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Prologue: Rain, Rain, Go Away

"But Rach!"

Rachel Moore glared down at him as she pulled him down the street by his wrist, obviously annoyed. "No, Conan," she snapped, yanking him by the arm so he would walk next to her instead of dragging behind, "for the last time, you can't come!" He cringed at her tone. "And don't call me 'Rach'," she added sharply.

"But Raaaaaaaaaacheeeeeeeeeeel!" he whined, waving his wrist around to get it out of her stone grip. "I don't wanna go to smelly Dr. Agasa's!" Rachel gave him a spectacle look over her shoulder. "There's never anything to do!" he explained while vainly digging his heels into the pavement to slow them down. Rolling her eyes at his attempt, the teenage karate master pulled him forward again to keep him at her pace.

"You said the same thing about our house the last time Serena came over," she replied in a bored tone, "and you stayed along then. Why would you want to stay with us now?"

"You're going to the theme park, aren't you?" he asked, again trying to wiggle his way out of her grip. "I wanna go to the theme park with you!" Rachel looked down to see him staring at her with big pleading eyes. The thickness of his glasses wasn't helping either. She let out a defeated sigh before slowing their pace to a lazy walk.

"I'm sorry, Conan, but…you just can't come," she explained weakly while she stared absently ahead of her.

"Why?" He had asked that question so much lately, the word had lost most of its meaning. He looked up at the girl who had been appointed so suddenly as his 'keeper', not knowing the whole history behind him was no more then a ruse. Her eyes had trialed from infront of her to her feet.

"I'm meeting someone today," she answered quietly. He came to a sudden halt, surprising her.

"You're WHAT?!" he demanded. Rachel blinked. "I…I mean, what about Jimmy?" he added quickly, rubbing the back of his neck nervously with his free hand. Rolling her eyes, Rachel started walking down the street again, pulling him as laughed nervously behind her.

"Serena thinks I should give up on him," she replied slowly, a distant look in her eyes. "Jimmy, I mean." He felt his heart, at least the Jimmy Kudo half, constrict on itself. Almost instantly Rachel moved her hand from his wrist to his palm and gave a tight squeeze. "I really don't want to," she whispered, gripping his hand firmly in hers as they walked. He gave a mental sigh of relief. "Sure, he's a total jerk for not calling me in forever and ever, and when he does all he can talk about is his stupid case and never ONCE asks how I'm doing-" Her grip tightened, making him let out a squeak of surprise, "-but I love him." Her iron grasp on his hand loosened to a lazy hold. Another mental sigh of relief. "Serena just doesn't seem to understand that."

Note to self, he thought while absently rubbing his now throbbing hand, call Rachel when ever possible to avoid pain in either body.

"That reminds me," Rachel continued, "I hope Jimmy's okay. The doctor said he's been getting nothing but bad leads and its been only getting harder for him. This case must really be something to keep him tied up for this long."

That rotten old coot! he thought as he glared ahead of him. He's been selling me out! His attention returned to Rachel when she gave his hand another squeeze.

"I wonder why he's calling Doctor Agasa, but not me," she muttered, tears slowly forming in her eyes.

"I bet he doesn't want to worry you," he answered. That, and the old Doc gives some pretty good advice, he finished with a slight smile. "I'm sure you'll hear from him soon." Rachel nodded, convincing her self he was right.

Still at their slow pace, the pair rounded the corner in silence. Infront of them loomed their destination. He gave a yelp as reality sank in. He was about to lose. Trying frantically to pull out of her grip, he began to smack the back of Rachel's hand with his fist as hard as possible. NOT a good move on his part. In a split second she moved her grip from his hand back to his wrist and yanked him up in the air so they came eye-to-eye.

"Knock. It. Off." she barked. He gulped loudly before nodding his head multiple times.

