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"What ?? my cousin is coming?" Sakura groaned.

Just what she needed !GREAT! another wanna be girlfriend of Stupid Sasuke. --"

"YES she is and you better be nice to her or ELSE!" Sakura's mum warned her.

"Of COURSE i will" Sakura muttered.

I hate you Sasuke.....

Flashback One day ago...

Sakura was sitting down at their normal meeting spot extremely early, she was waiting for her beloved Sasuke Kun to arrive.

One hour later...

"SASUKE KUN!" Sakura yelled and rushed to hug him.

He looked seriously bored. And moved away.

"Will you go OUT WITH me?" Sakura asked hopefully.

"Go away...you're annoying" He muttered hopping up a tree away from her.

This little remark hurt Sakura, but she resisted from crying instead she took out a book to cover her face, while she cried.

Sasuke's POV: why is she so annoying? Doesn't she realise that I don't have time for friends? Or time to love someone? Was I too mean? I can't see her face but... MAYBE i should say something ? Sasuke pondered, he hopped down from his tree and was about to walk over...when......


Sasuke went flying..

"SAAKKKKKKKUUUUUUURAAAAA-CHANN!" Sakura hadn't seen him coming because she had her head buried in that book.

"Noooo!" she tried to move away as he hugged her.

"GET OFF!" She yelled before he could and also gave him the ultimate deathh flare.

"Gomen Nasai!" he cried backing away.

"MEh" she said angrily.

"Sakura can you come with me to the Ramen Store today?" Naruto asked hopefully.

Sasuke's POV: He rubbed his head, OUCH stupid baka Naruto!!

he never watched where he was going!

Sasuke picked himself up and started walking back towards them.

he saw Naruto do his normal trying to hug Sakura thing.

And over heard them talking about going to the ramen store.

Naruto whispered something in Sakura's ear, she nodded and then when she saw Sasuke coming. She stopped talking.

It was like they had a SECRET that they didn't want Sasuke to hear about.. TT

he felt left out and a bit sad and lonely.


"I want to ask Hinata out on a date..." Naruto told Sakura, "But she might be a bit shy...So maybe you could ask her for me and come aswell?? " :D

Sakura looked at his huge nine tail eyes which were wide and reminded her of a sad puppy dogs eyes. He didin't look like he was lying about Hinata being so shy...

"Ok...but you HAV E to stop trying to hug me though" Sakura told him.

"Yeah that's just an HABIT, I'll BREAK IT ok?" Naruto said.

I'm breaking the HABIT, I'm breaking the HABIT TONIGHT......yeah Linking PArk roxs la!

10 years later..............wait 10 hours... nnooo i mean aprox like 3 hours l8er..

KAKASHI FINALLY arrives on the scene.

"Yo dudes, what's up?" Kakashi asked a but too happily for their liking.

"Nothing BOREDOM, you use up like half of our whole training time, just for you to turn up!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi acted like he heard nothing at all and used Naruto as a head rest.

"Getting on with life now , today we have a mission, not very hard though, that's probably why they are giving to you guys."

He recieved 3 big evil death glares from his students.

"I'm just saying that coz i know you guys can handle it without any of my help..."

"WHAT IS IT ALREADY?" Sakura yelled impatient.

"Neh neh... patience young ones!!" Kakashi said.

"The new bank that opened over there, hadn't hired any security guards to protect their door so so thugs easily broke in and stole like all their money and they decided to get the towns ninja's to get it back, so yeah if you fail many people are going to blame you for their credit card money... They are currently hiding in the forest...And also I use that bank too so GOODLUCK..

poof Kakashi disspeared and they started to walk around...

Then suddenly heard some people's voices.

they crept up slowly. "Whose there?" An fat voice yelled.

Then Naruto yelled .

"Give us back the money!" "BAKA!" Sakura muttered.They came out of the bushes anyway.

"OK give us the money or we will have to kill you!" Sasuke muttered bored out of his wits.

"HAHHAHAHAHAH a girl, and 2 stupid punks?" They laughed drunkily.

"So?" Sakura kicked his ass.

There was one that wasn't drunk and he looked at them and came to Sakura...

He held a kunai to her throat.

"Let go freaks" he warned. "OR she's dead..."

"NO SAKURA I'll SAVE YOU!" NAruto muttered. The gut put the kunai closer to Sakura's throat. Naruto stopped.

Sakura was frightened and screamed loudly and started to cry, she didn't want to die...


AHH she could of defended herself, he thought as he made a clome and quickly kicked the only Genin level's ass in to the air.. Too easy he picked up the money..

"Ahhh why is she so weak? ALL girls do just scream and can't protect themselves, they should only let boys be ninjas..they're so annoying..." He muttered. Sakura heard this and her eyes watered...

"Thanks Sasuke Kun!" Sakura said gratefully.

"Instead of spending so much time on you looks and stuff you should be TRAINING!" He muttered annoyed that he always HAD to save her.

toally sexsist!"

POOF! Kakashi came again...

"Oh you have the money..." He said glancing at Sasuke's hand...

"Good Job, now they mission is over you can go home..." he said taking the money.

"Except for Sasuke, I need to talk to you...His looking at Sasuke.

The other two walked home together.

"Sasuke, you are so sexsist, you don't even know how much, and unless you change, then you shouldn't be in my group, it's called team work, you have to be FRIENDS with each other."

"So this is what I want you to do..." Kakashi started.


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