"That doesn't matter!" Harry insisted. Draco simply shook his head. "You're free now. I failed. You ..." He sobbed. "You can be with whomever you want now even...Finnigan. And I'll leave you alone." Harry looked up at Draco's face so his face was leaning above Draco's his arms wrapped around the Slytherin.

"Draco..." Harry let his hot breath warm Draco's cold cheeks the tears falling from his eyes falling on Draco's face.

"I want to be with you..." Draco shook his head. "Don't give me a pity party Harry."

"I'm not..." Harry sighed. "I'm the one who should be apologizing." He gave a dry laugh. "I've been pushing you away for a while now. You'll have to forgive that aspect about me. I'm not used to someone caring so much for me. I'm not promising I wont do it again, but I'll try harder not to."

"I just have problems with people loving me most of the people who have or do have ended up dead. I just...don't die Draco..."

"So you'll stay wont...go to him..?" Draco asked sill unsure of what was happening.

Draco opened his eyes to look into Harry's green ones. "Harry nodded pressing his forehead to Draco's. "Yeah..."

They stayed like that for a few hours before Harry got up and gave Draco his food. Then they fell asleep Harry by Draco's side protecting him. Leaning on his chest listening to his heart. Making sure the Slytherin didn't leave. It felt nice to fall asleep next to someone who made him feel as if he were no longer alone...



So what do you think? Too much smut or just right? I'm so glad we finally got to this chapter because now I can make them do a little more intimate stuff and not make it seem like its going too fast.

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