Title: Senses Abound

Rating: This chapter is Pg-13

Summary: Harry's senses begin to act off the wall. He finds out he's a sentinel and related to Dumbledore and McGonagell. He also finds out he's related to Jim Ellison. Will his new ability be able to help him in the war against Voldemort? Crossover with the Sentinel.

Warnings: Slash mainly. Major OOC on Sev's part, and probably on Jim's also.

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It was nearing Christmas. In all honesty, Harry was surprised he had managed to hold out this long. Ever since his 'camping trip' over the summer, his senses had been completely off the wall.

Apparently the Dursley's couldn't take having Harry around anymore, so Vernon dropped him in some woods, hours from Surrey. He was grateful he didn't have to go back to his relatives, given that it was his seventh year and all at Hogwarts, but he couldn't help but be scared over the turn his sense had taken.

Food tasted horrible. It was either to spicy, to grainy, or to salty, but the list went on really. It all depended on what he ate, but everything about the foods just seemed to magnify in his mouth. It had gotten to the point that he only ate enough to make Hermione happy, as he didn't want to listen to the voice jump millions of octaves in pitch when she began lecturing him.

That was another thing, really. He could hear people whispering from across the room clear as day and anyone talking in normal tones next to him sounded as if they were yelling. He got odd looks for yelling back, but nobody ever questioned him.

Even his morning shave bothered him. He could feel the blade slide across his skin and the salve he normally used to sooth his skin was making his chin, neck, and upper lip rather irritated. He now forwent shaving all together, and just had Hermione cast a spell to clean up his face, and as effective as that was, he still walked around with a five o'clock shadow. Hermione liked it, which was probably the reason for the weakness of the spell. She said it made him look rather rugged.

Potions class that day had been the last straw. It had been, for most of the year, his easiest and probably favorite class off of his whole schedule. He found that professor Snape had a really nice, smooth baritone voice that was almost like a caress to his over sensitive ears. It was pleasing and slightly scary to him, as he began to notice other qualities of Snape's that most students didn't normally see. He was also beginning to wonder if he was starting to 'like' his potions teacher.

Today, though, he didn't get to dwell much on the lovely, lecturing voice, as Ron had decided to pair up with him, and was jabbering away the whole time Snape talked.

"So, 'Mione and I were talking to Blaise and we decided to carry on to the kitchens, cause dinner was rather crappy. This was when you were in detention Harry. He was so surprised that we knew the way to get there…"

Harry bit his lip, wincing as the pain shot from said lip to his brain. Gods, even that hurt! He tried to block out Ron's voice, pushing the grating sound further and further from him. He allowed himself to sink into the darkness enveloping him, happy to be free of all of the annoying feelings.

He had no concept of time, so to him, when a soft, caring voice cut through to abyss, it felt as if it had been hours, if not days since he heard that smooth voice.


Hermione watched with carefully guarded eyes as their most hated teacher talked to her best friend. He was using a tone of voice that didn't exactly surprise her per say, but it was not something she expected to hear out of the more private order meetings, "Professor? What's wrong with him?"

Severus tore his gaze from Harry's blank looking eyes to look at Hermione, then Ron, "Have either of you noticed anything," He paused as if looking for the right word, "different about Mister Potter lately."

Ron shrugged and Hermione's look turned thoughtful, "Well, yes actually. He's been forgoing shaves since school started, won't eat unless I force him, and has been yelling at everyone for talking to loud."

Severus narrowed his eyes slightly then turned his attention back to Harry, "Come on Harry." His caused a few odd looks to be tossed his way, not that he particularly cared at the moment that is. He had a bigger problem to deal with, "I need you to come back. Use my voice as an anchor. Come on." He rubbed his hand along the middle of Harry's back, "Feel my touch and follow my voice."

He nearly sighed in relief as Harry finally blinked his eyes. He looked a bit disoriented, and as much as Severus hated to move him so soon, he had to get the boy to Albus' office.

"What happened to me?" Harry asked, his voice no louder then a murmur. At this, Severus could only surmise that his own voice had been bothering him also.

Severus sat back on his heels, arms resting on his legs just above his knees. He looked at Harry who was looking back in fear and confusion, "I believe you had what is called a zone-out."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "A what?"

"A zone-out is when you either have a complete over load of any one sense. Most times it occurs when something becomes too much to handle and you want to get away from that distress as quickly as possible." Severus shot a glare towards Ron, who was finding the floor rather interesting at the moment, "Other times it occurs is when you become so transfixed with something that it draws you to the point that that is all you can sense."

"Has," Harry paused, trying to phrase his next question, "Has there been anyone else to experience…zone-outs?"