"Y-yes ma'am!" he squeaked weakly. The teenager holding him suspended in the air flashed a triumphant grin before setting her captive back safely onto his own feet. Shoving his free hand roughly into his pocket, he reluctantly let Rachel pull him to the front door. The taller of the two rang the doorbell.

"Dr. Agasa?!" Rachel called after a moment of silence. Still no answer. She gave a grunt of frustration before pounding on the door itself. He duly noted the wood chips falling away as she knocked 'roughly' on the poor piece of wood. "DR. AGASA!? ARE YOU THERE?!"

"Whelp," he said cheerfully as he sauntered down the steps, "looks like he's not here. Too b-" He was cut short when one of the windows, in fact three, exploded out of their frames, flew a few feet, then smashed into a million pieces after colliding with the street. Seconds later a black blob poked out of one of the now empty window frames laughing nervously. The two at the door sweat dropped. Crazy old nut, he thought while shaking his head. He'll never learn.

"Sorry about that, Rachel!" Dr. Agasa called as he wiped some of the soot from his face with his sleeve.

"Maybe you should stay with us…"

"So, Doc, what hair brained invention had the liberty of exploding in your face this time?"

Jimmy Kudo, or a miniature version, sat infront of library window in his former house hold as he rummaging through the books lining the shelves behind the boy. "Ha ha ha, very funny Jimmy," he snapped back. Jimmy just smiled crookedly out the window. "If you must know," he continued, "it was for you." The detective perked up. "A new addition to your watch. The screen changes to a heat sensitive screen, allowing you to hunt down those slippery criminals, and to know when Rachel's hot on your scrawny little tail! Sometimes I amaze myself!" He gave a hearty laugh at his own brilliance, causing Jimmy to roll his eyes.

"Watch it, old man," the boy warned without moving his eyes from the window infront of him. "Don't let your head get too big."

"Voice of experience?" The comment might have been taken as sarcastic, but it was only full of concern. A moment of silence. "Do you want to talk about it, Jimmy?" he asked quietly, his hand resting on the boy's small shoulder.

"Rachel's…she's meeting someone today," Jimmy said slowly, his voice barely over a whisper. He understood instantly, but let his young friend continue, knowing that he needed to get it off his chest so to speak lest it fester into something far worse then concern. "I just don't want to lose her, Doc. She's the only reason I've come this far, and if I loose her to someone else, then what's the point, ya know?" Jimmy let out a sigh, his head propped boredly on his palm. "She says she loves me and that she'll wait for me, but what if I never get back to my normal state? She wont wait forever, Doc, and I'll be there to watch some other lucky bastard take her away from me forever."

"You…can't tell her, Jimmy," he said slowly, the taste of the words in his mouth bittersweet. The boy nodded.

"I know," Jimmy replied, his voice wavering on the verge of cracking. "I would never want to put her in that much danger. Better her move on and be happy then her be six feet under."

Serena tapped her foot impatiently. Where were they?! It was already thirty minutes past twelve, and they were supposed to meet at eleven. With a groan of irritation, the blonde returned to chewing on the end of the straw sticking out of her soft drink.

Bad sign, she thought, eyeing her friend as she chewed restlessly on the thin tube of plastic next to her. She only does that when she's uber pissed. For a moment she thought about vouching on the behaves of their missing blind dates, but quickly remembered she never really wanted to go on one anyway. The worst she'd have to deal with if they didn't show at all was her friend's complaining, which she, after many years of it, had learned to block it out. She let out a low sigh before leaning back on the bench she and her friend were sharing to stare at the sky. The sun peeked around the fluffy clouds as they slowly moved across the heavens. Straining her memory to its last lengths, she tried to place the clouds to their respective names she had learned God knows how long ago. The only thing she could place was that if the clouds formed an anvil, it usually meant rain.

Great, she thought bitterly. Rain. That's the LAST thing I need.

