Gundam Tales

The Theme Song

(This is just the theme song the story begins next chapter)

There is a large room completely dark accept for a white circle in the middle where two figures stand. The one is the figure of a man about 6'1 with dark hair and deep blue eyes. His hair spiked up. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans with no more than a plain T-Shirt and flip-flops. While the second a girl is much the same attire but with long blonde hair and the most beautiful gray eyes. They flash each other quick smirks before the Veggie Tales theme song starts to play and they start to sing. "Well Reno lets get this started," the girl. "Very well Kali." Reno commented "Sooooo Here we go!" They both said as the song starts

"If you like to talk to gundams" Reno sings then cough "Wufei"

"What!?!!?!" Wufei yells and glares at Reno

"If you can make Heero smile" Kali sings as she smiles at Heero.

"IF you like to waltz with Trowa" Reno continues and jumps out of the way as Trowa tries to dance with him

"Up and down Revered" Kali starts but giggles before she can finish "Duo's aisle"

Both Reno and Kali start to smile and say "Have we got one twisted fic for you"

"Gundam Tales, Gundam Tales, Gundam Tales" as they sing the church disappears and they are mysteriously outside

"Quatre's mansion" Kali looks behind here to see a mansion with Quatre waving from the front door

"Wufei bashin" Reno sings just to earn another glare from Wufei who just says "what the hell" and begins chasing Reno

"See Trowa dancing" Kali sings as Trowa dances in the background

Both stop and sing "Gundam Tales"

Reno while still being chased goes right along with the song "Heero's Gundam"

Kali begins to smirk as it became her turn "There's Relena"

Stopping next to Kali with his hands on his knees and panting Reno finishes were kali left off "Opps he stepped on her" then is tackled by Wufei.

Everyone stops to sing once more "Gundam Tales"

Kali gets small all the sudden "Chibi Gundams"

Reno then joins her "Don't you love'em"

Back to normal size Kali smirks "Wufei's a dum dum"

Wufei stops in mid run yet again chasing Reno "WHAT!!!!"

Grinning Reno stops and says "Told ya there be Wufei Bashin"

Then all sing "Gundam Tales, There's never ever ever been a fic like Gundam tales"

As the chaos ensues Heero throws kali over his shoulder to avoid Reno and Wufei who is still chasing him, but Reno decided to hide behind duo who was dancing with Trowa and Quatre. Then Wufei lunges at Reno causing a huge dog pile, but non the less though muffled they mange to sing "there's never ever ever a fic like Gundam tales"

As Reno and Kali slip out of the dog pile they begin to finish there epic of a song "Its time for Gundam Ta-------" but all the music stops as a gunshot is heard and Reno begs "Heero please let me finish the song:" "--------ales"

It suddenly goes drak as Reno gulps and Duo begins to speak "hey who cut out the lights?"

"Your not scared are you?" Heero came with a snappy comeback

"NO!!!" Duo yells as various scuffling sounds and obscenities are heard, then fade away