In a Closet

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Author's Note 6/19/14: Hello. So nearly 10 years after I wrote this, I've decided to edit this a bit—take out some extraneous things, fix dialogue, etc. I know it should've happened a long time ago, but I've only now forced myself to take a look at it seriously and edit this fic I wrote when I was 15. Since it still seems to get a very small handful of hits nowadays, I feel compelled to edit it. Thank you for reading!


Sakura walked down the empty hall of the Ninja Academy to the Library when she saw someone who looked to be lost.

"Sasuke-kun?" she asked.

"What?" he replied coldly as he looked back at her.

"Are you lost?"


"Then why does it look like you're wandering around the halls?"

"I'm not wandering."

Sakura walked up to Sasuke and saw that his arm was slightly bleeding.

"How did you get hurt?" she asked pointing to the cut.

"None of your business," he replied once again in a cold way, "now go away."

Sakura looked down, "All right," she said about to walk away.

However, suddenly someone came out of nowhere and knocked Sasuke and Sakura into the closet that they were standing in front of and locked the door.

"This should be interesting," the person mused as he ran away.

"What the fuck is going on?!" shouted Sasuke when he realized what happened.

"I don't know," said Sakura weakly.

It was a small, dark, and supply closet. The closet would probably be only big enough for one person, but now Sasuke and Sakura were stuck in it. Sasuke started to bang on the door trying to get someone's attention and Sakura started to feel around to try and find a light switch.

Naruto, Hinata, Ino, and Shikamaru were walking down the same hall and heard Sasuke's banging on the door.

"What's that noise?" asked Naruto as he walked over to the closet.

"Sasuke-kun is that you?" chirped Ino.

"Yes, it's me!" Sasuke replied angrily, "we're locked in!"

"We?" asked Ino.

"Sakura and I are locked in!" he replied, "let us out!"

"Sakura's in there?!" asked Ino angrily, "get out, forehead girl!"

"I can't, Ino-pig!" shouted Sakura angrily standing up in the closet.

"Hahahahahaha! I'm stuck in a closet with Sasuke-kun!" cheered Inner Sakura.

Suddenly as Sakura stood up, a couple of brooms feel on top of Sakura and Sasuke knocking them down and they were on top of each other.

"Shit," cursed Sasuke when he fell down, but suddenly blushed when he felt Sakura's body on top of his, "Sakura?"

"Huh?" asked Sakura as she opened her eyes and found herself on Sasuke's body. She blushed.

Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata and Ino could only imagine what was actually going on in the closet.

Sasuke (from under Sakura), "Get off of me!"

Sakura (under two brooms), "I can't!"

Sasuke, What do you mean you can't?"

Sakura (pressing against the brooms), "I'm stuck!"

"What the hell are they doing in there?!" asked Ino angrily.

"I don't know, and I don't wanna know," said Shikamaru.

Sasuke (pushing himself up), "What do you mean you can't?"

Sakura, "It's too heavy!"

Sasuke, "What do you mean it's heavy?!"

"It's too big!" shouted Sakura still trying to get out from under the brooms when suddenly some old erasers with chalk dust fell all over Sakura.

"What are they doing?!" shouted Ino from the outside.

"What the hell?!" shouted Sakura looking at the erasers.

"What happened?" asked Sasuke.

"I'm covered in white stuff!" shouted Sakura.

"WHAT?!" shouted the four others from outside the closet.

Then, as if almost on cue, blood started to come out of Sasuke's wound.

"It's blood!" shouted Sakura when she saw the wound bleeding.

"Of course it's blood!" shouted Sasuke picking up the eraser, "what's this?"

"I don't know, I can't see!" shouted Sakura.

"It feels soft and like cotton," said Sasuke.

"Oh god..." said Ino looking at Hinata grimacing, "you don't think?"

"Oh no..."said Hinata also grimacing, "I hope not..."

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Naruto.

"Women things," said Ino in a matter-of-fact tone, "you wouldn't understand."

Shikamaru, figuring it out, added, "Oh shit, I hope not…"

"What?" asked an oblivious Naruto.

"Shut up and just listen!" snapped Ino, obviously interested to find out more.

