"Laurel Wreath"
By Roby Carr
Part One: Enter the Dragon

Dedicated to Haunted Flower, who got me incredibly into Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction. I adore your work!


"Another Xiaolin Dragon?" Omi questioned incredulously.

"That's what I heard."

"But there are only four dragons! And we are them!" He blinked and looked over at his three friends, Kimiko, Clay and Raimundo. They all shared his confused look and Kimiko glanced back, shrugging.

"None of you guys are leaving, right?" she asked, her gaze darting to the two boys.

"Not a chance Ah'm goin' back to Texas," Clay replied and Raimundo nodded, voicing his agreement.

"Yeah, girl! I'm not in that much trouble yet!"

"So how could there be another Xiaolin dragon, Kimiko?" Omi said and turned to their source, who simply shrugged.

"Look, I'm just repeating what I heard Master Fung telling the others. Maybe I got it wrong, but it sure didn't sound like there was any chance it could be interpreted another way," she told him, shaking out her high pigtails.

"Master Fung would tell us if we have a new student at the dojo. He would want us to teach the new student our techniques," the short monk declared as though it finalized it, "Kimiko, you should not be be saying things if you don't know. Master Fung wouldn't hide this from us."

"Yeah... Ah guess yer righ', Omi. Why would Master Fung not tell us 'bout the new guy?"

"Mmm... I bet he'd be really cute if there was a new guy. And that's good. I don't think I can deal with Rai thinking he's the hottest hottie around here anymore," Kimiko murmured dreamily as she envisioned the way her Prince Charming would look, "Rai needs somebody to put him in his place!"

"Oh, c'mon, Kimiko! You know I'm hot! Man, if we were back in Brazil right now, there'd be girls hanging all over me and you'd be wishing you took the chance when you had it," he told her quite matter-of-factly. Kimiko rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, Rai. Whatever you want to think! I'm going to go play some Phoenix Hunter 3. Does anybody want to play two player?"

"Ah will, Kimiko. Ya've gotta teach mah how to play first, though. Ah don' know how yet," Clay replied with his charming half-smile.

"Yeah... I'm gonna watch you guys play," Raimundo said, "You coming, Omi?"

"No, Raimundo... I think I will practice so that in the event that we do have a new student arriving, I will be prepared to show him the strings," Omi replied and Raimundo shook his head.

"Show him the ropes, Omi."

"Oops. Sorry. I will come and join the game when I have completed my training," the small monk told Raimundo and the lanky Brazilian boy shrugged.

"Whatever. See you later."

"I will see you also, Raimundo."

The Brazilian headed back towards the dojo, knowing that without a doubt Kimiko would be hooking up two of her Gamekids so that she and Clay could play in double-player mode. Poor Clay. Once Kimiko started playing, she'd be all over that Gamekid and not even Raimundo could beat her at Phoenix Hunter 3. Kimiko was the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire and she definitely showed it on that game.


Loud punk-rock music blasted from a Jack-bot in Wuya's lair the next day, shaking the walls. The only occupant of the room where this was happening, however, wasn't disturbed in the slightest as she rocked out. Her dancing was awful - a mix of eighties' club dancing and ballet - but she didn't mind this either. Or else she didn't know she sucked so badly. Either way, she was happy with the 'mad-at-the-world' music and was even happier when Jack Spicer stalked into the room and started screaming at her.

"WHAT'D YOU DO TO MY JACK-BOT!" he yelled, stopping the music. She turned to face him, a disappointed pout on her pretty face. She looked like a little girl who'd had her candy taken away. "Wuya!" he whined and the spirit zoomed in, also searching for the loud source of her annoyance, "Why can't we just get rid of Laurel? She keeps taking my stuff!"

The spirit looked furious, "You'd better be able to pull everything you promised me off or else you won't see the light of day again!" Wuya cackled evilly and zoomed out. Both Laurel and Jack paused in their argument to roll their eyes, sharing only one thing - their complete and utter wonder that Wuya was ever actually evil. Wuya acted more senile.

"Stop taking my Jack-bots!" Jack demanded and tugged at his robot, trying to pull it out of the room.

"Oh, c'mon Johnny-boy! It isn't like I broke it or anything!" the blonde-haired girl replied, toying with her golden curls. She was pretty enough, the all-American girl-next-door and had the easy, playful smile of a naive little girl who'd forgotten to do her homework.

"Don't call me my real name!" Jack told her, turning and glaring full-force.

"Why not?" Laurel asked, pouting again at the wanna-be world ruler, "It's a perfectly respectable name and you'll need respect to rule the world. John Spicer has a much better ring to it than Jack Spicer. Those kids you don't like will probably be more afraid of you if you have a nice respectable name like John. And Johnny is such an adorable nickname too."

"I'm not adorable! I'm evil! I'm an evil genius and I don't care what those losers think, because they aren't evil geniuses, are they?"

"I guess not..."

"Don't you have to be there in an hour?" Jack asked, blinking down at his watch.

