Chapter 1

A lone figure stumbled down one of the many dark alleys of London. In his arms was a tiny baby, no more then a few weeks old. He used his body to shield the child from the wind and rain of the English winter, not caring if he got sick from the cold.

He stopped at a small door at the end of the alley and knocked. A few minutes later the door opened, revealing a scowling old woman.

"You're late!" she snapped, pulling him inside.

"Sorry ma'am. I..."

"Oh shut up, give me the brat and get to work." The woman grabbed the little girl from his arms and threw a towel at him.

He quickly hung his coat up on a hook by the door and dried off, before going into the main part of the whorehouse. The whole building was falling apart but none of the clients seemed to care. All anyone cared about was that it was full of willing whores who would do just about anything in bed for the right price.

If anyone had told him a year before that he would end up a whore the back alleys of London he would have laughed in their face, along with anyone else close enough to hear.

He had been The Boy-Who-Lived. The saviour of the Wizarding World, everyone wanted to be him, except himself. He had hated the people staring and whispering, his life being the newest story on the front cover of the Daily Prophet every second week.

He had thought that after defeating Voldemort he would be fine, that he would be able to live a normal life, with his friends. But then nothing ever went to plan when you're Harry Potter.

Harry had spent his school years fighting Voldemort, trying to keep his friends safe. In his 6th year he had finally defeated Voldemort and had then spent half a year rounding up the remaining Death Eaters and putting them all in Azkaban. He had then taken another 6 months to pick up the broken pieces of his life. There was a huge funeral for all the people who had died in the final fight against Voldemort and his followers. Harry had hoped that after that he would be able to settle down with his boyfriend. How wrong he had been.

He was in his 7th year and it was Christmas, he had gone home with the Weasley's that holidays hoping for a proper Christmas with his close friends and their families. He had started to throw up every morning and he was starting to worry, so he had Mr. Weasley take him to St Mungo's. After a couple of tests, the doctors announced grimly that he was pregnant. He hadn't even known it was possible, what with Harry being male. But it was true, he was in fact pregnant.

The doctors had informed him that unless he got married before the child was born he would have to either abort it or give it up for adoption. Apparently it was illegal for children to be born out of wedlock in the wizarding world.

So that night he had taken the Knight Bus over to his boyfriend's house to tell him. Harry had expected some support from him but instead he had been given 10 Galleons and an order to return to the hospital to abort it.

After a long screaming match, they had broken up and Harry had returned to the burrow and hidden in Ron's room for the next few days.

The Weasleys had tried everything to get Harry to come downstairs but he refused, moping around in bed all day. In the end they had called Dumbledore over and asked him to talk to Harry.

He could still remember the conversation as if it was yesterday.

"Harry? Can I come in?" the old headmaster asked from the doorway.

Harry ignored him and continued to stare out of the window into the surrounding fields.

"Harry, you need to talk about this. You have to do something about this child."

"How do you know about my child?" Harry looked at Dumbledore in surprise.

"The hospital owled me, as soon as you left."

"They had no right," He spat, filled with rage. "it's my business."

"No, Harry, as you are underage, unwed, and my student, it is both my business, and the ministry's."

"I don't give a fuck. It's my child and I'll do what I want." Harry snapped, turning back to the window.

Dumbledore walked over and firmly turned him around again. "You will not speak to me like that. Either you abort this child or you leave the wizarding world. It is as simple as that."

Harry glared at him for a moment then stood up.

"Fine, have it your way."

Dumbledore sighed. "Good, I'll make an appointment for you at St Mungo's for this afternoon."

But the teenager wasn't listening he had crossed the room and kicked his trunk open. He flipped the trunk upside down, letting its contents fall all over the floor. Harry grabbed his photo album, some wizard money along with his Gringotts vault key, and some Muggle clothes, chucked back into a smaller bag he kept for visits to the Weasleys and such.

He then grabbed his wand and held it out to the headmaster.

"Go on, take it. You'll never have to put up with me or my child again." Harry snapped.

When Dumbledore didn't move, he threw the wand at his feet and stormed out of the house, ignoring the alarmed shouts of the Weasleys as he left.

Harry had gone to Diagon Alley, only to find that the Ministry had closed his vault until he got rid of the child, so he had gone off wandering through Muggle London, begging for food. In his 9th month the Ministry had come to find him and dragged him off to St Mungo's in the fear that the Magical World would be exposed by him. When his daughter had been born, they had tried to take her away from him, but one of the muggleborn nurses had taken pity on him and stolen his little girl back, and helped them to leave the hospital unnoticed.

That had been a week before; he had been found by a male whore, wandering around, and was brought back to the whorehouse where he was now working. The owner had agreed to let him work there as long as he was able to bring in business and he had to give the owner 70 percent of his earnings each night.

So in the day Harry would get some food then sleep in a nearby park, then he would come back to the whorehouse and work through the night so that he could eat and feed his daughter.


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