"It is a rare thing, these zone-outs. I believe that they are very rarely recorded." Severus pushed himself to his feet and glanced around his class, to find everyone openly staring at him in shock. It was rather obvious that nothing was going to be accomplished today, "Empty your cauldrons. In light of recent events, this potion will be postponed until our next class together. You are dismissed once you finish cleaning." He turned back to Harry, who still looked to be feeling the effects of the zone-out, "Come, Mister Potter."

Harry nodded and stood up, "I'll see you guys later." He mumbled to his friends, as he slid his bag onto his shoulder with a slight wince. He followed Severus out of the room and up out of the dungeons. When they passed the hallway that led to the hospital wing, he became confused again, "Where are we going sir?"

"Headmasters office."


"All will be explained in due time, Mister Potter." Severus stopped in front of the gargoyle that led to the headmaster's office and muttered the password that would allow them onto the steps.

Severus waltzed in the headmaster's office without knocking, and after sending Dumbledore and Minerva apologetic glances, pulled Harry around so that he was standing in front of him, "The thing we discussed at the first meeting concerning Mister Potter has arose Albus."

Both Dumbledore and Minerva nodded, "Why don't you have a seat, Harry?" Albus asked, motioning to the empty chair next to Minerva. As Harry sat, Dumbledore offered Harry tea and sherbet lemons.

Harry gladly took the tea, frowning as he saw the sugar floating around on the surface, "Um, sir? Would it be a hassle to ask for plain tea instead?"

"Not at all." Dumbledore replied, and not a second later Harry's cup was soon filled with unsweetened tea, "Now Harry, the things we are going to discuss with you will probably have a rather adverse effect to your emotions. You may feel angry, confused, as well as betrayed. We want you to understand that everything that happened was thought to be done in the best interest to you. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded his head slowly, watching Severus lean against the wall out of the corner of his eye. For some reason he just couldn't let the professor out of his sight, "Yes sir."

"Good. You, dear boy, are a Sentinel, or protector. A genetic trait passed down from before Godric Gryffindor was born, which was a time when villages needed a protector from pillage and wild animals. There are maybe three families in Europe that have this particular gene, however, it has died out in all but our family. As it were, these genes become dormant when there is no threat to us and are very specific about when they come into play." Dumbledore trailed off, wondering if the 17-year-old boy in front of him caught the intended slip.

Harry thought that over for a second and then his eyes widened rather comically, "Ours?" He chocked out, spluttering over the tea he had just taken a sip of.

Dumbledore nodded, "All I ask is that you keep an open mind. Ask any question you deem necessary, and feel free to interrupt."

"Okay." Harry replied, setting his cup on the desk in front of him, knowing instinctively that whatever he was about to hear was going to shock him.

"Your great-grandmother, Gianna Potter, was my and professor McGonagall's child, our only child. She gifted us with two grandchildren. Harold Potter, whom you were named for, and a daughter, Elisabeth, who moved to the United States on her 18th birthday, the soonest she could leave after finding out she was a squib. She was devastated at being the first squib in generations on both the Dumbledore side and the Potter side. She eventually married a muggle and had two children together. Under the assumption that her children were most likely going to be squibs also, she never mentioned her past to her husband or kids. She, sadly enough, died when they were ten and seven respectively.

The eldest, James Joseph Ellison, is also a sentinel like you. Yes, he is your father's age and yes they have the same name, although Harold and Elisabeth never talked. Harold named your father, James, after my grandfather, and Elisabeth named Jim after her husbands uncle."

Harry's jaw dropped and he could feel the anger the headmaster mentioned boiling up towards the surface. He quickly clamped down on the impending explosion of the upset feelings and managed to ground out carefully, "If I have living relatives, other then the Dursley's, why was I placed with them and not you or Jim and his brother?"

"Because your mother's protection still stood. It was her love that saved you, not your fathers, although he did love you. That and you were to stay in England. Had you gone to the States, there was a good chance that we wouldn't have been able to find you, and the schools in America are application only." McGonagell replied, placing a hand on Harry's arm, trying to calm him.

"That's bull-shit. How the hell do muggle-borns in the States go to school to learn magic?" Harry asked, clenching his teeth. He was so pissed off about being forced to live with the Dursley's, while he had other living relatives, that he didn't watch his language, or the level of his voice. It hurt pretty badly when he yelled, and now his ears were ringing.

Dumbledore shook his head sadly, "They don't. While our witch-hunts were bad here, America had it almost worse. The supervisors of the two American schools didn't want to take the chance of starting up another witch-hunt. Most muggle-borns are left to deal with their magic on their own, not knowing what it is that they are actually doing. Even if they did know, there would be no way for them to do anything about it."

"So we don't even know if Jim or his brother are wizards or not." Harry said, feeling his anger drain and sympathy replace it.

"No, we don't. There is a good chance of it though. We'll work on that when we come to that road. Right now, we need to work on getting your senses under control. First thing you need to do is find your guide." Dumbledore replied, taking a sip of his tea.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Guide?"

