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Chapter Three: Kubarimono (The Gift)

We cannot destroy kindred: our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break. -Marquise de Sévigné

Sesshoumaru glanced down at the package in his hands, turning it over several times.

"When he turns go and give his mother this. Sesshoumaru....I trust you not to injure either of them; they have done nothing to you"

The youkai sighed and continued forward, tucking the bundle back into the folds of his haori. He lifted a waterskin to his lips and took a drink; he'd be traveling for a few days now. And all for his half-brother...son of a woman that had weakened his father's will.

A vauge feeling of disgust tugged at Sesshoumaru at the thought of the child; this half-breed was the heir? It would've been, had their father not died.

Their father; it still felt odd to think he shared blood with that...that hanyou. That newborn.

Wolves howled in the distance, and Sesshoumaru spared a glance behind him. He'd been pestered by low-class demons along the way; thankfully, Jaken had not come along. He rather hated the toad; but kept him around for something to release his anger on.

His slender fingers wrapped around the hilt of Tensaiga. This was the sword left to him...the sword that brought life. He breathed deeply and released the sword; the village was just ahead.

Sesshoumaru picked up faint tracings of the child's scent, mostly the mixed blood of human and taiyoukai. The elder son of the Inu no Taisho quietly tracked his way to the modest flat his half-brother and Izayoi shared. The dusk air was cool; fall was just starting. A time for new beginings...

Izayoi traced her fingers along the writing on the scrolls, myths of creation contained therein. A sound; the faint tapping of boots near the entryway. She rolled the scroll and set it back where she had gotten it, and lifted herself to her feet. She was not two steps towards the door when it slid open.

Standing before her was what seemed to be a young man, perhaps in his early twenties. A cresent moon adorned his forehead, with two red stripes just above his cheekbones. He was dressed rather simply in a solidly colored kimono of dark blue, with sparse armour, and a rather odd looking- tail? Izayoi couldn't tell. He looked down at Izayoi with cold amber-gold eyes.

"Izayoi?" the 'man' spoke.

"N-nani? Who are you?"

"Sesshoumaru, son of the Inu no Taisho, who was Lord of the Western Lands." he explained, flipping back a lock of silver-white hair.

"Son of-" Izayoi's breath caught in her throat. The other son...did he come to avenge...

"Onna, calm yourself. I am not here to harm any one"

Sesshoumaru drew the bundle from his haori and tossed it before Izayoi. She looked up confused. Sesshoumaru sat down.

"It's from him."

Izayoi cautiously undid the wrappings, delicately unfolding them. She lifted the contents from the floor.

"A haori...and hakama? But...why?"

"My father wished for the saftey of your child; that is made from the fur of the fire rat"

"The what?"

Sesshoumaru did not respond, only refused to look at Izayoi. His eyes were focused outside, past the walls. A long silence passed.

"He is four now" the youkai stated simply. Izayoi blinked and set down the dish of sake on the small table.

"Yes...he's growing strong."

Mentally, Sesshoumaru smirked.

"I waited; but it does not matter"

"Okaasan!!! Okaasan!"

Izayoi looked up at hearing the whimpering cries of her son. Sesshoumaru, however, had heard them long before. He lifted the dish to his lips and took a sip.

"Okaasan!" four year old Inuyasha burst in the door, stumbling over the entryway. His face was smudged with dirt; several brusies showed on his face. A trickle of blood snaked down his hand. One of his ears was slightly squashed, and cut. The hanyou whimpered and fell into his mother's arms. It wasn't hard to see what'd happened; the village children had taunted Inuyasha's mixed blood.

"Mama! Oh Mama!" he cried. Izayoi drew her son close and cooed.

"You'll be alright....shh...I'm here...."

Sesshoumaru looked on, intrigued by this display of affection; youkai mothers acted in no such way. Youkai mothers were kind to their young, yes...but a day did come where the cub left home and did not return; it did not stay around for more than a decade.

Inuyasha finally stopped his crying and drew away from his mother, sniffling. Izayoi stooped over slightly.

"Perhaps you should stay home for a little while; until you're alright again."

The little hanyou nodded, wiping away his tears. He turned around, actually looking at the stranger for the first time.

Sesshoumaru returned the look, face an emotionless mask, as always. He heard a growl rising in Inuyasha's throat. A very puppy-ish, non-threatening growl, but an attempt all the same. The little hanyou slowly stepped forward slowly, as if he was going to pounce on his half-brother.

The child halted in front of Sesshoumaru, and sniffed several times. A smile awkwardly came to the hanyou's face, and he pounced.

"Onii-chan!" he squeeled and latched onto Sesshoumaru's arm. It took restraint for the older youkai not to blanche. Izayoi smiled.

"It seems he harbours no ill will towards you, Sesshoumaru-sama"

Said youkai pulled the child from his arm gently and set him on the floor, only to have the toddler jump up again and mercilessly cuddle his shoulder.

It was an odd experience for Sesshoumaru; the unabashed showing of love. He didn't care for this half-demon child....the child that shared his blood, the blood of a true taiyoukai. He did not want to make it thought that he, Sesshoumaru, was weak.

Still, he adjusted his arms and held the child. Inuyasha immediatly lunged for the white thing around Sesshoumaru's shoulder. The elder youkai flicked the pelt away and let the child relax. Inuyasha soon drifted off to sleep.

Izayoi took the child from Sesshoumaru's arms and tended to the wounds before dressing him in the fire rat outfit. Sesshoumaru ate quietly from the food Izayoi had prepared, or, rather insisted he eat. There was no spell or rule that would bind him to Izayoi for eating food she had prepared, so he pick and chose.

Inuyasha's mother held out the child to Sesshoumaru again.

"I must fetch water for tommorow morning; keep watch over him, onegai?"

The demon lord did not reply, but took the sleeping child from Izayoi's arms.

When Izayoi was gone, he drew the child close and breathed in the scent; the implacable smell of humans...the taiyoukai blood of his father, and underneath all of that, the clean, warm, smell of a newborn pup.

Sesshoumaru pulled his head back and caressed the top of Inuyasha's head; the hair was soft to the touch. A bit darker than his own, but still that resounding silver his father had posessed. The elder youkai then gently touched one of Inuyasha's ears; a triangle of soft fur that twitched slightly at sounds every now and then.

Curious, Sesshoumaru ran his thumb along the juncture of ears and head. The small child squirmed in his arms before a surprising sound rumbled in his little chest; a purr. Sesshoumaru smiled ever so slightly and continued the ear rub for a few more minutes.

Izayoi soon returned, and Sesshoumaru was already at the door.

"You're...leaving, Sesshoumaru-sama?"

The youkai lord did not respond, only walked away. Izayoi hurried to the door.

"Don't tell him"

Izayoi was confused.


"Do not tell Inuyasha who gave him those clothes; only say they are from my father."


But the youkai had gone.