1Disclaimer: I found a way to split up the Fellowship early. I did not find a way to make myself Tolkien. Lord of the Rings is not mine.

"Aragorn!" Boromir called as the wind started to pick up. "Aragorn! We should stop!"

"They'll make it a little further!" Aragorn yelled back over the wind. Boromir wasn't sure if he was referring to the boats or the Hobbits. He couldn't see anything through the rain, but he could feel the boat being tossed mercilessly by the current of the Anduin River.

"I'm taking us ashore," Boromir told Merry and Pippin. Maybe the boats would hold, but the Halflings were cold and wet. "Meet you on shore!" he called to Aragorn.

But the Ranger didn't hear him. The wind and the waves were too loud. "Hold on," he instructed Frodo and Sam. "This is going to get rough."

Meanwhile, farther back, Legolas and Gimli were trying to keep their own boat steady. Suddenly, an arrow came whizzing by from the western bank of the river.

"We'd better get to shore, Lad," Gimli suggested. "We're easy targets in this boat."

Legolas nodded his agreement and started to steer them towards the eastern shore. But fortune was not with them. An arrow hit the Elf just as a large wave struck the side of the boat. Legolas was knocked over the side.

"Lad!" Gimli shouted as his friend landed in the water. He jumped out of the boat. Fortunately, they had been close enough to the eastern bank; the water was shallow, even for a Dwarf. Among complaints about pointy-eared Elves and bad-tasting water, he was able to drag Legolas ashore.

"Legolas," the Dwarf called, but his friend was unconscious, whether from the arrow or the sudden cold water. "Well, things can't possibly get worse," Gimli complained.

He didn't notice the eyes watching them from the trees.

"We'll wait for the storm to pass and then look for the others," Boromir said. "Even Aragorn won't go on too much longer in this weather." The two Hobbits lay down to rest. Boromir took off his cloak and laid it over them.

Suddenly, an arrow flew past, narrowly missing his head. "Merry! Pippin!" he cried. "Get up!" While he was pulling the Halflings to their feet, however, an arrow struck him in the chest. Normally, he wouldn't have collapsed, but he was caught off guard, and when he fell, his head hit a rock.

"His horn!" Merry shouted to Pippin. Boromir had blown it when they left Rivendell, and said help would come at the sound if they were near his homeland. Were they near enough now? Would anyone hear them over the storm? Would help come?

"Aragorn!" Frodo shouted.

"I know." For a second, he had heard a horn, but then the waves had drowned it out. He looked back. He could see nothing through the rain.

When he looked to the front of the boat, however, he suddenly saw a group of rocks, spanning the length of the river. Normally, he would be able to navigate, but in this wind . . .

"Head for shore!" he shouted, hoping the other groups would hear. He looked to the right. They'd never make it to that bank before they crashed into the rocks. They'd have to head for the eastern shore.

Muahahahaha. Everyone's in trouble now. Boromir and Legolas are hurt. Legolas and Gimli are being watched. And that's just the first chapter. Muahahahaha