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Mind Games

Chapter1: Unknown threat

Come on... no, come on... shit!

The bright lightening piece of green code was slowly fading. Link typed furiously, eyes fixed on it, trying everything he knew to keep it on the screens.

I'm not giving up, you...

Unfortunately, his attempts didn't work, the code of the program suddenly disappeared, as if it had never existed. He carefully scanned the area, trying every way to bring him back, but was soon forced to give up. Definitely no code.

Ok, no code... no program. And no program... total failure.

Holding back the by now impelling urge to do a massacre with the computer, Link just punched it furiously, just to relieve his crescent irritation. Unfortunately, the blow was too violent for the taste of the machine, that seemed to take it like an ill-treatment and sparkled dangerously, threatening to stall. Which it did just a few seconds later, leaving a stunned and angry operator.

"Damn it! I can't believe I've lost it for the hundredth time!" he complained loudly, dropping his head on the keyboard in surrender. That thing already disappear by itself, now even the computer is against me... he thought frustrated.

The yell of desperation had echoed trough the whole ship, and, as a confirm, an almost reassigned Morpheus entered the Core.

"Again?" he asked - actually, if it was more a statement - patting the disconsolate operator on the shoulder. Link's answer was just a groan. The captain held back a laugh in seeing the grumpy expression of his crew member, an expression that appeared rather funny, and patiently helped him to restart the computer.

"Tell me exactly where it was before it disappeared."

"It's always around the same area for now, but sometimes the code disappears for a few seconds or minutes, even for hours."

Link quickly shoved a green coded map on the screens and pointed at the place.

"Going in?" he asked.

Morpheus slightly nodded a yes with his head, then walked out of the room.

Getting the Lovebirds... Link thought, smirking.

"Am I wrong, or it was Link?" Neo asked, lifting slightly his head from the pillow, but keeping his gentle grip around Trinity's waist. She answered with a barely audible soft moan, curling up more against his warm body, still half asleep, and maybe craving for more rest. A moment later she opened her eyes.

"Yeah... it's surely again because of that new program wandering in the Matrix."

"Is it really dangerous?"

"Maybe. We've never seen that kind of code, you know." she murmured in his neck.

Neo smiled in satisfaction, his hand caressing the smooth skin of her back, playing soft imaginary circles with his fingers. He was a little worried about a new possible enemy, of course... but his questions were just an excuse to hear Trinity's soft voice tickling his ear. He looked at her cream colour skin, her tapered and crouched body and her expression so relaxed, free from any trace of worry. She was so different from how she appeared to the other people, especially before learning to know and trust them. There wasn't a single thing he didn't like about her.

She's so beautiful... and caring... what did I do to deserve her? I almost can't believe she's mine... he smiled tenderly.

Not for too long...

Neo froze. His stomach clenched in a gloomy sensation. His hand involuntary stopped moving.

What was that? How the hell I thought such a thing? No... no, it wasn't me... I could never-

Someone knocked on the door of their cabin, interrupting his restless musing. Neo quickly covered their naked bodies with the blanket before it opened.


Morpheus's head appeared behind the half-open door. "Get ready, we're going in."

"All right, we're coming."

The older man nodded and closed the door. Trinity felt Neo stand up and she stirred, yawning quietly. She sat up in the bed and stretched, her bright cerulean eyes still tinged with sleep darting on her partner, that was picking up their clothes from the floor.

"What's wrong?"

Neo lifted his gaze to meet hers, questioningly.

"You look worried." She said simply, eyeing his face carefully.

Uhm... nothing slips from her attention... he sighed mentally.

"I'm fine. Why shouldn't I be? Don't worry." he said, in what he hoped was a reassuring tone.

Anyway, Trinity clearly wasn't convinced and opened her mouth to reply, when he suddenly leaned forward and grabbed her arm with delicacy, pulling her up to him. He kissed her, gently at first, then passionately, moving his lips on hers, on her jaw and her pulsating throat, on the most sensitive spots, then he slowly returned to meet her lips. He felt her arms wrap around his shoulders and sigh in pleasure. A couple of hungry kisses later they broke off, but kept touching foreheads, breathing hard for air and inhaling each other scent.

"Yes?" Neo asked, glancing at her with a sly grin.

"Sorry... were we talking?" she whispered as if she had no more voice.

They suddenly kissed again, for what seemed an eternity. And they would have continued for God knows how much time, if Trinity hadn't pulled away. Well, now I'm fully awake...

"Ok, we have better go, otherwise..."

Neo held her tighter, nuzzling her warm cheek, their breaths moulding.

"Yeah, you're right..."

