Ranma ½: Plus 1

: Chapter 2 :

Ranko woke up with a start, not that there was anything shocking or surprising about waking in an unfamiliar room snuggled conferrable inside a warm futon, no. It was the fact she had awoken on her own accord, the last time she had awoken without the aid of pain of a battle cry had been before their 10 year training trip, back when her mother would wake her with the sweet smell of breakfast.

Snuggling a bit and covering her nose and mouth with the heavenly blankets, she had nearly missed the faint odder of breakfast. In her sleepy state she ignored it and decided somewhere to drift back off to sleep, not in 10 years had she felt so content.

"Ranko you're going to miss breakfast." A sweet caring voice called over her like a dream, absently she whispered for her mother and snuggled deeper drifting off to sleep.

"Oh well." Kasumi smiled happily as their shortest guest cooed in her sleep "I guess it couldn't hurt." She closed the door to the guest room softly and made her way back down the stares.

: Dinning Room :

"I had the strangest dream last night." Akane yawned stumbling in dressed in her pink duck covered pj's, wincing slightly as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Ow…" She said absently rubbing her shoulder as she looked around the table for the first time and nearly fell on her butt.

"Oh what was your dream about Akane?" Nabiki smiled secretly looking over her shoulder with a piece of toast in her mouth.

"What?" Akane blinked and looked from the large form of Genma to Ranma who was doing the best he could not to make eye contact. Then everything came back to her, including the sparing session. She just glared at Ranma who withered below her anger, but for some reason Akane didn't feel as angry as she thought she should.

"Oh there you are Akane, have a seat would you like some tea?" Kasumi asked with her every cheerful smile as she entered the room making her way to her own spot beside her father at the head of the table.

"Huh? Oh no thanks Kasumi." Akane gave her sister an appreciating smile then turned a glare back on Ranma before taking her own seat.

Soon everyone began to eat except for Nabiki who looked around curiously. "Hey where's Ranko?"

"Oh I couldn't wake her, she seemed so peaceful." Kasumi smiled mothering.

"Peaceful?" Both Ranma and Genma whispered stunned.

"Oh yes!" Kasumi's smiled widened as she refilled her father's tea. "I just didn't have the heart to wake her."

Everyone blinked at the stern glanced Ranma and Genma shared with each other.

"Well that was a lovely breakfast don't you think so boy?" Genma suddenly spoke loudly with a nervous laugh.

"Yep! Time to get back to training." Ranma replied in the exact same voice, both laughing together all most maddening. In a flash they had both jumped to their feet and fled up the stares, moments later a scream descended on them from outside as a body flew into the koi pond.

"Just what the hells the big idea?" Ranko spat and sputtered as she emptied herself of seaweed and a single gold fish. She didn't have time to continue as both Ranma and Genma sprang upon her effectively starting their early morning battle royal.

"I get the feeling we missed something." Nabiki said absently from the dinning room as the 3 combatants kicked off. Akane just stared mouth agape a piece of fish falling from it as her eyes watched their guests disbelievingly.

"I hope they don't get cramps…" Kasumi worried.

"Hey will you two knock it off?" Ranko growled swaying back and forth avoiding blows and returning them.

"Boy! Take your training like a man!" Genma shouted as Ranko hissed giving him a monstrous roundhouse to the head, that is if Ranma hadn't gotten in the way and was rocketed into the koi pond. Ranko losing balance fell in as well.

Moments later twins emerged from the pool sputtering and spitting.


"Yes?" The twins replied in unison, then glared at each other.

"Hey I'm Ranma!"

"I am!"

"Knock it off!"

"Hey!" they where both lifted from the pond by the scruff of their necks.

"I'm sorry to do this boy, but it's for the good of the training!" With that Genma threw both his captives at the wall, both easy rebounding off it and delivering a punch to his face.

Shortly after the fight sprang into an all out three-way as Genma could do little to tell the difference between his son and daughter.

"Interesting" Was Nabiki's comment as Akane gave up eating and just continued to watch the fight.

"How good it is to hear the sounds of battle once more within theses walls." Soun cried from the head of the table behind his newspaper.

"Do you think we should tell them about school before they get to involved?" Kasumi asked sweetly.

