The Titans on Film!!!

Armed with their trusty video camera, the Titans make their own versions of their favourite films!!!

1. The Lord of the Rings. - The Fellowship of the Ring.

Scene 1.

Robin is sat up a tree reading a newspaper. (This is only a cover for his playboy magazine!) BB in the form of a racoon climbs the tree. He throws an apple at Robin's head.

Robin. "Ouch!"

Sees Beast Boy.

Robin. "Why you little….!"

Robin jumps at him, but falls out the tree. Staggering back to his feet he attempts to chase BB across the road, but trips over his foam hobbit feet just as Raven drives past in the T car.

Robin. "Argghhh!" Gets mangled under the wheels.

Cyborg. "Robin, get your butt off my car!" Runs over to it. "Oh baby, did the big bad spiky headed, womanising, Slade wannabe hurt you?" Gets out cloth and starts cleaning it. "It's okay, daddy with fix you."

Other Titans back off slowly. Robin crawls slowly out from under the car.

Robin. "Your late." Falls over.

Raven. Folds arms. "Does this face look bothered?"

Cyborg. "Raven stick to the script! Hey, why aren't you in costume? WARDROBE!"

Starfire appears. She glues a hat and a beard to Raven, then hands her a big stick.

Raven. "Thanks." Hits Star on the head.

Robin. "I think I need medical attention."

BB looks at Cyborg whose blowing kisses to his car.

Beast Boy. "You're not the only one."

Scene 2.

Robin and Raven walking through forest. Raven still trying to get her beard off.

Robin. "So let me get this straight. This little thing can make you invisible." Holds up the Ring.

Raven. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Pulls at beard.

Robin. Evil grin as he puts on.

Raven. "Robin, where have you gone?"

Robin. "Cool I'm invisible!" Moons the others.

Beast Boy. "Dude I think I'm going to be sick!"

Cyborg. "Put it away!!!"

Starfire. "I've gone blind!!"

Robin. "You can see me?!!"

Raven. "What? We couldn't afford the REAL one Ring."

Scene 3.

Titans standing outside the Prancing Pony.

Cyborg. "Honestly mister, we're all over 18!"

Barkeeper. "Yeah right. The only one of you who looks old enough is him!" Points at Raven.

Raven. "Beer. Yay!!" She runs inside. The door slams on the others. From the window they see Raven drowning three pints.

Raven. "Maybe this beard isn't so bad after all!"

Scene 4.

Robin is surrounded by the Ringwraith.

Robin. "Hey, these guys are the real deal!"

BB. "Yeah they work for peanuts." To prove his point, BB throws Peanuts at the ground. Instantly the Ringwraith leave Robin and start eating the peanuts.

Cyborg. "Never fear hobbit. Aragorn is here to help." Sees the Ringwraith have all gone.

Cyborg. "Job done."

Robin. "Oh…I …have...been…stabbed" Falls down.

Starfire. "Oh poor Frodo, what can I, Arwen do to ease the pain?"

Robin. "Emmm…..make out with me?"

Starfire. "okay!" They make out.

Cyborg. "Hey! Arwen's Argorn's girl! The only reason I took this part was to get some action!"

Robin. "I working it here!"

Cyborg picks up Ringwraiths sword and stabs him with it.


Starfire. "Cyborg, how could you?!"

Cyborg. "It's okay Star. It's all in the script."

Starfire. "OK. What else does the script say?"

Cyborg. Gets a nose bleed. "That Argorn and Arwen go off for a long weekend in Paris."

Robin. "NO!"

Starfire. "Sorry, but if it's in the script." Leaps into Cyborg's arms. "Lets go big boy!"

Scene 5.

Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Speedy, Gizmo, and Aqualad sit round in a circle with Mad Mod facing them.

Mad Mod. "Okay Duckies. How do we get rid of this oh so tacky ring!"

Gizmo. "Why am I even here?"

Cyborg. "Cause I threaten to tell jinx how those pictures of her got on the internet."

Robin. "And you're the only one short enough to play Gimli."

Gizmo. "Hey!"

Aqualad. "Maybe we could use the power as our own."

Everyone. "Boo. Hiss" Throws paper balls at him.

Raven. "Robin. It's your line. Robin?"

Robins asleep. Raven hits him over the head.

Robin. "What? ….oh yeah…I'll do it. Whatever."

Mad Mod. "You will take this Ring and cast it back to where it was created?"

Robin. "Yes."

Mad Mod. "You will brave terrible evils and certain death?"

Robin. "…yes…"

Mad Mod. "Without coming into contact with no woman what so ever until this task is complete?"

Robin. " Yes…wait a minute. No I don't."

Mad Mod. "Too late!"

Cyborg. "Here. You can have my sword." Places sword in his hands.

Speedy. "And my bow." Gives him bow.

Gizmo. "And my axe." Gives him axe.

Aqualad. "And my sword." Gives him sword.

Raven. "Well then Frodo off you go." Shoves him down the steps.

Robin. "Arggghhhh!"

Beast Boy looks over the edge. "Dudes. He's not getting up for a while."

Scene 6.

In the mines of Moria.

BB. "Hello Frodo. My name is Smegol." Coughs. "Gollum."

Robin. "That's a bad cough. Want a cough sweet?"

BB. " I much rather hold my precious…eh. I mean you ring."

Robin. "You what?"

BB. "I just want to touch your ring."

Robin. "Pervert!" knocks him down the well. The noise wakes up the goblins.

Cyborg. "Everyone. Prepare to fight."

All eyes turn to the door where the noise is coming from. After awhile nothing happens. Raven pulls open the door to reveal, Starfire hitting a few pots and pans.

Robin. "Let me guess. Not enough money"

Cyborg. "To hire an entire Orc army? You got to be kidding."

Beast Boy. "A little help here guys…guys?"

Scene 7.

Raven stands on a bridge as the Balrog approaches.

Raven. "You shall not….Daddy?"

Trigon. "Hi honey. How's my number one girl?"

Raven. "What are your doing here?"

Trigon. "I've come to teach you and your friends ballet." Holds up pink tutu's

Raven. "NOOOOOOOOO!!" leaps over the edge.

Trigon. "Honey. Wait for Daddy!" Follows her.

Cyborg stands on Robins foot.

Robin. "What? Oh…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! …are we done yet?"

Beast Boy. "Just one more scene."

Scene 8.

Aqualad and Robin alone in the forest.

Aqualad. "Go on let me have a look at your ring."

Robin. "Okay here."

Aqualad. Puts it on. "Is that all it does?"

Robin. "Yup."

Aqualad. "Kind of lame."

Robin. "I know."

Aqualad. "So…want to blow the horn of Gondor?"

Robin. "No. I don't."

Arrow hits Aqualad in the heart.

Speedy. "I got him."

Robin. "He's not dead yet!"

Everyone fires arrows at Aqualad till he falls over.

Beast Boy. "Is that the end?"

Raven checks Aqualad's breathing.

Raven. "Borormirs dead. It's the end."

Robin. "Who wants Pizza?"


Slade. "Okay. Where was I in that fiction?"

DIT. "Slade, you are so over. Brother Bloods the new villain now!"

BrotherB. "In your face Slade."

Slade. "But.."

DIT. "Goodbye!" flicks him away.