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The Taito Project

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

"We are here," said Takeru solemnly, without a trace of his usual smile, "to discuss an issue of utmost importance."

Hikari stared. Koushiro frowned. Jyou panicked.

And Daisuke pointed an accusing finger at his boyfriend, asking loudly, "Ken, have you been trying to take over the digital world again?"

Takeru sighed in annoyance as Ken smacked the goggle head.

"A personal issue," he specified.

"Well, why are we all here then?" Daisuke asked, rubbing his head, "and why are you talking like Izzy?"

Koushiro smacked him.

"I have reason to believe," Takeru continued, ignoring him, "that my brother"

He held his breath here, as if expecting a chorus of shocked cries.

Daisuke yawned widely. Hikari studied her nails. Jyou shrugged. Koushiro smiled knowingly.

"Is that all?" Asked Ken.

"What?" Takeru asked incredulously, "you are not the least bit surprised?"

"C'mon, TK. Yamato? Of course he's gay. We figured that out ages ago."

"How?" Takeru looked ready to cry, "how?"

"He can cook. His hair is more important to him than his life. He has a fashion sense. And he stares at Tai. A lot."

"Which reminds me," Hikari said casually, "Tai's gay too."

"And I don't suppose Taichi can cook?" Takeru asked scathingly, thoroughly pissed off.

"Oh no. But he stares at Yamato. All the time."

"I just had a brilliant idea!" Everyone turned to see Daisuke bouncing in his seat. "Let's hook them up!"

"No," Takeru hissed sharply, "that's my brilliant idea. I called this meeting. I thought of it first. Therefore it is my idea that we hook them up."


" do we get them together?"

Ken grinned evilly. "That's easy. We kidnap Yamato, strip him naked and chain him to a bed. Then we lure Taichi into the room and lock the door. I can lend him my whip."

More silence as everyone imagined a naked angry Yama tied to the bed.

"Hey!" Takeru yelled. "Stop fantasizing about my brother!"

"We need to do something legal," Hikari said thoughtfully.

"We could cover Yamato in chocolate. Would that help?"



"Tai?" Liquid blue eyes looked up at him, and Taichi could feel himself turning into goo.

"Shhh," he brushed the corner of Yamato's mouth with his lips, whispering, "we shouldn't talk."

"Why not?" Yamato whispered back, childlike.

"Because," Taichi undid the top button on Yamato's shirt, easing the other boy down to the bed, "when you talk you miss out on other things."

His hand released the last button, and peeled off Yamato's shirt.

"Really?" Yamato asked in that soft, velvet like whisper.

"Really," Taichi ran his hands down Yamato's sides, "and they are enjoyable things too."

"Like what?"

"Like this," and Taichi caught the blonde's lips in a loving, lingering kiss.

"Hmm," Yamato sighed, and Taichi fell in love all over again.

He was memorizing that pale skin with his teeth and tongue when the phone rang.

Yamato stretched out to answer it.

"Hello? Hi TK...nothing, I'm just studying with are doing Chemistry, that's right..."

Taichi snickered. Sure, he was studying all right, but not Chemistry. Yamato was much more interesting than that. He pulled off the blonde's pants.

Yamato smacked him.

"Really? Okay...we'll be there...see you."

"We'll be where?" Taichi asked, brushing his nose against Yamato's chest and not really caring about the answer.

"The park," Yamato breathed, "there's a get together this weekend between our friends."

"I see," said Taichi, pushing the bit of information into the back of his head.

He and Yamato were alone for now, and that's all that really mattered.


Author's Note: I'm lazy. This chapter is officially over. Next chapter should be fun...

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