The story the following people (notes at the end of their names are note to the people who represent them but instead of fighting a super powerful demon the fight the reincarnation of lord Nobunagwa

Cinder- a curious boy of the age of 17 always trying to live up to his older brother's expectations Conrad(25) (haha fits me except the older sibling part)

Curiel Aqua- a bouncy girl who can never stay in one place at a time and sure makes a mean stir-fry. (BAM!!!! Cubby I remember you and her picture and will try to make it a reality)

?????- a mysterious man that they run into

Devil - a French mild mannered young man with a mullet. Devil, very comical at times. Good at fencing and fighting and a metal smith. He loves wild roses . ( ha this is a special appearance by a friend of mine)

Special person that also may be in here.

Airi- a human but experiment to try to fuse a wolf with a human but backfired, badly. Faithful companion to Curiel, the person who saved her.

these are the characters apearing in the next chapter but i did this so people wouldnt be lost