"They are going to school with us?" Akane gasped.

"That's right Akane, don't want your fiancée to become an idiot do you?"

"He's already an idiot and he's not my fiancé!"

Nabiki just smiled and finished up her breakfast.

: Sometime later on way to School :

"I don't see why pops thinks we need to go to school; he never wanted us going before." Ranma grumbled to his equally grumpy sister.

"I say he lost his head or something…" Ranma nodded in agreement.

"Oh come on what's so bad about school?" Akane complained. Ranma and Ranko shared morbid looks and just looked at the ground as if on the way to a funeral.

"Don't you two think your making to big a deal out of this! Its just school!" The siblings seemed to slump even more.

"Exactly." Ranma mumbled.

"School…" Ranko shivered.

"Boys!" Akane growled.

"What the?" Ranma and Ranko watched as Akane charged head first into a wild mass of screaming boys.


"Akane my love!"

"Forgive me!"

With each cry the crowed began to dissipate as each boy was defeated until only Akane stood alone, huffing and puffing in the center of a moaning and groaning carped of bodies.

"That isn't normal." Ranko said.

Ranma nodded quickly.

"Hey! Ranma, Ranko!" Nabiki called from a 2ed story window. "You better hurry up if you don't want to be late!"

"What about Akane?" Ranma called drawing a glare from his sister.

"Oh don't worry about her this happens every morning."

"Brother you have a very odd fiancée." Ranko murmured before heading towards the school, leaving her brother behind.

"Aw Akane Tendo the lovely tigress." Thunder crashed as a tall imposing figure stepped out from behind a tree, a single rose in his hand.

Akane groaned.

: Inside the school :

Ranko sighed as she heard a lot of commotion from the surrounding classrooms; it didn't take much to know Ranma had somehow gotten himself into a fight. Shaking her head see read off the class room's till she finally came to hers, if the idiot wanted to be late on his first day it wasn't her problem.

"And who might you be?" An elderly and unpleasant man looked down his nose at her.

"Ranko Saotome, new student." She glared.

"Oh!" The man seemed to have flipped a switch as his personality instantly changed. "Yes, class may I have your attention?"

All around the room sleepy and drooling faces lifted from their desks, on noticing Ranko the male population perked up instantly.

"This is Ranko, a new student and I would like you to give her a warm welcome." Ranko looked at the floor with a slight blush of embarrassment at all the leers she was receiving, and from all the attention she didn't want.

"Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?"

"Um… well I'm 15 years old have practiced martial arts most of my life." Ranko said meekly, the class seemed to melt under her irresistible look. Where the heck is he? Ranko growled wondering where her brother is, he'd usually be the one getting all the attention.

"Very well have a seat." The teacher smiled and pointed out a seat at the far back corner, thankfully it looked as if the seat next to hers was vacant, and maybe it was reserved for her brother. She wasted no time in finding it, moments later the first bell rank just before her brother burst in with Akane.

"And you are?" the teacher asked turning from the chalk board.

"Ranma Saotome, new student." Ranma smiled brightly causing the female population in the class to perk up, much to Ranko's displeasure. The teacher looked him over a few moments and glanced at Akane who was takeing her seat.

"Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?"

"Sure why not?" Ranma perked up smiling confidently. "I'm Ranma Saotome of the anything goes school of martial arts age 15. Me and my sis just returned from China at the end of our 10 year training trip. Pleased to meet ya."

The teacher turned back to his lesion "Thank you Saotome but this being your first day doesn't excuse you for being late, stand in the hall please, you too Miss Tendo"

Ranko allowed herself a small smile as Akane gave her brother a death glare as they both left the room, buckets in hand. It wasn't long before the teachers droning forced a yawn from her lips, how was she suppose to stay awake when the teacher sounded as bored with the class as she was, she didn't notice herself falling into a board sleep.

The rest of the day passed just as boringly as the class. Though when Kuno a dashing kendoist revealed the marriage arrangement to the school things seemed like the would pick up till her brother openly admitted too it. After that she had been in a poor mood and didn't even bother to follow her class when they chased after her brother to witness the fight, nor did she feel the least bit guilty about not wondering where her brother was the rest of the day when he failed to return.

: END :