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The sun was warm as it beat down on the city. Large fluffy clouds blew through the air, breezing past the sun and momentarily hiding the sunlight, plunging the busy streets into darkness. Then, after only a brief few seconds, the sun would reappear again, lighting the world and the people living on it.

Strolling down the street among the crowds of people, Hikari Yagami and Takeru Takaishi walked hand-in-hand. Today everything having to do with school could wait. Today they were just out for fun.

There was a familiar scraping of plastic on gravel as a familiar figure, gliding gracefully around the more pedestrian population on a skateboard, appeared. Skating his way down the road, Daisuke Motomiya was so busy studying the world rushing by he hardly even noticed his friends until he'd slid past. Snapping his skateboard in a 180, he rolled back to their side with the gagunk, gagunk sound the wheels made as they bounced over cracks in the sidewalk. Pulling the headphones from his ears and resting them around his neck, he flashed a brilliant grin. "Mornin'!"

Takeru tossed a glance at his wrist. "Afternoon. 12:32." He tossed a glance over the boy before him, marveling at the difference there was between himself and the other. Daisuke was wearing green khaki pants, regardless of the fact that it was very warm and humid outside. They were baggy, ripped on the bottom from contact with the ground, and hung over his shoes. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that covered half of his hands and a baggy t-shirt over that. He was thin, almost waify; how he stayed that way was a mystery to Takeru, considering Daisuke had a huge appetite and ate every bit of food in sight. He certainly wasn't the same boy they'd known in the 5th grade. He'd disappeared after that year, and now that it was the summer before their 12th grade. They were going to be seniors this upcoming year, and Daisuke had completely changed, right up to the bright red highlights in his maroon hair. He'd changed on the inside, too. But that was a secret – only Takeru knew about that.

Takeru had changed, too, though. The two had once been at each other's necks all the time, and now Daisuke was his best friend. Even though TK was hardly as hardcore as he was, Daisuke had successfully put him into the trend of wearing baggy clothes, listening to punk music, and dragging him out to various raves. He'd even skipped school, the most outrageous thing he'd ever done.

Daisuke was good for him. He was learning to loosen up. And Takeru was good for Daisuke; he kept him mellowed out, holding him from going overboard.

"Ah, whatever," the anti-mellow waved his hand in the air dismissively. "That's not important. What's up?"

"We're wasting the day," Hikari answered. "What're you doing?"

"Exactly the same thing," he responded as he lifted the orange-lensed sunglasses from his dark eyes as clouds hid the sun again. He lifted his arm and pointed off in the distance. "Hey."

The other two turned in that direction. "What?" Hikari asked, peering into the distance.

"Hey. Hey! Wallace!" Takeru raised one arm and waved it in the air.

"Wallace?" she blinked, glancing at her boyfriend.

"Wallace," Daisuke stated, flicking the sunglasses back down over his eyes.

Hikari leaned over and stared at where Daisuke had pointed, her eyes searching. And suddenly she saw him. A blonde boy, shorter than Daisuke, with brilliant green eyes. "Wallace!" she yelped, waving her arms in the air frantically.

Fighting through the crowd of people, Wallace made his way over to the three. "Hey! Hikari, Takeru, Daisuke!" the American boy greeted them with a grin.

"Wallace, dude, where've you been? How long have you been here and why didn't you say anything to us about coming?" Daisuke kicked the skateboard into one gloved hand and tucked it under his arm.

"I've been here for about three hours now. I didn't have a chance to call ahead – the trip was sort of sprung on me. I paged you as soon as I got off the plane, Daisuke," Wallace blinked in the bright sunlight, lifting one hand to shade his eyes.

"You did?" the dark haired boy reached down, lifted up the edge of his shirt, fought past his wallet chain, and fished the pager out of his pocket. Holding it up, he tilted the sunglasses down and peered at the readout curiously. "Oh, hey, wow! You did! Cool! I got paged!" he looked up and announced happily to Takeru, who was looking over his shoulder.

Takeru smiled and turned his attention back to Wallace. "Why are you here?"

"Temporary job," Wallace fished a card out of his pocket and handed it to the others. "Only for a month, while I'm still out of school for summer break. I'm going to check out some colleges while I'm here, too. Transfer, you know."

"Transfer here? Ew, why would you want to do that?" Daisuke raised one eyebrow.

"Daisuke has no patriotism," Hikari explained, scratching the short hair at the base of Daisuke's neck briefly. "I'm glad you're here, Wallace. We haven't seen you since... I don't know when. How old were we?"

"Twelve!" Daisuke declared proudly. "Five years ago."

The four stood there in the road, silent for a long while, thinking about five years that had passed them all by. Hikari was the one to say something first, giving a loud, "Oof!" as someone shoved past her on the streets. "Ouch," she mumbled, glaring at the man that had brushed roughly by. "Standing in the middle of these streets isn't a good idea."

"Let's go somewhere we can all catch up," Takeru suggested. "That is, if Wallace doesn't have anywhere to get to."

The other blonde held out his arms. "I'm free all weekend."