"The bleeding! It's not stopping!" cried Sakura from inside the closet. Sasuke's cut just kept bleeding.

"Well put this there!" shouted Sasuke taking off his shirt to put on the cut.

"Why are you giving me your shirt?!" exclaimed Sakura.

"Put it on the bleeding!" Sasuke shouted.

"His shirt?! What the fuck is going on?! Hinata use your Byakugan to look inside!" cried Ino.

Hinata did some hand seals and looked inside and grimaced and walked away from the questioning Ino.

"Dammit!" shouted Ino, "Shikamaru?! Can't you pick the lock?!"

"No, it's too troublesome," Shikamaru replied.

Ino smacked him. Then suddenly Kakashi appeared with a "POOF!"

"This just went from bad to worse," thought Ino as Naruto explained the situation to Kakashi.

"I see," said Kakashi, "well, I guess I don't mind some entertainment."

"WHAT?!" shouted Ino, Shikamaru and Naruto.

Back in the closet some cleaning fluid suddently fell on Sasuke's cut.

"OWWW!" exclaimed Sasuke.

"What?" cried Sakura worried.

"It stings!"

"What stings?"

"You know!"

"What does he mean by that?" asked Ino.

"I don't know," Kakashi said grinning.

Ino put her head on Shikamaru's shoulder anxiously.

"Ok, ok, breathe in and out! In and out!" said Sakura as she tried to calm down the moaning Sasuke.

"I can't! It hurts!" Sasuke moaned.

"Breathe!" Sakura commanded.

"I can't!" groaned Sasuke, "this is a messy thing!"

"That's it!" exclaimed Ino, "I'm going in!"

"Wait," said Kakashi silencing Ino, "I wanna listen more."

"YOU PERVERT!" shouted Ino as she attempted to smack Kakashi. But she missed and hit Naruto in the head.

"Ow.." said Naruto rubbing his head.

"The blood it's going everywhere!" shouted Sakura.

"Put the shirt there!" Sasuke commanded.

"I can't see it!" replied Sakura. She took the shirt and placed it a bit harshly on the cut.

"OWW!" shouted Sasuke, "Get off!"

And with that the two brooms from before fell on them again and Sakura this time landed with her lips on top of Sasuke's.

"Oh my god!" thought Sakura blushing, "I just kissed Sasuke!"

"What just happened?" thought Sasuke, "did we just kiss?"

Then as Sakura attempted to get up, Sasuke pulled her back down into another kiss.

"EEEEEE!" squealed Sakura, "that tickles Sasuke-kun!"

"What was that?!" asked Ino.

When Sasuke pulled Sakura to kiss her again, he kissed her on her neck.

Then a janitor heard the commotion and came over to the group.

"What's going on?!" he asked a tad bit angrily.

"Two of my students are locked in the closet," said Kakashi calmly while holding down a raging Ino.

"Is that all? Then why all the commotion?" replied the janitor as he found the key for the lock. When he opened it, it revealed a shirtless Sasuke, a disheveled Sakura with chalk dust all over her, and a very messy closet.

"Sasuke-kun! My love!" shouted Ino as she ran over and grabbed Sasuke in a tight hug. Then she pointed at Sakura, "What the hell happened!?"

"Huh?" asked a puzzled Sakura. Then she turned around and saw the closet, "Shit," she thought.

Ino was about to kill Sakura when Shikamaru pulled Ino away. Naruto decided to leave to find Hinata and Kakashi walked away with the janitor. There was then silence.

"Uh...Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura nervously breaking the silence.

"What?" he said.

"Shouldn't you show that cut to the nurse?"

"Fine," he replied standing up and offering a hand to help Sakura up.

Sakura saw the hand offered to her and gave a puzzled look.

"Are you gonna go with me to the nurse or not?" Sasuke asked a little impatiently.

Sakura nodded her head and took Sasuke's hand as she pulled herself up.

"Um…Sasuke-kun?" Sakura started as they were half-way down the hall.

"What?" he asked.

"You do know that we could've knocked the door down?"

He sighed and just said quietly, "No shit."

Owari! The end!

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