"Come on, Rachel!" Serena ordered, snapping her back into reality. Before she could protest, her friend grabbed her wrist and yanked her from the bench to the nearest ride. A quick 'whoa!' was all she could mutter before being pulled into the dark depths of the Fun House. "They're jerks and they aren't showing, so we'll just have fun without them!"

Not two minutes into the dark corridors of the Fun House were the two of them pretty close to utterly lost. The lighting was poor, and she kept running face first into the mirrors lining the many hall ways. She and Serena were quickly separated as well. She tried calling her friend's name, but found that not only did the walls of the maze make it impossible to tell where someone was from sight, it also made it impossible to know from sound. The whole damn place echoed something fierce.

Then the lights decided to go out.

The two of them, along with any other poor unfortunate souls trapped in the hell maze screamed bloody murder.

Moments later thunder rumbled so loud around them, the glass she was leaning on shook under her. Within seconds, the electricity was back up and running, a slight flash of bright light before settling on its normal dull glow. Somewhere in the maze an intercom, no doubt located on every ride, fizzled into life before a bored sounding female voice rang through the echo prone walls. "Due to the weather," the girl began over the static, "the park will be closing early. Please locate the nearest exit and have a nice day."

Nice day, my butt, she thought grimly as she looked around once again. Where the heck is the frickin exit?!

The rain pounded on the windows of the almost disserted house. He could remember plenty of evenings like this: he, all but alone, in his huge house with Dr. Agasa constantly pouring over his overly vast bookcase.

But today was different. Rachel should have picked him up an hour ago with the weather this bad. Seeing as the Doc's house was 'no place fore a child', she would have known to come here instead.

Still, his mind was open to all possibilities as usually, no matter how heart shattering they may be at the present.

Dinner and a movie with a pinch of necking in the back seat…

The PG rating was slipping fast as he let his imagination run away with him. Clinging to the slim hope she would save herself for him (he was such a pervert some times!), he returned to staring blankly down at the drive way as his not-so-helpful 'babysitter' rattled on endlessly about Lord knows what behind him. It took him a minute to realize he had been addressed. "Wha?" he asked, looking back at the Doc by leaning backwards in his chair.

"I said, 'maybe we should call'," the upside-down Agasa repeated before returning to scanning the book shelves. "You'll hurt yourself sitting like that, Jimmy," he called absently. As if on cue, his balance dissipated, leaving him flailing to stay upright. Within seconds he was sprawled out over the chair back, muttering oaths as the 'good' Doctor strained to keep from giggling.

Of course, this gave him an excuse to get up and use the phone. He was answered by Richard's slurred, "Hello?"

"Hi, Richard," he said merrily. "Is Rachel there?"

"Wasn't she supposed to pick you up on the way back from her date, or whatever?" the detective on the other end asked boredly, fighting back yawns.

"Well, yeah…"

"Is she there?"

"No, but-"

"The she's still out," Richard snapped. "Jeez, for such a smart kid, you sure are dense sometimes." The other line went dead, leaving him wondering why he had even bothered.

"Stupid old man," he muttered bitterly to himself as he smashed the phone back into place. "Hey, Doc!" he called after a moment. A chubby bald head poked around the corner. "Can we take your car to look around?"

"She's out, Jimmy," the Doctor reminded him in a tired tone. "No matter how much it bugs you, you have to realize she has moved o-"

"It's not that!" he cut off quickly, not really wanting to hear the Doctor finish the rest. "It's raining, Doc! What if she was in an accident?" For a moment there was silence. He took this change to play his last trump card.

The puppy-dog face.

The Doctor wracked out a sigh, his shoulders hunched in defeat. Worked every time. He couldn't help a little victory dance as they mad they way out to the Doc's garage.

A yellow Volkswagen Beatle greeted them. He had always thought the car suited the Doc. Strange and pleasant, with plenty of room to stretch. Climbing into the passenger's seat, he couldn't help but wonder if maybe he would be driving by now. He was close to getting his license before. Back when he was referred to as Jimmy Kudo.

