Ranma ½: Plus 1

A/N: This ay or may not bee a one-shot about different events. Ranma is born with a twin sister named Ranko who he grew up and trained with within the normal events of the series. It has been done countless times but this is my take on it. PREREADERS wanted if I do continue. RR, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own any material belonging to Ranma ½.


"Grab her!" A menacing sign appeared in Ranma's face, blocking his view and casing him to trip over his father currently in panda form.

"What do you think I'm trying to do old man?" Ranma growled after having taken the sign and breaking it over his fathers head.

"She's getting away!" Another sign appeared as the both scrambled after the fleeing figure.

"Ranko wait up!" Ranma called bounding off the sidewalk, rebounding off the privacy wall and landing down in front of his sister, who came to a stop.

"I'm not going to be part of this." She threatened with narrowed eyes. "It's your problem you handle it!"

Ranma peering over his sister's shoulder saw their father approaching like a thief. "Its family honor, we don't have a choice." He said sympathetically causing his sister to soften her glare and opened her defenses just as their father pounced.

"Good work boy!" A happy sign sprung up from the panda that was now holding its daughter with one arm easy surrounding her small body pinning her arms at her sides.

Ranma backed off a bit to avoid his sister's kicks as she fought like a wildcat, hissing and trashing.

"Let me go right now!" She screeched twisting and kicking. "I don't want any part of this!"

"Your acting like a girl!" a sign appeared, Ranma having seen a glimpse of it just before it was shoved before his sister gulped and backed off a good 10 meters. His father seemed to realize his mistake as well, but to late.

"Maybe because..." the panda trying to hide the sign innocently. Ranko demonstrating her extreme flexibility archer her back flinger her legs up over her head and circled them around her fathers, easily using the leverage to pop free from his grip and unleashing a devastating throw which left her father unconscious against the stone wall. "I am you stupid panda!"

Panting lightly she looked over at her brother with a stern glare, "And you."

"Y..yes?" Ranma gulped.

"Watch out for that puddle."

"Puddle?" Ranma blinked as a car drove by sending a wave of water splashing over him, instantly changing him into a mirror image of his sister.

Ranko smiled sweetly, as Ranma now glared at her. "Oops too late." She giggled, but was cut off as the same car hit a puddle beside her, leaving her just as drenched as her brother now turned sister.

"Shut up!" She yelled as her brother began to laugh at her, obviously it was another distraction as she suddenly found herself very unconscious.

"Good Work." A sign showed, as the panda picked up its collapsed daughter under its arm, replacing the street sign that aided in bringing her unconscious.

"Thanks pops." Ranma let out a sign of relief; it wasn't a good thing to anger his sister. She was sweet kind and caring, but when she was mad, she was anyone's worst nightmare.

"Lets find some hot water boy."

: Tendo Dojo :

Soun Tendo, usually a very emotional and outgoing man was currently very withdrawn, not in memories but in fear. Fear of his 3 daughters that sat across from him in different degrees of anger.

"Fiancée!" Akane bellowed first to snap from the shock.

"Father, are you sure this is wise?" Kasumi chimed in slightly worried.

"I expected this." Nabiki said flatly, but didn't hide her scowl.

"Now girls, understand. This agreement was made before any of you where born. And it rests on family honor." Soun tried to fight his way back over the table's edge as his daughters now the size of giants glared down at him.

"If its family honor..." Kasumi started, Nabiki frowned having already lost one of their 3 votes.

"There's no way I'm going to marry some perverted boy!"

"Who knows Akane, he may be cute." Nabiki teased but realized her mistake as her father cheered up.

"See both your sisters agree with the arranged marriage." Soun cheered.

"Fine!" Akane banged the table and jumped to her feet. "Then they can have him." But before she could run to her room the front door slammed open and a male voice called.

"Soun, you in here?" Genma no longer in panda form called out happily.

"Oh at last, my good friend has arrived!" Soun quickly got to his feet and ran down the hall like a happy child about to see Santa.

"Genma my dear friend, it's so good to see you again." The sisters listened to her father as he and his friend came down the hall towards the dining room. "And this must be Ranma!"

They rounded the corner into the dining room, all 4 of them. Bringing different reactions from each Tendo girl.

Kasumi smiled politely at their guests, bowed and greeted them. She didn't know why, but she felt this Genma wasn't an honest man, but as a friend of her fathers she chose to ignore the feeling.

