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Forgotten Hatred

Chapter One: Whispers in the Dark

"I hate him! Everything is always that damn rat's fault!"

"Always my fault…?" I repeated aloud in my darkened room.

Kyou had shouted these words the night Kazuma, our martial arts master, took his beads that prevented him from transforming into the grotesque shape of the cat's evil spirit. And yesterday he challenged me to a fight and like always, I won. After which, he promptly told me how much he hated my guts. However, such words had never bothered me before but now they hurt worse than Akito's tortures as a child. To Kyou… I was only 'that damn rat'.

I rolled over onto my left side and sighed deeply. Even though I was exhausted and my bed was so comfortable, I was unable to sleep because my mind was refusing to rest with these thoughts in my head.

The events of the past week were very stressful on us all. About three nights ago I had seen Kyou transform into the true form of the cat. And just yesterday, Honda-san went with us to see Akito…

Seeing the cat's true form was a great shock to me… I can understand why Kyou would want to hide it…

Kagura once said to me that someone of the zodiac could not truly comfort Kyou since we shared the same curse, but Honda-san could. And for the first time in my life… I wanted to help Kyou… in any way I could! I regretted all those times we fought against each other and the cruel things I had said to him. I had to do the one thing that would make Kyou feel better… and that was by getting Honda-san to tell Kyou how she truly felt when she saw his true form and not hide behind lies.

I remember now what had happened to Kyou's mother when he was so young and fragile. Him being the cat, broke her heart and she committed suicide. Just imagining how Kyou felt, consumed by grief and guilt, was too much for me…

The wound Kyou inflicted on my left shoulder the night that he transformed was healing gradually. Touching it briefly before gazing out my bedroom window, I remembered the words Kyou had uttered to Honda-san. "How is it that someone like you can be here with me… crying for me?"

He truly loves Honda-san… and there is no way he would ever feel that way about me even though I never wanted to hurt him again… If only there was some way I could atone for what I did to Kyou.

It's difficult to explain how I feel now…

Yesterday he demanded that we have a fight and the outcome was the same as it always was… I won with ease. Recalling the bitter words Kyou shouted at me again caused a pain in my chest to surface.

I turned away from the window and onto my right side.

Growing up, my hatred for Kyou had no foundation other than he was the cat and I was the rat. But Kagura was right when she said it shouldn't have to be that way. It was almost like how Hatsuharu hated me for being the rat. I was blinded by the zodiac curse and never saw Kyou for what he really was… I still get frustrated with him; that much is true. But I can't bring myself to hold a grudge against him any longer.

Sighing once more, I closed my eyes and forced myself to empty my mind in order to fall asleep. And it was early in the morning when it finally came.

"Yuki-kun." Tohru called to me from downstairs to wake me up.

Groaning in my sleep I just rolled over. I didn't want to wake up and go downstairs. But I guess I'm obligated to do what I have to over what I really want…

I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes sleepily, while yawning. For some reason it always takes me a long time before I'm fully awake so I usually wander downstairs and hope that I'm fully dressed. That would be so embarrassing for several reasons.

"Good morning, Yuki." Tohru smiled cheerfully to me when I had managed to sleepwalk downstairs.

"Good morning Honda… san…" I yawned again and sat at the table.

I sneaked a glance over to Kyou and was surprised to see him looking about as tired as me. Must be raining outside…

Shigure was sitting next to me, reading the paper when he set it down and sipped his tea. "With all the typhoons hitting the coast, it's going to be raining all week at this rate."

"Great…" Kyou sighed sarcastically.

"Yuki? Are you feeling all right? There are dark circles under your eyes." Tohru voiced her concern to me.

"Hm? Oh…" I rubbed my eyes. "Don't worry, I'm fine. I've just been having trouble falling asleep lately." I tried to reassure her.

"Don't waste your time worrying about him." Kyou scoffed and then added randomly, "God I hate the rain…"

"But Kyou! If Yuki pushes himself too much he'll get sick or transform while we're at school! That would be terrible." Tohru stammered.

"Whatever…" Kyou muttered indifferently.

I stared down at my breakfast sadly. I guess I couldn't blame Kyou for hating me so much but… I wish he didn't. It still hurts every time.

"Well just don't forget your umbrellas today when you go to school!" Shigure exclaimed in an almost singsong voice.

God I want to strangle Shigure sometimes…


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