Ieyre: Hello, Conan fans! Welcome to my first Detective Conan fic...and the first solely Kogoro/Eri centered fic on F.F. Net (I'm pretty sure )! I fell in love with Detective Conan this summer (I watched a LOT of Case Closed and read a LOT of DC manga) and for some odd reason my fav character is Kogoro. Don't ask me why, I just think he's the funniest character! I also LOVE Eri, she is AWESOME, so I decided to write this ficcy about the two of them in High School. There are a few references to the manga (volume 32 and 41, mostly), but most of its my INTERPRETATION of how Ran's parents acted in high school. Also, Yukiko will make an appearance (she will be important, too ) . I am already on Chapter 5 of this fic, I waited to post for a few weeks because I don't want to rush. Also, the more reviews I get the quicker I will post new chapters :).

The title for this fic comes from a Paul Simon Song by the same name. This is a really pretty song that reminds me of Kogoro and Eri.

And so, enough rambling! On with the prologue!

You've got the cool water

When the fever runs high

You've got the look of lovelight in your eyes

And I was in crazy motion

'til you calmed me down

It took a little time

But you calmed me down

"Something So Right" by Paul Simon


Uh oh. I know what's going to happen...I've been dealing with it for the past like, 12 years of my life.

"Just where, dare I ask, are you going? If I recall correctly, your classroom is THAT way."

Lielielielielielie...gotta think up one quick. Think think think...I've got it!




This is bad, this is BAD...

"Yes, oh exalted one?"

I probably shouldn't have said that so sarcastically.


.....Oh. Man. I forgot about that!!! Well, I guess this can't get much worse...

"...Tell me the truth. Where were you really going?"

Spoke too soon. I can't lie when she gives me that look. EVER.

"Erm, know, out...side."

...I guess that's SORT of true...

"WHERE outside??? We have CLASS!"

How to word this best...

"I was hungry...I was, um, going to go out for some food. Anyway, why's it any of your business? Your JOB is to make sure students stay in class, not interrogate them!"

Stupid stupid stupid...why did I just say that? Her only crime is caring about me, and how do I repay her?

"My job as hall monitor is to catch offenders of school rules. My job as your friend is to find out what you were doing...and don't try to throw me off, because I know you better than anyone. SO, tell me exactly WHERE you were going to 'get some food'."

Why isn't there a single judo move I can think of to get me out of telling her the truth?

"Well...erhm...there's some pretty good places..."

At that incredibly safe and legal four-way intersection by my house with all the nice restaurants?

"-at the race-tracks."

...Hm, I guess shock CAN be useful. So, before the flames shoot up behind those glasses I think I will make a quick getaway-

"Oh NO you don't, mister!"

OW ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow...ear-pulling hurting dragging...OW! Well, my quick getaway was cut-OW!-short by her quick collar grabbing ability.

"-Sometimes I don't know what to do with you-"

You always think of something.

"-I mean really, skipping class is bad enough, but going to a horse race and gambling is a serious-"

I wonder what's worse, having your ear talked off, or pulled off?

"-You should really be concentrating on school, what about college entrance exams-"

You should be happy, you've already been asked to go to about 6, no matter which you choose you won't have to deal with me anymore.

"-Worrying myself sick all the time, and for WHAT-"

Eeh. Worrying. That's what always gets me. WHY do you worry about me? You shouldn't even care about me. Why bother? I don't understand why you do...

"-I feel like your mother-"

You feel like my mother to me, too. Yeesh.

"-You're about as mature as-"

Actually, scratch that. You feel like my mother with a pair of great legs...I have a nice view of them, too, being dragged behind you like this...Hm, I wonder if you would let go if I-

"-You should be ash-EEEEEEEEEEHHHH! Kogoro, you pervert!!! How DARE you touch me-get back here!!! Get back here so I can pound you into the floor!"

My, my. That red is so fetching on you. In fact, it almost makes this whole crummy day worth it.'re so, so angry...crud, you're so angry you're gaining on me! People are starting to stare.

