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Conquering Fears: An Act of Love

Have you ever wanted to fufill your dreams? Say like breaking a family curse or facing the most feared head of the family in order to get your wishes? Or have you wanted to tell that special someone that you want them to marry you, or just simply confessing your love to that special person without anything or anyone standing in the way? These teenagers have, they didn't want anything to stand in thier way. So they fought against it. This is thier story.

He plunged into his victom, tearing away at her virginity. So frightened by his trecherous act to the poor girl beneath him, she shook violently, wishing she had her savior by her side. Wanting so badly to scream, she fought him off her mouth so that she could atleast breathe. Her whole body felt like it was tearing apart by the violent pushing and pulling inside of her. Fighting off the fatigue, she screamed as loud as she could, desperatly praying someone heard her. Earlier when all this started, she was told that if screamed then he would slap her or hit punch or whatever until she learned her lesson. Even though he told her she disobeyed anyway and took her chance at rescue. That is until she was knocked very hard on the head by the Sohma Leader, Akito. He was trying to get her to stop squirming beneath him so that he could finish waht he had started. Tohru Honda was on the verge of passing out when she felt him get closer to her, and whisper hauntingly in her ear,

"You always wanted to get to know this little happy family of ours didn't you? Well, now, hears your chance by getting to know me first."

He went into his final thrust, and leaving deep scratch wounds in her back along the way. She practically gasped for air as he released into her. Not only was this her first time but what did she have to give for her marriage? What about children?

Akito slowly started to talk eeriely,

"If you ever mention what I have done to anyone, even as much as that damn brat Kyo, you'd better be prepared for me to make your life a living hell," Akito laughed that maniac laugh of his, while Tohru was off putting the remains of her clothes on. Since her clothes were practically ripped off of her, she made do with what she had and slowly started to walk out the door. Little did she know, Akito was walking towards her with that creepy smile of his and said one last thing,
"This may come as a surprise to you but you are now cursed as well, you may now hug any of the zodiac as you please, and you may hug normal people as well, but the catch is, there are scars on you, that are on the lower part of your back, they will never heal yet they will never hurt, they will just turn into scars. But it means something, it says Sohma on it and is now part of you. You will never be alloud to leave this family because you now belong to me. So don't ever try to escape."

He ended slowly as all of this started to sink in. Tohru would never be a normal person again.

After she made her way out of the gate, she started walking around the streets, not really knowing where her destination lies. She wandered around aimlessly until she found herself at her mothers grave. It was raining heavily now and a low rumble of thunder was in the distance. She fell victom to her feet because of the soreness feeling sranding her body to her knees. Tohru laid her head down on her mothers grave just as she had before, on the night of Kyo's monstrous tranformation, but the only difference was she fell asleep almost instantly as her head touched the cool stone.


Kyo walked over to the Sohma run hotel and waited for about 20 min. when he noticed that Tohru hadn't emerged from the building. He walked in adn asked the receptionist where Tohru was. She replied,
"She called in sick today and said that she couldn't make it because of an appointment."

"Oh, I am sorry, I must have forgotten. Thanks."

He ran out of the building and went around the city looking for her. He was in a frenzy when he spotted a small, curled up figure on the fading tombstone. It was raining but he was too worried that, that was a possibility Tohru was the one laying there. He approached and was shocked at what he saw. There she lie, in a heap with blood everywhere, a severe head injury, broken wrist, deep wounds all around, some not so deep as others, and sleeping. From the looks of you would think that she had severe blood loss with all the blood pooling around her.

"Oh...my...Gawd...what the hell happened? Tohru, speak to me Tohru, wake up damnit!" Kyo was practically shouting for the dead to rise if some people saw what he was doing.

Tohru was waking up to Kyo rants and raves about her injuries.

"Kyo, You weren't supposed to see me like this." She whispered weakly.

"Like hell I wasn't, I thought you were dead! Get up," he ordered, "I am taking you home and we are going to get you medical help."

"I'll try to get home, o.k. Kyo?"

Fine fine, just don't pass out on me o.k.?" He said.

Too late, she fell right back to sleep from so much loss of blood and fatigue. He ended up carrying her home, keeping her a safe distance so that he would not transform and hurt her by the impact of a fall that hurt her even more.

Kyo kicked open the door to Shigures house and rushed her to her room.

"Kyo why did you...." Shigure stopped his sentence as he looked in horror at what he saw when he looked at Tohru.

"Well, don't just stand there like a damn idiot, go call Hatori and tell him to get his ass over here."
Shigure said nothing and rushed down the stairs to phone Hatori. All the while Yuki looked down at the torn Tohru and left without saying a word. Knowing all to well who could have done this.

Hatori came over as fast as he could and rushed up to Tohru's room, already knowing what to expect. He knew Akito had done this because of the scream she got out. He heard the banging of her head hit the wall, as he was doing paperwork. He started to work on Tohru when a lone tear slipped down his cheek, thinking on how he couldn't do anything to stop Akito's wrath on Tohru.

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