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It was early the next morning, about sunrise, when I decided to go into town. The whole tower was asleep and quiet, and the only thing that could be heard was the a.c. system automatically turning on and off as I slipped out of my home in street clothes and sneakers.

When I reached the main drag of the city, my mind was rooted one place. My old address. I made my way through the very early morning traffic with ease, and soon found myself standing outside of the abandoned building on Fifth and Ivy. It was amazing how just one fight could earn you a little recognition from the world's best association, and earn you a place in the cutest-guy-you've-ever-seen's mind. I ripped the "Condemned-Dangerous" sign off the door and tried the knob. Locked. Yeah. Did you really expect them to leave it open after that LAST stunt you pulled? I reached up under my hair and pulled out a bobby pin. I unbent it and shoved it in the lock. after about eight minutes, it clicked, and I popped the door open. So I really did learn something useful from Takai. I replaced the pin, and walked in, shutting the door behind me. It was dark and dusty inside, due to the fact that the windows were boarded up, and it had been uninhabited for the past year and a half. My sneakers left perfect prints in the choking dust, and I wandered from room to room, remembering exactly where everything had been. I looked through closets, seeing if anything had been left or forgotten, but nothing resided there. I lifted up three different floorboards and found a bag of broken china, an old sheet, and some really old food, but nothing worth taking home. I climbed up the three flights of stairs to look out over the bay and see the bridge with Titan tower looming out from behind it. I rested the heels of my hands on the sill and stared out of it, and didn't even notice the soft footsteps behind me.


I whipped around to see an older guy, about twenty-one. His long crimson hair was in dreds, and his black eyes were penetrating my skin. He let a gentle smile slide over his face as he walked from his place by the door to next to me. I looked up into his face, expecting to see the face of some type of madman, ready to hold me for ransom, or something like that. Instead, all I saw was the face of a caring person.

"Who are you?" I asked intently.

"My name is T.J. Jones."

"How do you know my name?"

"That is of no matter. Serenity, I need you to relay a message for me, to your friends, the Titans."

My heart jumped. What did this guy want with us? "Huh? You... want me... to tell my friends something?"



"Those are matters to be pertained to later. Just tell them that the forthcoming time is almost at hand... and make sure to tell your green friend that I am waiting." He turned for the door.

My brain was trying to figure out the importance of this, when something crossed my mind. "Hey, do you know--"

He was gone. I shuddered involuntarily, and turned back to bask in the dim sunlight. The fog crept away from the bay and sky, not unfreezing the sunlight, and the overpowering feeling of hunger soon sent me from my old home. I walked down streets, turned down alleys, and soon came to the front door of Suu-Lin's tiny restaurant. It was basically a bar lined by seats where customers sat and were served their food. The three windows were decorated by red silk drapes, and drawn back by gold colored pulls. I saw Suu-Lin sweeping up around the floor, so she could open in a bit. She saw me and waved, then put aside her broom to open the door and let me in.

"Ooh, Serenity-san, whatcoo doin' outside at this time off day? It's freezing, and you don' have no coat. You'll catch your death, an' you'll be right back where you were a few days ago, bed ridden."

"Oh, Suu-Lin-san, you worry about me too much."

"Of course I worry about you. You are like the daughter I never had. Then again, if my daughter was like you, she'd be the one I'd never want." She smiled and i giggled. "You hungry, girl? You look cold too. I have some oshiroko bean soup, and dango rice dumplings, nice and hot. I'll go an' get some for you. Okay?"

"Sure." I took a seat at the bar, and looked at the lacquered black top of it, shined to mirror intensity.

"Oh, Serenity-san?" Suu-Lin called from the kitchen, "Could you switch the sign on the door? My early customers should be coming anytime soon."


I got up from my seat and switched the plastic sign from 'closed' to 'open'. By the time I had sat back down, there was a china bowl filled with the hot, steamy soup, and a saucer that was filled with the tiny dumplings. In jus a few minutes of me starting in on my soup and dumplings, the first of the customers arrived. Apparently, I had forgotten to do something, because Suu-Lin threw a hat at me as the first customer walked through the door. It took a few seconds to key in on Suu-Lin's problem, but I figured it out; it was my ears. I put the Floppy bucket hat on, and made my ears go from fox to human. My only camouflage to normality. I started on my soup again as A few more people started to trickle into the restaurant. My thoughts fluttered gracelessly across my mind, apparently giving Suu-Lin the correct assumption that something was wrong.

