Resident Evil: Genises by Erin Conifer (a.k.a. Jonni/Quasi)


R, for future gore, violence, language, and hintings toward sexual activities.


(A crossover with the first movie Resident evil, in honor of '2'; Apocalypse reaching theatres.)

The Hive, an underground facility used for experimentation and testing under Raccoon City, has been contaminated with a biohazard. The T-virus; the most fatal weapon known to modern man. A group of commandoes has been sent to investigate; walking blindly into the horror that awaits them on their mission. Their plans, however, take a fatal turn, resting their fate in the hands of a dark haired man who can't even remember his own name.


I do not own the Resident evil movies, or games. They all belong to I believe dimension films and capcom. Sailor moon is not mine either; the story and all it's characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Pioneer entertainment, and a lot of people that are not me.


Umbrella corp. The largest corporation in the world, having an influence on virtually everything. They offer electronics, health care, beauty products, and many other everyday items. Ninety-nine percent of regular homes hold their products. However, testing to see if an item works properly must be done, and Umbrella doesn't care what it tests on...

She was working carefully. Pick up the blue; the virus. Secure it. Pick up the green; the anti-virus. Secure it. That was the procedure she was following with utmost caution; one wrong move and she could face severe consequences. She smiled behind the mask of her contamination suit. She had the T-virus; Umbrella's most secure and recent project.

The metal carrying case she had placed the virus and antidote in had sealed itself shut. Not a problem; all she needed was the right number code. Good thing she memorized it by heart. She wasn't in the mood to hack a simple security lock. She pressed some numbers on the digit-pad. Her smile widened when the case sprang open, offering her the virus with open arms.

She picked up a vial with blue liquid. For a moment, she held it on front of her mask, staring at the DNA like spiraled tube that held the most deadly bio weapon Umbrella possessed. The most deadly weapon in the world. She closed the lid, slid off the body off her contamination suit; leaving the mask on in case something went wrong. She picked up the blue tube... and threw it across the room. She hurriedly slid off her mask, and ran out the door as the tube smashed against the side of a metal counter. She had to make the train to the world above before the virus contaminated the air.

From a camera in the corner of the room, the Red Queen picked up a sign of biohazard. Entering the air vent. She promptly began to sanitize the situation.


I just saw Apocalypse, and I wasn't too impressed. It just reminded me this is something I've been itching to do, mix the RE movies with Sailor moon. R&R please.

Preview of next chapter:

"Kobayashi was not having a good day. It started with that bitch, walking by in a hurry, knocking his coffee all over his chest. Alright, maybe his bad day started with said coffee tasting like shit... but that didn't piss him off as much as being burned by his morning beverage. Now, he was stuck in an elevator, feeling the beat of his heart go ten times faster as the elevator began moving up at an alarming pace. His last thoughts after his anger were of Koneko murmuring, "Some people" after the coffee incident, as he dared to take a peek at her decapitated body before the end."