Hi! K, I'm new here, and just decided to write a story. I've actually done 5 over on , but I wanted to start new so I'm going to post one here. I've been reading for quite a while, but finally decided to write here. I just started writing fan fictions in December, and that was with Tarzan (the first show I ever became really obsessed with and still am), so I'm pretty new at this still. I hope you enjoy it!


Jane rolled over in her bed and tried to get some sleep. It seemed almost impossible. She was uncomfortable. Hot, itchy, sweaty, and just plain in pain. She sniffed and turned onto her stomach, trying to put the coughs that kept on coming at ease. She had an incredible headache. She looked over at her clock/radio and felt some comfort in the fact that it was time to take some more medicine. At least she would be able to get some sleep. Even if it was 4 in the morning and she'd have to wake up soon.

Walking to the bathroom wasn't an easy task. The second she sat up and put her feet on the floor there was a wave of pounding in her head and she had to close her eyes. Jane hated being sick. She rarely was ever sick, but when she did catch something it always came full force. She dragged her feet until they reached the soothing cold tile of the bathroom, and forced herself to turn on the light.

That sent her for a loop. A bright light behind her eyes went off that hurt so bad she had to back up and sit down on the toilet, her hand pressed to her forehead. She hissed and tried to open her eyes slowly, but it didn't work at all. Light made her head hurt way too much.

She hobbled back over to the door and turned off the light, then opened her eyes and waited for them to become accustomed to the dark. After that she pulled out her medicine and blindly measured an amount and gulped it, coughing at the terrible, thick taste.

She was just about to crawl back to her bed when she ran into something soft and warm. She gasped and coughed as she blinked up at John, towering over her with a concerned look on her face.

"Jane, you're sad?" he said, commenting on her constant sniffing.

Jane continued to her bed and crawled back into it, pulling the covers over her head, not paying attention to the fact that John had left the window open. "No, I'b not sad. I'b sick. I don't know why. Go back to sleep."

John walked back over to her bed and squatted next to her. "You're sick?" he asked quietly.

Jane flipped the covers back from her body and rolled over. "Yes, I'b... I'm sick. Is it hot in here to you?"

John placed a hand delicately on her forehead, making Jane a bit hotter than she wanted to be. It was one of those things he remembered his mother doing for him.

"You're hot," he whispered.

Jane stopped sniffing and stared at him, taking a moment to realize what he meant. "Oh, yeah, my head. I have a cold or something."

John cocked his head. "You feel cold?"

She turned onto her stomach again. "Neverbi--mind, John. I'm just sick." She groaned and turned her head to face him. "You should go back to Kathleen's. She probably has no idea you're gone."

John went around to the other side of the bed and crawled next to Jane, sitting down and leaning against the head board. "She doesn't," he said, taking a pillow and stuffing it behind him. "I'm staying."

Jane grumbled something and turned so that she was closer to John. Her sweat was making her cold now. "Fine, but stay still," she said against his side, then slipped into an uneasy sleep.

K, end of first chapter. I know it was kind of short, but they get longer, promise. I'll try to keep up with this one, but it's going to be a job with 3 other stories to write!