"Your guide will be the one to help you with the sentinel abilities. Whoever it is will ground you and help you use them to your advantage. Everything they do will sooth you, their heartbeat, touch, voice, etc." McGonagell replied. She looked at Harry carefully over her glasses, much as she would one of her transfiguration projects, "Have your glasses been giving you trouble?"

Harry shrugged, "I guess so, I mean, everything's all blurry. I just summed it up to needing a stronger pair."

"You cant tell the difference when you wake up in the morning?" She asked, sounding rather surprised.

"No. I always put my glasses on before I open my eyes, if I take them off at all. It's kind of become a precaution over the years, a comfort in knowing that they are on my face and not in Dudley's hands." Harry replied, touching the frames of his glasses out of habit.

Dumbledore nodded in understanding, "Take them off Harry."

Harry frowned but did as requested, removing them for the first time in a long while. He blinked as everything came into a sharp focus. He could see the dust on some of Dumbledore's trinkets and the lines of age and/or worry on all three adults quite clearly, even with Severus standing several feet away, "Wow, this is nuts." He mumbled.

"Yes, now back to the subject at hand. Has there been anyone in the school, whether student or teacher, who matches the criteria I mentioned before?" McGonagell asked, her hand still placed gently over Harry's arm.

Harry thought about it, went over everyone he could possibly think of, but always came back to the same person, the one person who was going to have a heart attack at hearing this. He looked back over his shoulder at Severus, who, upon noticing this, looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"You have got to be kidding me Potter." Severus said, scowling.

Harry shook his head, trying to push away the anxiousness at the fear of biting his already tender lip, "N-no, I'm not, professor, but potions has actually been the easiest class for me this year. Which is odd, considering it's a N.E.W.T class."

"This isn't at all a bad thing, Severus. You know about Sentinels, and I can call upon Jim and his guide to help you both with the things you don't. Also, from what I understand, Jim and his guides animal spirits have merged, so they might be able to help you with that also." Dumbledore nodded to McGonagell who stood up, and after a quick but very gentle squeeze to Harry's shoulder, walked out of the office to contact their other grandson.

"Now, what I want to happen is…"

"Excuse me, Headmaster?" Harry blushed, as both Dumbledore and Severus turned to him, "I don't mean to interrupt, but how do you know so much about Jim? Have you met him?"

Dumbledore shook his head, the twinkle in his eyes dimming, "No, Harry, I have never met him. I kept in contact with one of his mentors, Incacha, who kept me updated on his status and the progression of his senses."

"Oh, okay. That makes sense."

Dumbledore smiled, "As I was saying, I would like for you to move down to the dungeons. It will be easier on Severus to be near you, in case of another zone-out. When the times comes, we will add another room of Jim and his guide."

"So, I will be staying with the Slytherins? I really don't think that's such a good idea." Harry frowned.

"No, Harry." Dumbledore said with a chuckle, "You will be staying with Severus. As will your cousin."

"Headmaster, I must protest on both accounts. I will not have Potter living with me, nor will I have my private rooms turned into a flat!" Severus exclaimed, walking towards the desk.

Harry grimaced, which was accompanied by a rather small whimper, which neither man seemed to notice.

"Severus, it needs to be done. If not, there's a possibility that Harry could fall into a zone-out and never come out of it." The headmaster replied, his own voice rising slightly.

"I never said I was going to shirk my duties as his guide, but that fact does not require me to live with him!"

"Severus, you will do as told. It will be easier for both of you in the long run. The quietness of your rooms will be much more beneficial to Harry then a loud common room!" Dumbledore yelled, which managed to shock Severus into agreement. Dumbledore had never yelled at him before.

"Potter," Severus said, straightening up and turning slowly to face the teen, so as to calm himself down, "You will follow…" He trailed off as he caught sight of the raven-haired teen, "Damn it." He muttered as he fell to his knees next to the chair Harry was residing in.

"Is there a problem?" Dumbledore asked, worried for his grandson.

"He's had another zone-out. Surely you know the symptoms." Severus growled out, all while rubbing Harry's back softly, "Come on Harry, you know the drill. Follow my touch. Pull yourself out. Use my voice as an anchor. Come on Harry, you're needed here."

Severus and Dumbledore sighed as yet again, Harry blinked his eyes, "It happened again" He whispered, looking scared.

Severus nodded, "Yes, but you're fine. Zone-outs are not harmful to your health, unless of course, you have one at an inopportune time."

Harry nodded, more to reassure himself he was once again awake then to give Severus some sort of answer.

"Well, let's go Potter." Severus stood up, "I will show you where you will be staying for the duration of the school term, if not longer." He shot a quick glare at the headmaster who was still looking a bit leery, "I'm sure the headmaster will have a house elf collect your things from your dorm and place them in my, or rather, our rooms."


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