Trinity blinked in the bright white of the Construct. Strange... she wasn't wearing her usual sunglasses. She took a step toward Neo and felt her legs a bit hindered in the movements. Confused, she examined her clothing and gasped. She was wearing black leather, yes... but it was a long, sleeveless dress, that accentuate her supple curves. What the hell...? she thought, lifting her gaze. Neo grinned innocently, even Morpheus let out a smile.

"Could you please explain me this?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at them. Then she noticed they were both wearing elegant suits too.

"Beh... the last place where Link saw the program was the restaurant of an elegant hotel, where someone is having a dance party... we can't go there with our terrorists outfits, can we?"

Neo gave her an apologetic smile. Trinity tried to look furious, but she eventually smiled, after all she wasn't really annoyed. "Ok... but remember you'll pay for that!"

"We're in."

The three came out of an old building and walked toward their destination, slowly, to not attract unwanted attention. However, it was impossible, since no one of the guys they met in the street could help but take an obvious gaze at Trinity. And she didn't like very much this kind of attention, apart from when it was Neo's.

"Come on, don't tell me you're angry again!" Neo said in a mocking tone, noticing her expression.

Actually, he was the nervous one, still remembering that unexplainable thought in his mind... Not for too long... so he was trying to distract not only Trinity but even himself. He hadn't told anyone, it seemed so... so... he couldn't even describe it. So how could he have? Maybe it had just been a trick of his imagination... the fear of losing her. It would have been horrible. Great, just like I feel right now...

"Don't twist the knife in the wound!" Trinity replied uneasy, the sound of her voice bringing him back to reality. "Everyone already stares at me when I wear my usual outfit, now it's worse!" she paused briefly, only to glare at another leering couple of men. "Anyway, which are the other moral prohibitions, apart from the wearing?"

"Don't be so hard, Trin! You're beautiful, don't deny it. And you always look great... but, God, you really seem a queen in this dress."

Trinity couldn't help blushing. Neo really had the rarest gift to lighten her mood in every situation. He was so nice. And so damn cute...

I used to think that I knew what we needed,
I just assumed we would always be fine..."

"It's too crowded... hell, I can barely divide the codes..." Neo muttered thoughtfully, glancing at the mass of people who was having fun. A huge mass of people. They were in front of the dance floor, right in the middle of the party. The music was sounding softly over them. It would be pleasant, if we were here for fun...

"Link said that the program moves very fast, it appears and disappears even in seconds on the screens..." Trinity said. "Are we sure it has a human figure?"

"Yeah... but it'll be an ordeal."

"Let's separate and keep your eyes open. We can't find it in any other way, we don't even know why targeting and hacking didn't work. Call if you see something weird." Morpheus commanded. Neo and Trinity nodded, and the three disappeared into the crowd, in different ways. They didn't notice a following shadow behind them.

"... Now I don't think that we lost the feeling,
but we let everything build up inside..."

"… It's only love,
but love... should make us strong..."

It's like to look for a needle in a haystack... Neo thought, slightly discouraged, as he nimbly avoided another bunch of dancing people. Suddenly he felt an unnatural presence behind him and turned swiftly. As his brown eyes connected with a pair of metallic grey ones, a cold darkness fell on him.

"… It's only love,
but love... has been hurting so long..."

Morpheus' cell phone rang.

"Morpheus! The program!" Link practically shouted. "It's doing something to Neo, but I can't explain what! I tried to call him, but he didn't answer!"

"Calm down, where are they?" Morpheus asked immediately.

Cold... the cold was piercing into his skin, creeping till his heart... rasping breaths that made his blood freeze...

It's dark... and cold... I'm cold... No, Neo... it's not real...

Are you sure? The mind makes it real...

Neo jumped at the sudden voice. Then he turned in the direction from where he thought it came, but he couldn't see anything. It was dark. Suffocating dark everywhere. No more music. No more laughs. Just silence. Just that gloomy, unpleasant voice.

What's going on! Who are you? Or... what?

I'm what I have been made to be...

Made... program... the machines...

Yeah... but I'm not a slave... unlike you were once...

The voice emphasized on his last phrase.

How...? What...?

I do what I feel like doing...


What do you feel now?

Cold... who are you? What do you want from me? Go away!

I was right... your mind is really interesting... more than the others...

My mind...? What does that mean?

I have learned a lot of things about you... about your life, if I can call it "life" ... I can read your thoughts... friends, enemies... ah, look here, there is even a "beloved she"...

The mysterious voice laughed ironically.

She... no... no, not her... don't touch her...

She's very attractive, at least you have good taste in this case... and her name is Tr-


Sudden silence. A more intense coldness descended. Neo's breathing was taken away. He heard cruel laughs, then horrible cries and shouts of pain. A dense fog was swirling around him, inside him... he was drowned in the chill...

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