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SUMMARY: Graduation has arrived. Where does this leave everyone?

PAIRINGS: Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Colin/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Seamus/Dean, past Sirius/Remus.

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The rest of Harry's seventh year passed by in a happy blur.

He and Draco went on their date to Hogsmeade that Saturday. It was wonderful and nerve racking at the same time. He learned new things about Draco and vice versa. They then proceeded to go on more dates throughout the year. Now, no one looked twice at the sight of the two of them together. There was kissing, cuddling (as long as it was in private, neither man had gotten the hang of public displays of affection), and Harry found himself spending the night with Draco almost every night. The nights he enjoyed immensely as they were spent exploring each others bodies very thoroughly. Harry was sure he would never tire of the feel of Draco's large calloused hands on his cock.

As exhilarating as the touching was, what he enjoyed the most were the talks. Despite their differences, the two found plenty to talk about, even if it was just something as mundane as how their day went. Usually stoic and poised, Harry found it a challenge to make his boyfriend smile or laugh openly; he loved it when he succeeded. Their differences probably helped in the long run anyway. Draco never let the two of them get caught up in each other and forget important things like studying for their N.E.W.T.s which most of the seventh years were positive sneaked up on them when they weren't looking.

In turn, Harry refused to let Draco just bury himself in his books as the blonde had a tendency to do. He sometimes had to drag the blonde to Hogsmeade with him to have a round of Butterbeer with their friends or go flying. Sometimes Harry felt like a mother when he had to remind Draco that he couldn't live on air alone and needed to eat.

A lot of people often asked him how he put up with the blonde's coldness. Harry would just shrug with a silly smile on his face and say"I just deal with it." He knew most of them didn't realize that the Slytherin actually had a sweet side that he did his best to hide from strangers so they wouldn't think him weak. In public he was often stiff, sarcastic, and stoic. He also had a glare that put Snape's to shame, though he knew that Draco had in fact learned it from his Godfather.

However, when they were alone or among close friends Draco relaxed. He wasn't overly sweet but he let Harry know in little ways that he cared. Such as remembering pretty much everything Harry said or holding him tightly after having a nightmare he'd had a year to the day after Voldemort's death. The blonde seemed to observe the tiniest details, such as how he liked his coffee, and store it for future reference.

Not that their relationship was completely perfect. They had fights just like every couple did, both men were too stubborn for there not to be some. But they usually made up in about a day or two when one of them would realize they had been in the wrong and apologized. Though Draco usually took longer to apologize as he hated to admit that he was wrong.

All the Gryffindors had pretty much gotten used to Draco. He even occasionally sat with Harry, Ron, and Hermione at their table. Harry also got to know Blaise and Millicent better and genuinely liked them. Blaise reminded him a bit of Ron, only more tactful, and Millicent was interested in healing like he was. In fact, she had an apprenticeship lined up in St. Mungo's. By Christmas time he and Millicent had become fast friends and vowed to exchange letters after graduation.

Harry still was not used to all this happiness. Sometimes he was afraid he'd wake up and find out it was a very elaborate dream and it would be snatched away from him. Then as he got closer to graduation he stopped worrying about that and started worrying about the future. Draco had still not mentioned his plans after graduating. He hadn't even given a hint about whether or not he was going to take that job the museum had offered him. Harry also knew that several other prestigious places were offering jobs to exotic places, the closest one was in Paris.

Not wanting to sound needy or clingy to Draco he hadn't asked the blonde about his plans or how it would effect their relationship. In fact he hadn't even asked where their relationship was going. He knew where he wanted it to go. Visions of him and Draco moving in together, getting married, maybe adopting kids or something raced through his head sometimes at nights but he didn't dare mention them to Draco for fear of the blonde calling him childish or naive. Here he was all ready contemplating marriage and Draco hadn't even told him he loved him yet. Not in words at least. Actions, yes; and sometimes he was positive he could see it coursing through those magnetic grey eyes during late nights when Draco made him come in his hand.

But he never said it out loud, despite Harry saying it all the time.

So he kept silent about the future. Hoping and praying that when graduation came, he wouldn't be lonely once more.


The graduation ceremony, Draco had decided, had been very dull and boring. As Head Boy he had been told to make a speech, but after that it was a snore fest as Weasley had so elegantly put it afterwards. Though he amended this statement quickly, saying that it was boring only AFTER the Head Boy and Girl speeches of course, after Harry and Hermione glared at him.

Weasley was so...what was the American saying again? Oh yes, whipped. But then with Granger as his girlfriend he would probably be whipped too. That girl was scary when she was angry. For weeks on after he and Harry went on their first date she gloated about being the one to 'help Draco and Harry get together'. The blonde had wanted to inform her that they would've gotten together just fine on their own but Harry kicked him under the table before he could. After getting to know the witch better he realized Harry had quite possible saved his life. Or a trip to the infirmary at the very least.

After the ceremony was much more fun, even if he didn't have any family there, Molly Weasley had insisted on a photo of him afterwards. Then another with him and Harry. Then another with him and all his friends. Fred and George Weasley shook his hand after the photo session and gleefully informed him that in Molly Weasley speak he was now a part of the family.

It was then that he was convinced the world had gone mad because he had actually felt...happy to hear he was apart of the Weasley clan. Then he thought that his father was probably now rolling in his grave and grinned back at the twins saying if they pulled any pranks on him as initiation they were dead.

They had looked at him in astonishment and then one of them (he wasn't sure which) said"Malfoy, I think I'm finally starting to see what Harry sees in you."

