I wonder what I'll find tonight

Sorting through the past that I've left behind

Delicately picking through the past

Like plucking grapes off a vine

A yellowed pair of white dance slippers

Beads plucked off with peeling worn-out soles

A faded red scarf from the sea

In which moths have eaten holes

The hat of the doll you kept for me

When Papa threatened to burn her

Not our fault the cow ran away

What naughty kids we were

Baubles once attached to the barrette I used to wear everyday

Now run loose in the bottom of the box

Because you broke them off when we played

I loved that barrette, I held it so dear, but I forgave you anyway

An operatic triumph gave us reason to celebrate

I still have that rose, it's wilted now, but it's the first red one you ever gave

You brought champagne and we reminisced on our childhood days

I kept the cork and I still have it to this very day

You told me that you loved me

Under the Parisian stars

My knees were weak, I almost gave in

We almost took things too far

I reread your letters

I again cried many tears

Again I think I love you

Even after all these years

The man who I now hold and love

Doesn't know I have these things

Not even about those broken brushes

Or golden time-stained cufflinks

I don't want to hide this from him

He'll find out anyway, someday

But I'm a better woman for him, the man I love today

All thanks to the my encounters with the boy of yesterday

Thank you to the boy I held before

I'm cherishing love a whole lot more

But now it's time to tuck away that box back in the attic

And lock again the door