Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: His illusion never turned into something real.

She loved him.

It was that simple. She denied it but he knew that she loved him. Every time she hit him he could feel the love radiating out of every punch. He told himself as the blood trickled down his face that this was the cost of her love.

"You always hurt the ones you love," He had told her that once, now he tells himself. For all the hurt she gave him, she must love him.

When he wakes up and she's left his bed he tells himself that she had to leave, to take care of Dawn. He ignores the voice in his head that says its because she's embarrassed.

The day he woke up and found her still in his bed he knew it was because she finally admitted to herself that she did love him.

When she rolled over to him, her body pressed against his and whispered, "I love you," into his ear he felt like he was in heaven, until he felt the stake push it's way into his heart. In Spike's last moments before turning to dust he relieved that his illusion of love never did come true. Buffy's laughter flooding into his ears only confirmed his thoughts.

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