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Chapter 42

Goten charges at Cell throwing a hard right punch at the android. Cell leans to the right easily dodging the blow. An instant later he leans to the left dodging a kick from Trunks. Cell swings back his fist and backhands the Super Saiyan 4 away with hardly any effort at all. Trunks flies down to the ground impacting creating a huge crater. Goten soon follows in a crater of his own.

"You're pathetic!" Cell taunts. "I'm not even breaking a sweat yet."

"Let's show him some real fighting," Trunks says dusting himself off. "Ready?"

"Right," Goten responds.

"Fu…shion. Ha!"

The two warriors suddenly flash with a bright light then suddenly become one. Gotenks looks up at Cell. "Now you die."

Gotenks charges at the android and throw a punch right at Cell's face. Cell blocks the punch with ease and buries an open palm in the warrior's stomach. In a flash Cell lets an enormous blast go at point blank range into the fused warrior. Gotenks goes flying back into the ground where Cell's blast detonates.

"Well, that's the end of that," Cell says dusting his hands off.

"Not so fast," Gotenks says appearing behind the android. In an instant the fused warrior grabs Cell under both arms and clings to his back. "If I'm going to die, you're going with me." With a terrible scream Gotenks begins to raise his power higher and higher.

"You fool," Cell screams. "You'll kill us both."

Gotenks grins. "That's the idea."

"But you won't be wished back," Cell stammers. "The Dragonballs are broken."

"If it's what I have to do to get rid of you, it's worth it."

"I'll survive anyway," Cell sneers. "You don't have enough power at that level."

"Oh yeah," Gotenks responds. "Super Kaioken x50!" A great red aura surrounds the fused warrior as his power suddenly skyrockets even more. As the fused warrior's power climbs his body is slowly ripped apart. In a few short seconds there is a huge explosion and when the smoke clears there's nothing left of the two warriors but ashes.

"Well, well, well," Omega Shenron says. "The fools really did blow themselves up."

"They did manage to take the android with them though," Omega Porunga says. "Not that it will do this pitiful planet a lot of good."

"Wait who are you guys?" Goku says now getting up beside his older brother chewing the sensu bean just given to him.

"We are what happens when you over use the Dragonballs," Omega Shenron answers. "I am Omega Shenron the ultimate Shadow Dragon."

"You fool," Omega Porunga interrupts. "I'm over ten times more powerful than you are."

"Anyway," Omega Shenron continues. "As I was saying when the Dragonballs are used, they are filled with negative energy. When that energy builds up Shadow Dragons are created. There are normally a dragon for each Dragonball, but we decided to combine our powers for more efficient fighting."

"Are you done?" Omega Porunga says looking extremely bored.

"Ready brother?" Raditz says.

"Let's do it," Goku responds powering up. In seconds he's a Super Saiyan 4. A few more seconds of screaming and he ascends past that to Super Saiyan 5. Goku then fazes out of existence and appears behind Omega Porunga. With a quick elbow to the back of the head he sends the Dragon flying back into the ground.

Raditz charges at Omega Shenron and throws a punch of his own at the white dragon. Omega sidesteps and backhands Raditz away and to the ground. Raditz picks himself up and charges back at the Shadow Dragon throwing a flurry of kicks and punches. Omega Shenron dodges them all.

Meanwhile in the hyperbolic time chamber, Gohan and Vegeta spar going all out hundreds of miles from the door. The two warrior exchange blows at lightening fast speeds.

Back at the fight Goku lands another punch into Omega Porunga's stomach causing the Dragon to cough up some more blood. Goku throw the Dragon to the ground and cups his hands at his side. "Ka… Me… Ha… Me… HA!" The beam of energy shoots out at the dragon and connects full force. Omega Porunga barely has anytime to react as the kamehameha wave washes over him, destroying every cell in his body. Seconds later the seven Namekian Dragonballs fall from the sky once again their normal Orange color.