There had been a huge party in the Great Hall that went on until the wee hours of the morning when he and Harry finally stumbled into his room kissing each other hungrily. It hadn't taken long for their cloths to be yanked off and for both of them to climax against each other.

Now he lay in bed completely naked just thinking. Harry was also naked with his head resting on Draco's stomach and lazy smile on his face. It was a look on the Gryffindor that Draco now knew he always got after they made each other come; the blonde liked seeing Harry like this. Harry brought his fingers to Draco's skin and traced small patterns on his stomach as Draco himself rested a hand on the small of Harry's back and stroked the soft skin he found there.

Though he loved touching Harry this was the part he enjoyed the most. The part after they climaxed at times seemed more intimate then when Harry would take his cock into his mouth and suck him. As enjoyable as that was this felt special in a way he couldn't explain and for once didn't care too. It was nice, this feeling as though he and Harry were the only two people in the world. Here in bed with Harry he did have to worry about tests and making sure he passed the Potions test for teaching so he could take up Dumbldores offer. He didn't have to worry about Slytherins who ignored his threat that if they harmed Harry they would regret it for the rest of their life and went after the Boy Who Lived anyway just to get back at Draco.

Luckily he had been able to keep Harry in the dark about that so far thanks to pure luck and help from Blaise, Millicent, Granger, and Weasley who had found out a few months ago by accident what was going on. He didn't want to trouble Harry so he tried to keep the fact that Slytherins were routinely trying to curse him and Draco a secret.

Other then that he had no complaints about his life.

He was now officially graduated. He had a job lined up with Dumbldore. He was also fairly certain that he was in love with Harry Potter. Yes, he was quite happy. He was also sure Harry was as well. Except why was he looking like that just now?

"Harry, what's wrong" he asked softly.

"Nothing" Harry said quickly, giving him a small smile.

Draco didn't buy it for a second. When he had glanced down at his lover, the man looked so melancholy. The last time he'd seen Harry look even close to that was when he had told the Trio about possibly taking the job offer the museum had him. Wait a minute...

'Good God, I'm an idiot. I never told him about the teaching position' he felt like smacking himself. 'He probably thinks I'm still going to leave'



"Just so you know, I'm going to be busy this Saturday and Sunday, all right"

Harry blinked. "Why are you going to busy" he asked curiously.

"I'll be taking the Potion Master test. So Dumbledore can hire me for next year" he answered smoothly.


At those words Harry sat up and stared down at his blonde lover. He had heard that Snape was retiring of course. Several Gryffindors had thrown a loud party when they had heard the news a month ago. But Draco had never said anything about Dumbledore offering him the job.

Hope stirred in his chest. "You never said anything about Dumbledore offering you a job."

Draco gave him a crooked grin. "Can you believe it sort of slipped my mind to tell you? He offered it after we got back to Hogwarts when you were kidnaped."

"So you're going to be teaching Potions" Harry asked slowly, making sure he was correct.

"Well, first I have to pass the Potions Master test. THEN I can teach."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Draco, you know about as much as Potions as Professor Snape does. If not, more. I'm sure you'll have no problem passing."

Draco raised an eyebrow at him and with a smirk drew him down until he was laying on of the blonde and their faces were inches from each other. "You certainly seem confident about my abilities."

Harry shivered at the husky tone in the blondes voice and smiled. "Well, you helped me pass Potions didn't you"

"Mmm, so I did." A hand slid down Harry's bare back and squeezed his arse. He immediately felt himself start to harden. Deciding to talk while he still had a clear head he asked"But I thought you really wanted to take that job in Egypt"

A hand cupped his chin and made him look into Draco's face.

"Now why on Earth would I move to Egypt when the man I love is staying here at Hogwarts? That wouldn't be very smart would it" Draco said with a soft smile on his face.

Harry froze and then felt a slow smile start to come on his face. "No. That wouldn't be very smart at all." Unable to control himself any longer he started showering kisses on Draco's face, murmuring I love you over and over again. Draco surprised him by returning them and then flipping him over onto his back and kissing him passionately.

Harry felt like he was on fire and all his nerves were on edge. He felt more nervous then even before he had gone to face Lord Voldemort in battle. But he wanted this and knew that Draco wasn't going to initiate it unless he asked. That was another thing the blonde tried his hardest to conceal from others: he was a very considerate and at times gentle lover.

So Harry tugged Draco's face until he was directly above him and whispered"Make love to me."

Grey eyes widened in delight, but then narrowed at him"Are you sure"

Instead of answering him, Harry pulled him down for a kiss. When they finally came up for air Draco murmured"I'll take that as a yes." Harry shivered as hands ran down his body to his legs and spread them open slowly as if giving Harry a chance to change his mind.

He didn't...

(censored part, so I don't piss off the mods)

...Draco was whispering nonsense words in ear and then he heard the blonde murmur"You're so tight. So beautiful. Mine. All mine." The rush of feelings he felt when he heard this statement caused him to shudder and yell his lover's name as he came. Draco yelled his release a few moments later. They both lay a few minutes, panting, and then Draco pulled out of him slowly. He drew Harry to rest on his chest. As he fell asleep, listening to Draco's heartbeat, Harry absentmindedly thought that he was probably going to be very sore tomorrow.

The thought made him grin.


Long after Harry had drifted off to sleep, Draco lay in bed contemplating the future.

Harry shifted and murmured"Love you."

He glanced down at the other man, but Harry was still asleep. Draco smiled and whispered"Love you too."

For the first time in his life, he was not worried about the future.


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