"Somthing wrong, Serenity-san?"

I shook my head. "No. Nothing."

She looked at me with a comical scowl. "You lie like bad rug."

"What's your point?" I asked, piercing a few dumplings with a skewer.

Suu-Lin switched language gears, so this would be a semi-private conversation. "Serenity-san, what is the matter? Something is wrong, and Suu-Lin-san is here to help." she asked in Japanese.

I sighed. "I don't know." I replied in my native tongue. "I'm supposed to relay a message to my friends, but that isn't it, I think."

"Then what?"

I paused. "I don't know. You know about what happened, the whole thing when I was seven."


"I guess it's just, I look around at all the people, and see them normal. See them all the same way. No one has pointy fox ears, or tails, or anything like that."

"But you're special! Be proud, and hold your head up high!"

"Special? Special doesn't get me a boyfriend, or any new friends, or anything like that. Normal does."

"But what about your friends, he rest of the titans? They're not exactly normal, and that Beast Boy seems to care about you. He came here to learn some kanji, just for you!" Suu-Lin said.

"So what? My friends are more normal than me!" I said loudly. Tears started to build up, along with my anger.

"But normal is so overrated. You are the one that told me that. Why can't you just be you?"

"Because I don't want to be me! I want to be someone else!!!" I screamed.

People looked up from their food, and looked at us. Inside something tore. Tears started down my face, and by it's own will, the bowl in front of me shattered into hundreds of pieces, sending it's contents drizzling over the edges of the bar. I jumped off the seat, and ran out the door, which blew open from a sudden gust of wind inside of the shop, and blew off my hat. As I ran outside, clouds started to cover up the sky with frightening speed and color. The black-gray clouds let down a torrential pour, accompanied by numerous bolts of lightning. I ran faster and faster, going down empty alleys and streets, tears running down my face, with almost the same amount as the water that they were mixing with. My eyes became blurry rather quickly, and a few times, I heard yelling and horns honking as I crossed over a street I thought was empty. It wasn't too long before I found myself at dead end alley, with nowhere to go. I wanted, no, NEEDED, to be somewhere other than a stinky alley. I found a fire escape and climbed up the three story tall building, finding a resting spot in the middle of an almost empty roof. Lightning crashed around me as U curled my legs up underneath me. Tears were still flooding my face and I hurt. Not just from running so much, or slipping a few times in wet spots, but inside. I cried aloud, my wails were accompanied by the thundering rain, and the deafening thunder.

It was hours later when my tears stopped, I still sat up there, being drenched by the rain. I didn't want to go back to Titan tower, but I had to relay that message.

It can wait until tomorrow. I told myself.

When the rain finally started to get to me, I got off the roof and started wandering the streets again. To go home, or not? Either way, you have to do something, but the latter has nowhere for you to stay. I came to a corner of a street and looked at the street sign. Fifth and Garden. One more street up, and I'd be at Fifth and Ivy. I laughed a one-note laugh. I'd just stay there until tomorrow. When I walked up to the door of the building, I shook the knob. Still unlocked. I walked inside, and saw nothing but my sneaker prints in the dust. Not even his... I shut the door behind me and locked it with a flick of my wrist. With security of the lock, I meandered up the stairs to the second story, where I used to sleep. I lifted up a loose floorboard, and pulled out the old sheet I had found earlier, and spread it across the dusty floor.

"It'll have to do..." I sighed

I looked back into the empty space in the floor, and saw one of my stumps of a candle I had overlooked. I set it on the floor, and called up a small flame to light it. A dim light permiated the room, faintly throwing my shadow about. I stripped off my sopping clothed down to my skivvies, and hung them in the closet to dry. I didn't know what time it was, but It was dark, and I was tired. I laid down on the sheet, not minding that is was a little mouse nibbled and musty, or the fact that I was still wet, and getting cold. I just curled my arm under my head, and stared at the candle's flame. By the time it started guttering, and drowned itself in it's own liquid wax, I was asleep and falling deeper into a world of black.