Yet again he had found another reason to hate this body. It kept him from doing so much.

IF only he had just blown off the men in black coats, life would be SO much easier. Hell, he and Rachel might have even been going steady by now. Him getting lucky was completely out of the question, of course, but that didn't keep him from thinking about it.

The look on her face if he ever told her they had already bathed together would be quite interesting as well. Then again, so would the trip to the hospital that would follow.

It took him a minute to register they had already cleared the drive way and were now cruising down the street and his seat belt wasn't even on. He quickly corrected that. Driving with the Doc was always exciting, as well as ANYTHING you did with the man, so better safe then sorry.

It seemed tonight did him no favors.

They were slowly going faster and faster down the street. He simply chocked the speed up to the Doc's wacky way of driving. They'd slow down soon enough. It wasn't until they plowed through a busy intersection a minute later at an even higher speed did he realize something was terribly wrong.

The fact the Doc's eyes were shut tight only helped his gut wrenching theory.

Dr. Agasa had fallen asleep with his foot on the gas.

The worst part was he had watched the cause of this with his own two eyes.

The Doctor was know for having nights on end with no sleep, making whatever kind of other doctor or psychologist he went to very upset. As long as he could remember, Agasa had downed medication for such things. Tonight was no different.

Yet he knew about this. He HAD known about this, and was the one stupid enough to ask for a ride. Now they were speeding down the streets of Tokyo, the MPH reaching a dangerous sixty and still climbing.

How could have been so stupid!?

The honk of a oncoming car was the last bit of encouragement needed for him to push his tiny foot down hard on the brake. They automatically began to spin, the tires losing all traction on the wet pavement.

It was short lived.

As suddenly as it had started, it had come to an end. In their mad spin, the had collided with a street lamp. The collision sent his small body snapping around so violently, it seemed his head had smashed into the seat and the dash board at the same time. Within moments, his world had gone black.

She had no reason to be worried.

There were so many explanations for why they didn't pick up.

He went home to dad.

The two of them went out to eat.

They didn't reach the phone in time.

There was no reason to be worried whatsoever.

Yet, as she fumbled with her keys in the pouring rain, she felt uneasy.

After it started to pour, she and Serena had sought shelter in a local diner. Dripping all over the seats, it didn't take long to strike up a conversation, of course centered on their unexciting dates. Before she had known it, it was half after nine. Stuffing the rest of her greasy French-fries down her throat, she had raced to the nearest pay phone to call the Doc. She would tell him she was on her way and there was no reason to worry.

There had been no answer.

So here she was now, so queasy she couldn't remember which key unlocked her own house door.

The soft pitter-patter of feet running through the rain surprised her so much, she dropped her keys. She looked towards the sound to see little Conan Edogawa rushing up to her-

-blood running down the side of his face.

"Conan!" she cried as he rushed into her arms breathing heavily. After a moment he got his bearing and could form a complete sentence.

"You've gotta help me!" he choked out, his little hand trying to drag her in the direction he had come.

"Why?" she asked, almost scared to know what would make him this upset. He pulled again and this time she followed.

"Car accident!" he huffed as they ran. "There's a man still stuck in the wreckage! He might die if we don't get there soon!"

"That's terrible!" she gasped, picking up speed to were she was dragging him instead of the other way around.

"I'm so glad I found you, Lady," Conan wheezed out. "I was starting to think this part of the city was disserted or something!" She skid to a stop.

What did he just call me?


"Why are you stopping?!" he screamed before tugging at her arm again. "Come on!" he whined as she stared down at him in shock. Same glasses, same bow tie, same clothes. Everything was Conan, even if he was covered in blood and dirt. "You're the only other human being I've seen all night!" he pleaded. After a moment he gave up on trying to pull her and instead tried to get out her iron grip. "If you're not gonna help me, Lady, then let go and I'll find someone who will!"

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