HELLLOOO!!!! It's me! Yeah, I'm making romance now! Only because there aren't any Martel/Yuan stories out there, but I plan to change that!


The Assassin's Ring Pt. 1

He looked at the ring critically for a few seconds, it was a small ring with a ruby encrusted in it, and a place where you could carve words into it if you wanted to.

"Do you like it sir? It is my last in stock," the salesman said eagerly.

"hmm…" was his only response to that question, "well it is a lot better than most rings I've seen but not too flashy either…how much did you say this cost?" he added now looking at the salesman.

"5,000 Gald!" the salesman said a little too enthusiastically.

Yuan sighed and looked in his pocket. He didn't have nearly enough for the ring. He saw only one solution.

"…How much will you take for this?" he asked brandishing his double-ended sword he had trained with since he started this journey.

"Oooo…" said the salesman happily, brandishing a very old monocle and screwing it into his eye. He examined every inch of the weapon making sure there were no faults in it. "Diamond-encrusted…blade as sharp as it should be…very nice grip on the handle…I'd say…I'll give you seven thousand Gald for it!"

"Sold!" Yuan said quickly taking the Gald from the salesman's hands. He might just regret this when the time came for a battle. He would have to sit it out. But what would his excuse be for not having a weapon? He watched sadly as his weapon was put on display in the back of the shop but almost instantly regained his regular demeanor when he looked back at that ring. "And I would like to purchase that ring you showed me earlier."

The salesman pulled out the ring and Yuan forked over the Gald.

"What was this ring called again?" he asked the salesman now.

"It goes by many names…some call it the ring of love, others call it the ring that will one day put peace to the world, but I refer to it as the Assassin's Ring."

"Why do you call it the assassin's ring?"

"Because when used properly it can shoot out sparks that can put even the strongest beasts to rest."

"…Thank you for your time." and with that Yuan walked out the door, a little jingle sounding through-out the shop.

Yuan walked back to the supplies store in Flanoir. Where the rest of his group were buying supplies for the journey ahead. He walked in and spotted them immediately.

"Where were you off to Yuan?" his companion, Kratos, asked him.

"None of your business Kratos," he said sternly.

"Fine, but you shouldn't wander off on your own." Kratos said without any concern in his voice now.

But Yuan wasn't listening and couldn't help but grin as Martel looked at him and smiled. It was gonna be a long journey.


Nice beginning huh? Well this is my first romance fic so don't blame me if it sucks

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