"I can't go," Daisuke dropped the skateboard to the ground, settling his feet onto it. "I have to stop in at work in a little bit because they need me to help 'em with the busy hour. Hey, Wallace? What are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing planned, unless you're got something in mind."

"Ever been to a rave?" Daisuke flashed a grin.

"Rave? No, actually. I hear about them a lot but I've never gone."

"Wanna have the time of your life? There's one tonight. We'll take you."

Hikari nodded encouragingly at Wallace. "They're fun! You should go with us!"

Shrugging, Wallace agreed, "Okay."

"Awesome. Hikari, Takeru, meet you there," he nodded, shoving off and weaving his way through the sidewalk.

Turning to smile up at Wallace, who was an easy three inches taller than her, Hikari tilted her head to the side. "Daisuke skates. A lot. He's always bruised or bloody or something because his balance is terrible, being the klutz he is, but he still skates."

"He loves it," Takeru murmured. "He can't deal with not being active. That's why he does so much."

Wallace walked in the middle of the two, his eyes watching everyone they passed with the typical amazed curiosity of a tourist. "What all does he do?"

"Skates, runs, swims, plays soccer, plays basketball with me once in a while, kicks Hikari's butt in volleyball..."

"He does not! One time he beat me! ONE TIME!" the brunette smacked Takeru on the arm roughly, much to the amusement of Wallace. "Let's count the times he's beaten you, shall we? There was that one time that he won by a HUGE margin, and then once it was a shut out, and..."

"Hikariiiii... You're not being fair."

"I am too!"

Wallace laughed. "You two are cute. Are you dating now?"

"Yes," Takeru answered.

"Maybe not after that crack about volleyball."

"What? That's not fair! I was only kidding!"

"You liar! You're mean to me."


"You whine like Daisuke. Stop that."

Hikari emerged from the subway, decked out in shiny pink pants, a pink tanktop, and pink gloves that went up to her elbows. "I'm very pink!" she announced as she wove through the crowd of people to Wallace and Takeru, who were standing on the sidewalk waiting for her. She smiled happily, checking out the two guys. Takeru was wearing his hat again, pulled down so that it hung almost over his eyes. He was wearing a white t-shirt with black side stripes, and baggy blue jeans. Wallace was decked out in a long sleeved, dusty red shirt and shorts that fell just past his knees. "You boys are very cute."

"Yes, I know," Takeru glanced briefly at his watch. "We're late, we'd better run."

"I'm sorry," Hikari told them as they all raced along the sidewalk away from the subway. "I tried to hurry, but first I couldn't find the hair dyer and then I couldn't find my gloves and then I couldn't find my shoes..."

The three ran along the dark harbor. As they ran, distant music reached their ears and steadily got louder. The sound was vibrating from a small building along the edge of the river.

"Ready to rave?" Hikari tossed a dazzling smile to Wallace, shoving open the doors.

Inside was a completely separate world. The air was thick, hot, and black, the darkness only disrupted by lights of every colour flashing through the air. The music was loud and echoing, and it moved the people packing the building. The crowd was full of people of different colours – skin and hair and clothes. But here under the hot lights they all joined together and moved as one.

"Wow," Wallace breathed, staring at the life before him.

"This is fun stuff," Hikari leaned in, yelling to be heard over the music. "There's Daisuke," she pointed off to the opposite side of the room. Standing behind a table, with one hand on his headphones and one hand on a row of level controls, was Daisuke, wrists covered by bracelets. His shirt was white and switched shades as the lights strobed past, a zip-up hoodie hanging over it, sleeves rolled up to his elbows; his pants were baggy green khakis with red side stripes that fanned out into flames near the knee. The goggles hung slack around his neck, swaying from side to side as he grooved to the music.

Takeru nudged the American boy. "He's got two turntables and a microphone."

"Is there anything this kid doesn't do?"

"Not likely!"

"Daisuke doesn't spin all night," Hikari called back. "Just for about two hours or so. He looks good," she absently noted to herself.

Wallace just nodded. "Talk about your culture shock," he mumbled under his breath.

"What?" both Takeru and Hikari yelled over the music, then laughed. "Come on," Hikari grabbed Wallace by the hand and pulled him along behind her as they made their way through the crowd to the table. Daisuke was talking to some tall guy with black hair – at least it looked like black hair, but what with all of the neon flashes Wallace couldn't be sure – and surrendered the headphones, hopping off the platform to the floor below. His eyes locked on the trio approaching him, grinning.

Hikari shot up her arm and waved wildly over the crowd, letting go of Wallace and skipping forwards. "Dai-sama," she greeted him. "Sorry we're late."

He shrugged. "Doesn't matter. You're here now, yeah?"

"It's hot," Takeru commented.

Daisuke nodded and pointed towards the door. "Gonna go out and cool off for a minute. Be right back. Don't cause any trouble without me."

Hikari nudged Takeru and tilted her head to Wallace. He was intently watching Daisuke slip his way through the crowd towards the door. "I think Wallace likes Daisuke," she whispered, then had to yell it a few times to be heard over the music.

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