Omega Shenron looks over in horror. "How can this be? Porunga was the strongest. He can't be beaten."

"Kakarot was even stronger obviously," Raditz says beaten and bloody but still grinning. "Now you're next."

"You first," Omega says as he sends a beam of energy threw Raditz's heart killing him instantly. I won't die that easily. "Shadow Dragons unite." Suddenly all the Namekian Dragonballs fly at Omega Shenron and are absorbed into the dragon. The dragon grows taller and wider. The circle of Dragonballs now has thirteen balls with one in the middle. "Now I, Omega Shenrunga will destroy you."

"You'll pay for what you did to Raditz," Goku says as he charges the Shadow Dragon. Goku throw a left punch, but Omega simple blocks it with little effort. Goku continues to throw punch after punch and kick after kick but the monster dodges or block them all.

After about an hour, Omega grabs Goku and tosses him to the ground. "Enough of this. I'm tired of toying with you. I'll destroy you and this entire planet." Omega forms a giant ball of ki in his hand and throws it at Goku. "Dragon Annihilation." Goku raises his hands and catches the ball of black ki and pushes back against it. The power of the Shadow Dragons is almost too much but somehow Goku manages to hold the energy back away from the planet. Unfortunately for him, the blast still detonates creating a giant crater around the now weakened Super Saiyan 5. "Now lets see you block this one," Omega Shenrunga says creating another blast this time bigger.

"Not so fast," Vegeta says from behind the dragon. Omega Shenrunga turns around to see both Vegeta and Gohan. Both warriors are covered in golden fur and have long golden hair. Both warriors are Super Saiyan 5s. "Now you die dragon Vegeta says."

"Do you really think that you are powerful enough to beat me where your friend has failed?"

"I know we can beat you," Gohan says. "Ready, Vegeta?"

"You know I don't want to do this."

"It's the only way."

"Oh alright."

"Now remember when we practiced this it doesn't give us much time."

"I'm not an idiot I know that."

"Fu…shion. HA!"

With a bright flash of light Gohan and Vegeta become one warrior. "Now I, Vegetan, will be the end of you."

"Oh yeah, I'll finish you just like I did your friends." Omega rushes at Vegetan and throws a flurry of kicks and punches at the warrior. Vegetan lets every one of them hit but they do no damage.

"Now I'll end this. Vegetan buries a fist in Omega's ribs causing a big cracking sound. The dragon goes flying back and Vegetan gathers energy in his hands. "Final Kamehameha." The blue and yellow beam shoots out and hits Omega Porunga dead on. When the smoke clears the seven Namekian Dragon balls have fallen out of Omega Shenrunga leaving only Omega Shenron left. "Now, to finish you. Final Kamehameha." Just as the words leave his mouth the two warriors split as the fusion wears off.

"You idiot you took too much time," Vegeta screams.

"No, it's just that you don't get much time at Super Saiyan 5. We both knew that. Besides he's weak enough now that we can beat him without the fusion."

"I don't think so you fools. Shadow Dragons Uni.."

Before Omega can utter the last word of his phrase, a great blue wave of energy washes over him. "Kamehameha!" Goku shouts as he uses the last of his energy to destroy the Shadow Dragon. When the smoke finally clears, the seven earth Dragonballs fall back along with the Namekian Dragonballs.

The Dragonballs suddenly glow and both Porunga and Shenron appear. "It is over; the Shadow Dragons have been defeated." Shenron says.

"But now we must leave to purify the Dragonballs," Porunga adds.

"Wait, before you go," Goku says. "Can you please repair all the damage and bring back all those killed by Cell and the Shadow Dragons."

"It is done," the two dragons say at once.

"Now we need you to come with us, Goku," Shenron says, "to purify the Dragonballs."

"I'm sorry but I can't," Goku says. "My place is here with my family."

"But without you it will take much longer to complete the task."

"I'm sorry but I can't go."

"So be it then." And with that farewell the dragons fly off into the sunset.

The End

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