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Title: Waiting for Goodbye

Summary: Scarecrow has his brain. The Tin Man has his heart. The Lion has his courage. They've all got what they always wanted – but happiness isn't always connected with material objects.

Author's Note: Hi folks. This isn't my usual region of fanfiction, yet I've been watching the Wizard Of Oz movie for the first time in a long while and found myself in love with it all over again. Movie-based. This is a simple one-shot, fairly short, please review!!

Waiting For Goodbye

The three friends watched the hot-air balloon down in the Emerald City, where a crowd of the townsfolk had gathered, not just to bid farewell to their wizard, but to see a man that so many admired, and yet no-one had seen in all his years of living there.

The Tin Man kept looking at his new heart, each time noticing something new about it. The Scarecrow must have read his diploma in DHT (Doctor Of Thinkology) over a hundred times. The Lion pawed at his medal, a look of pride upon his face.

Yet their happiness was overshadowed by sadness. It was like a heavy storm cloud that lingered above, just waiting to burst, leaving sadness and emptiness wherever it went.

"How long now?" asked the Tin Man, finally breaking the silence.

"I don't know. But whenever it is, I don't want it to come."

"Does she really have to go?" the Lion asked, suddenly not as interested in the medal.

"Well, for Dorothy, the whole point of going to see the Wizard was to get her back to Kansas. We've had our requests fulfilled; now it's Dorothy's turn."

The Lion suddenly began fiddling with the end of his tail, which was an old habit that he would never shake off.

"I don't want her to go!" he cried. "I know it's selfish of me, after all she's done for me and you two, and she deserves her request. But I still wish she's stay here with us."

The Tin Man joined in the Lion's cries and the Scarecrow sighed as he reached to get the oil can.

"Honestly, with you two around, it's a good job I can keep my head together," the Scarecrow lied as he battled with his own feelings. "Dorothy has to go back to Kansas. It's what we all made the journey for, as well as ourselves. Now we'll go down there-" the Scarecrow motioned with his head towards the window that overlooked the City, "-and we'll say goodbye to Dorothy. Come on."

The Scarecrow marched out bravely, the Tin Man followed noisily, his joints squeaking, and the Lion followed them both, whimpering.

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