Akane, was startled a moment after seeing the boy. 'Ok so he's not that bad looking, but I bet he's a pervert!' she raged in her mind, missing Ranko altogether. He was taller then her, very fit. But she would show him who was boss around here after she challenges him to a spare, no one in Nirme was better then her, no one.

Nabiki though, had missed everyone but the girl. Her eyes where plastered to her, not because of her small shapely body that whispered words of perfection. Or her unusual hairstyle, it was only her eyes that Nabiki was fixated on. Weak, tender and dare she say, frightened eyes? A perfect mark, if she played her cards right she could snap a few pictures and make quite a bit of yen.

"Please a have seat." Kasumi smiled sweetly. "Would you like some tea?"

The guests sat, Genma across from Kasumi, Ranma across from Akane, and Ranko across from Nabiki.

"No thanks." Ranko grumbled out looking towards the wall, away from the table and the Tendo's folding her arms behind her head.

"I think we should get strait to business." Genma said pushing his glasses up on his nose. Ranma nodded.

"Let me introduce our guests. This is Genma my old friend, his son Ranma, and his daughter Ranko." Soun listed off as each gave a nod except Ranko, Nabiki smiled.

"And this is Kasumi, Akane, and Nabiki."

"Hello." Nabiki smiled as she greeted Ranko which rewarded her with an odd glance, but for all other maters was ignored.

"Ranma, pick which one will be your future bride." Ranma surveyed the Tendo's as they simmered in rage. Just as Ranma was about to speak, and Akane explode. Ranko jumped to her feet with an angry shout.

"I don't care about this stupid agreement; none of you are marring my brother!" Ranko growled glaring at all 3 daughters, who at the moment where warring bewildered looks.

"Ranko sit down." Genma barked. "This is a mater of family honor."

"Fine." Ranko sat down steaming, then narrowed her eyes on a glass of water carelessly left on the table in front of her. Both Ranma and Genma noticed, but to late. With an angry swipe of her hand the glass rocketed towards them and doused them in cool water.

"oops" Ranko said.

Then Tendo's gasped, and for their credit didn't faint.

"I can explain." Genma in soggy panda form raised a sign.

Ranma just glared daggers at his sister who ignored him.

"Oh my... Father you didn't tell us your friends where from the circus." Kasumi smiled in pleasant surprise. Nabiki just stared, and Akane was doing a very good imitation of statue staring into space with a blank look.

"Genma is... is that you?" Soun asked leaning closer to the panda who nodded.

'It a started...' Ranko chopped the sign in half her father had raised.

"We went to a cursed training ground in China. Pops and Ranma decided to get started right away and knocked each other into cursed springs, now they take the body of whatever drowned there when splashed with cold water, hot turns them back." Ranko said simply arms crossed and eyes closed.

'Yep that's about it.' Genma raised a sign nodding.

"So... this is reversible?" Soun asked brining a nod from all 3 guests. "Well then its not so bad, is it? Now tell me Ranma which do you choose?"

"Hey I said my brothers not marrying anyone!" Ranko shouted, which to the Tendo's surprise aggravated Akane.

"What we're not good enough is that it?" Akane barked back completely unaware of what she was arguing about.

"If you put it that way, yes defiantly and absolutely." Ranko glared back. Ranma began to sweat and try and calm his sister.

"Ranko" Ranma started and was immediately silenced by two wildcat glares and shouts of "Stay out of it."

Nabiki just smiled "You know daddy Akane seems to want the engagement."

Soun smiled brightly "I think your right Nabiki. Then it's settled, Akane will be Ranma's fiancée." The room went suddenly silent.

"W... what?" Akane stammered. Ranko looked shell-shocked, and Ranma pale.

"Good luck sis." Nabiki cheered her sister on. "Congratulations." Kasumi added.

"Nabiki!" Akane shouted "This is all you're doing!" Akane wailed.

"Sorry sis," Nabiki smiled "But think of it this way, you hate boys and he's only half boy."

"Just what are you implying?" Akane stomped up to her sister.

"I don't care, no one is marrying my brother!" Ranko cried and fled the house in tears causing everyone to stare after her stunned.

"I'll go after her." Ranma said brining a curt nod from his father. After Ranma vanished Genma held up a sign "So what's for dinner?"