"When I get my hands on you, you are going to be WORSE than dead!"

I don't doubt that...oh, I have never be happier to see you, sensei! Please protect me from this rage-driven creature!

"What have you done now, Mouri?"

I can feel the sympathy dripping from every word...not.

"Nothing, sir, but for some reason Ms. Kisaki is very upset. I can't imagine why."

Like he'll believe that. Eri's and my fights are practically LEGEND at this school.

"Hm. Well, Ms. Kisaki is coming over right now. Dear me, she looks upset. I can't imagine why."

Ha.Ha. Laugh it up. At least YOU lived past 20. I, on the other hand...

"Ah, Ms. Kisaki. Were you looking for Mouri? He's right over here, behind this trash can."

My last resort, ruined. What am I, this guy's least favorite student or something? Oh, wait...I am. Darn.

"You've dug your own grave, Mouri. Now lie in it."

Why that-...I swear that if I live through this (doubtful) I WILL get revenge on that guy. I hope Eri heard him, vindictive son of a-

"Hello, Kogoro."

If she DID hear him, she's giving no sign of caring at all. Not that that's a big surprise. I mean, I AM the guy that pulled her hair the first day of kindergarten (though I will maintain till' my dying day that she started it. I don't care what everyone claims about her being some sweet quiet little angel, she can be downright scary when she's in a bad mood. At least from my experience.) ,which I think has had a lasting impact on our relationship. Everything I do ticks her off. Right now she's doing the forced calm, which is even scarier than all-out yelling, because the repression usually causes something even worse.

Like cold-shoulder.

Or crying.



Here it comes...

"-Lately I've been wondering...about, well, a lot of things, and I mean, well, you..."


"You do these things-"

Wait a I imagining things or is she BLUSHING?

"-Like what you did back there, just a minute ago-"

I MUST'VE imagined that. Maybe I just WISHED it...

"-And I don't understand exactly, if you're doing it because you're just trying to, I don't know, BUG me-"

Does it bug you?

"-Or if...if you're doing it...for another..."

Here I am, sitting on the ground behind a trash can, and she's leaning over me, asking me these weird questions, with this strange but admittedly pretty look on her she TRYING to torture me??? It's taking all the self-restraint I have (and that's not much) to keep myself from leaning back over and throwing my arms around her and kissing those soft lips of hers...


This is's as good a time as any to tell her...just say on... 'I love you Eri Kisaki.'...Why does that sound so easy in my head and so hard on my lips???? Woah...that was kinda poetic...almost distracts me from the beautiful girl leaning over me expectantly, waiting for some kind of brilliant explanation.



"Um, eh, Eri-"

What the-oh my friggen'...why the heck do those teachers have to come out of the damn teacher's lounge all at the same time?

"-So then she said-eh? What? Mouri, Kisaki, what are you doing here?"

...Ask her. I have no idea.

"...Nothing, sensei. We-I was just going back to class."

Oh, God, now Eri's all embarrassed. Come one, you're like, the smartest person at this damn school, being out of class once (when you're doing that dumb hall monitor job) means squat. And as for me...well, this isn't any kind of new infraction or does it matter?

And why the hell are you blushing so much???

"Hmm...Mouri, what are you doing down there?"

Oh. I get it. Really, I'm not slow. At all.

"...I fell?"

Like I said. Not. Slow.

"You fell. Hm. I see."

If being scrutinized by evil sensei Kakashi (the only sensei worse being the one I swore revenge on) wasn't bad enough, I turn to Eri for back-up and find that Kisaki has left the building.

Not literally, of course.

Though it might as well be. She just ran off in the direction of our classroom, practically bolted, without looking back at all. And if I'm not mistaken Kakashi the Satan teacher is putting two and two together in some incredibly biased way. He likes Eri (every teacher does), but he hates me (again, every teacher does).


I have nothing to say to you, man. My day just went from normal to bad to painful to emotionally confusing to just plain weird.

"Come by my office after school."

...I think it's bad again.
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