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Six months later…

Elphaba had finally found peace. Keahn was gone and her father was no longer enchanted. He departed one night for his homeland. The red balloon was only a memory. He had invited Elphaba to come along and know both of her worlds. She knew that she must remain in Oz. She had her family to care for. Liir would be seventeen soon. He looked more like his father every day. Leina was starting to walk.

Elphaba watched the little girl totter along on unsteady legs. Fiyero was waiting a few feet away, arms outstretched. Leina had almost reached him when she lost her balance. She fell to her knees and looked around in a daze. Fiyero quickly scooped her up. Elphaba watched them with a smile on her face. Fiyero walked over to stand in front of Elphaba. He gave her a quick kiss and lovingly rubbed her swollen stomach.

"How are you feeling?"

"Happy for the first time in a long while," said Elphaba.

She felt a faint pressure in her stomach. "I think the baby is happy too."

"Why?" asked Fiyero.

She moved Fiyero's hand over the spot. The baby kicked again. Fiyero smiled warmly.

"I can't wait for this little guy to arrive."

"It should be interesting since Glinda is due around the same time," Elphaba said.

Fiyero chuckled softly. "Shell and I are well aware of that."


"I think someone's hungry," said Fiyero.

He walked into the hut to feed Leina. Elphaba remained outside. She thought about everything she had been through. In a strange way, she was grateful. Her suffering had made her stronger. For the first time in her life she was proud of whom she was. Elphaba slowly caressed her protruding belly. She truly hoped her baby was born green.