Laurel flushed, "Whoops! I totally forgot about that! I had better go pack my stuff up, huh? Bye, Jack!" The small blonde hugged him promptly, much to Jack's annoyance, and scampered out of the large room, leaving the evil genius and his robot in peace.

"One more hour..." Jack muttered to himself, "One more hour and she doesn't stay here anymore."


"Hey y'all," Clay announced, pausing in the doorframe of Kimiko's bedroom where she and Raimundo were locked in a heated match of Egg Wars on two of Kimiko's Gamekids, "Dojo's been spreadin' the news tha' Master Fung wants us t' git out front so he can tell us somethin'."

"Do you think that we were right about you-know-what from you-know-when?" Kimiko asked as she pressed the 'Pause' button and looked over at Clay. He shared the same confused expression and was obviously thinking about the conversation the four Dragon-in-trainings had had the day before about the possibility of a new Xiaolin Dragon. Raimundo however, looked like he had no idea what Kimiko was talking about.

"No..." he said slowly, "I-don't-know-what from I-don't-know-when. What are you two talking about?" He set down his Gamekid and helped Kimiko up and as she repeated the conversation from the day before to the Brazilian boy, the trio began making their way towards the dojo exit.

"Omi?" Clay asked suddenly, "What's wrong, partner?" He was staring down at Omi, who was frozen in shock on the front step of the dojo.

"G- g- g- g-" he stammered, unable to complete the entire word.

"Oh my gosh..." Raimundo whispered as he pushed the door open, "It's a... a..."

"A GIRL!" all three of the male Dragons said together and Kimiko grinned.

"Awesome! Finally, someone who uses her brain!" she exclaimed and hopped down to dojo steps to where Master Fung waited patiently, a girl hovering half-hidden behind him.

She was pretty enough, with golden-blonde curls to just below her shoulders and pale skin, her nose sprinkled with freckles. Her eyes were bright blue and she wore a pair of khaki capris and a lemon-yellow tank-top with illegible white writing on it. Her shoes were purple Converse high-top sneakers and silver bangles clinked on her wrists when she moved her arms.

"Hi..." she greeted quietly, still not moving from behind Master Fung. Apparently, the two handsome boys, the incredibly short, bald monk, and the hyper Japanese girl were not what she was expecting when she had agreed to come to this dojo. Maybe she been expecting for a few quiet old men like Master Fung to greet her. But certainly not this.

"My name's Kimiko," the black-haired girl explained with a big smile, "I'm the other girl here at the dojo. I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire from Japan. This is Raimundo and Clay." She gestured to the two boys as they approached, getting over their shock easily and smiling at the girl. Kimiko continued talking, "Rai is from Brazil and he's the Xiaolin Dragon of Wind. Clay is from Texas in the States and he's the Xiaolin Dragon of Earth. The little guy standing on the steps and staring bluntly is Omi, the Xiaolin Dragon of Water. He's been here a lot longer than the rest of us."

"I'm-" The girl paused to take a deep breath, still mildly timid. Everyone was being so friendly and welcoming. She certainly hadn't expected that. "My name is Laurel Nee and I'm from Los Angeles, California in the States. I'm supposed to be the Xiaolin Dragon of Lightning."

"Hey menina," Raimundo said easily, "It's nice to meet you."

"Y'all are gonna have a good time here at the dojo," Clay told her in his Southern drawl.

Laurel flushed and smiled up at the two boys and Kimiko, all of whom were taller than her. "Yeah," she agreed, her smile widening as she stepped out from behind Master Fung and took Clay's offered hand, shaking it, "I think I will have a good time here."

'A good time...' she thought and Wuya's instructions resounded in her head once again, 'A really, really good time...'


In the next chapter of Laurel Wreath -

"Aren' ya goin' t' unpack?" a voice asked, startling Laurel. She turned to see Clay leaning casually against the frame of her door.

Laurel smiled at him. She liked the cowboy. Not only was he the only other person at the dojo from the States, he was also one of the sweetest people she'd ever met. He acted like she could come to him about anything.

"Of course not," she said in her normal quiet tone, "I'm only going to stay here for three days. Master Fung only asked me to give this Xiaolin-thing a try and I really want to get back home to my family and friends. To tell you the truth, Clay..." She paused. "I wasn't ever really planning on staying. I'm only here to be polite to Master Fung."


"Please come back, Laurel," Kimiko begged, "We came all this way just to ask you to come back!"

Laurel looked both annoyed and shocked at this. "NO!" she replied rather suddenly, "Why can't you leave me alone?" She slammed the door in their face and Kimiko glanced over at the three males and Dojo.

"Maybe she will be hanging tighter when we return?" Omi suggested in a disappointed tone.

"Hanging looser, Omi," Raimundo corrected with a sigh, knowing the there probably wouldn't be any return.


The Dragons were had just left the building when they heard a loud scream. A familiar scream.

"Laurel!" Clay yelled, looking up at the building, "C'mon partners!"



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