A/N: This is the last chapter of Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen. This picks up where the last chapter left off and is told in Rory's POV. The title of this story and the song used inside it is credited to Neil Sedaka.

This story is part of a universe I'm creating for myself. The universe will be more clearly highlighted in my alternate universe JavaJunkie family fic, Love Lives. Prolouge and first chapter should be available soon. There will also be a sequel to this piece, I'm thinking of calling 7th Heaven. It will deal with an older Rory and Jess and their life together. These stories will be told in my usual third person format.

I felt for this piece, that telling both sides of the situation through the characters own eyes was important, essential even to realizing how different people can view the same thing. Also, to demonstrating how well these characters know each other and understand each other. I'm sorry if that method irritated or upset some readers, but I felt in this case it was necessary to understanding how they arrived where they are at present.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you all enjoyed it. I look forward to your reviews.

Rory's POV Present Time

I wondered what Jess had up his sleeve for revealing our newly discovered relationship to the world. When we rejoined the party, Mom and Luke intercepted us almost immediately.

"He was a great present. Wasn't he Sweets?" Mom asked smiling.

"He sure was," I replied and hugged Luke. "Thanks for bringing him home."

"My pleasure kiddo," Luke replied. "It was getting awfully boring in Stars Hollow without Jess to stir things up."

"Speaking of stirring things up," Jess interjected. "Excuse me."

I watched Jess make his way through the crowd, around my Chilton peers, passed Grandpa's business cronies and Grandma's society pals to where the DJ was set up.

"What's he doing?" Mom asked me.

"Beats me," I replied. "I never know what he's doing."

Our question was answered before we could resort to ridiculous speculations because the music stopped and the DJ spoke into his head set.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this next song is going our specially to our birthday girl. We would like it if she could join us up here for a moment," the DJ invited, sharing a mischievious grin with Jess.

I looked at Mom and Luke, my eyebrows knitting with confusion.

"Go ahead," she urged and leaned back against Luke's chest.

I stepped toward the makeshift dance area and for once the stares of Tristan and Paris mattered little to me. I could only see Jess, only Jess' gaze registered on my mind. The rest just faded into the background.

"This song is dedicated to the Miss Lorelai Leigh Gilmore from Jess Mariano. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen."

Tonight's the night I've waited for

Because you're not a baby anymore

You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen

What happened to that funny face

My little tomboy now wears satin and lace

I can't believe my eyes you're just a teenage dream

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

I marvelled at how Jess' body moved as he pulled me into a dance on the makeshift floor. I was awestruck at how he seemed to be able to capture me into that same rhythm. I shouldn't be though, because we always communicated well, with or without speoken words. This dance was no different.

When you were only six, I was your big brother

Then when you were ten, we didn't like each other.

When you were thirteen, you were my funny valentine

But since you've grown up your future is sewn up

From now on you're going to be mine

I could only then see the real significance of this song, for Jess and I passed all those points in our relationship before ending up here, dancing together to an old sixties beat, for the most part grown up and together in every way that mattered.

If I should smile with sweet surprise

It's just that you've grown up before my very eyes

You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

The dance ended a moment later to voluminous applause and Jess led me back to Mom and Luke.

Luke had his arms around Mom's waist, his hands resting lightly on her belly. "Was it..." Mom began. "Was that true?"

"What?" Jess asked playing dumb.

"The song. Was it true?" she clarified, even though I knew she knew he was kidding.

"Yeah," Jess replied before I could. "Rory and I realized a lot of things and for me it was that... Let's leave it at I've been waiting for this night for a very long time."

Jess kissed me then, our first public kiss, before he tugged on my hand and led me back to the makeshift dance floor.

As the song played and we moved to the slow music, a more modern piece, Jess pout his lips to my ear, "You are mine now, you know, from this moment," he said more than asked.

Slowly, I smiled. "I know and that's just how I want it to be," I assured him as I lowered my head to his shoulder and listened to the lyrics and the love in Jess.