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Boy 2 Girl

Chapter 5

"Kakashi?" Sasuke said while walking.

"HOW come I can't use the henge no jutsu?" Thx chibiful

"BECAUSE... it would be wasting my time then!" Kakashi laughed evilly.

Just in case you are wandering, KAKSHI-SAN IS NOT GAY!! You will see after, if I remember...

"NANI?" Sasuke asked.

"Anyway, you have to go in a girls toilet to get changed ok?" Kakashi said pointing to the public toilets.

"NANI?" Sasuke said more loudly.

"GO !!!" Kakashi said.

"MEH!!!!" Sasuke said frustrated.

But stomped off towards there anyway.

Sasuke walked in. NO big entrance...the usual...

There was screams, glares and whispers.

"What are you staring at?" He asked rudely.

He heard someone say 'HENTAI'...

But he looked FIERCE, so they didn't bother him OR her.

He went into a cubicle and tried to put the stupid clothes on.

He put the bra on...and then couldn't do up the clasp thing.

"AHHH!" he yelled bashing around and hitting his head a numerous a lot of times in the small cubicle thing.

AHHH it was TOO HARD...

Maybe he should do they technique...first....

He did the hand symbols that he saw Naruto do some many times.


He turned into a pweety girl...

He looked at himself in the mirror on the back of the door.

who was that??

It looked just like Sakura except he had black hair...

And brownish eyes...

Now he tried to put on the dress again..

If fitted!!

YAY!! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

He looked pretty Sakura...

He put on the HIGH HEEL shoes ...

OOO he looked taller.

e's not gay either :P

Finally he was finished.

He looked weird when he stared at himself in the mirror...

Was that really him??


Sasuke opened his cubicle and walked out and

Only one week how hard would that be? He fell flat on his face.

There were so more whispers. He got up slowly.

"Don't you have any Make Up?" A snobby looking girl asked as she put a TON of gunky stuff on her face which looked UGLY enough without it, according to Sasuke...

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

She looked shocked.

"Here let me help you!" She said happily and applied one Kilo of make up on his face before he ran out.

And fell on his face AGAIN.

Maybe this was going to be harder than he thought as he heard someone mutter.

"Clumsy Slut..."


Poor Sasuke!!